[Suggestion] Will DayBreak Ever Have A Solution To The Hacking? It Needs To End Now, This Is The Best Solution

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tortricat, Feb 3, 2023.

  1. Tortricat

    I have played a little over 1000 hours now and I have never noticed a hacker ever killing me until early 2023 and the arrival of many hackers started near the end of 2022. There are now around 5-20 hackers online during prime times 6pm-1am in any time zone. There are probably still some on outside these time zones.

    They need to hire 20 game moderators who can monitor each server 24/7. There can be 2 moderators on each server daily, each one can work 12 hour shifts for 3 days a week with 10 other moderators working 1 day a week. They will be able to monitor the game on each server 24/7. These moderators can quickly respond to hacker reports and instantly view the accused hacker and ban them on site if they are hacking.

    If they were paid 18$ an hour it would cost around 1,576,200$ a year to pay 2 moderators per server. I know Planetside 2 must make at least 10-15 million $ a year. After all the Rogue Planet Games expenses and paying employees the profits must be around 4-8 million a year that go to DayBreak Games. I suppose the profits can be used to pay the moderators. I might be wrong with how their profits are distributed.
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  2. Liewec123

    They don't even need to pay people, just offer a bunch of the most active vets on each server the ability to dish out temp bans,
    Tell them to only use it for the obvious cheaters (like flying maxes and underground engies)
    And warn them that abusing the power or trolling will get them perma-banned.

    Alternatively let us all take care of ourselves without the need for community GMs,
    I've proposed this superreport in the past as I think it is the best way.

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  3. FLHuk

    Only thread recently gaining any attention was locking a thread pointing out blatant hacking.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Destroying prime time server enjoyment is obviously not big enough an action to warrant words.

    I await my suspension :)
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  4. Tortricat

    They would need to recruit more than 30 community game moderators because I don't think many or any people will monitor the game for the hours I stated in 12 hour shifts for free, I think someone doing it for free would do it for 4 hours at a time. Perhaps it is the best option for them to have official community game monitors since they will work for free.
  5. Liewec123

    I don't think we really need off-hours moderation,
    because the attention starved scriptkids don't bother attention seeking when the game is dead, it's always during primetime.
    with 20 or 30 community members with temp ban powers I imagine we'd be covered
    for most of the times when the scriptkids usually come for attention.
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  6. Grandizer

    Having people moderate is a good idea. I think giving players the power to temp ban will result in a possible abuse of power.

    I think if we knew if DBG actually confirmed they take cheat reports to heart, whether it be via in game or email, we would all feel better. it doesn't seem it's actually been confirmed of what they do, how they review, etc, so everyone understands it's serious to us and serious to the devs.

    The best thing that could be done is have players MB hardware mac address be submitted via the client, have them on devs side and ban the mac addresses.

    If anyone is confirmed hacking, they would not be able to play unless they use a a different rig. How many people would want to assemble new hardware just to log in and grief?
  7. Scatterblak

  8. JibbaJabba

    Keep this one thing in mind: How many times have you heard in yellchat "everybody report so and so, they're hacking!". Now assume we don't have the obvious flying max situation going on "so and so" probably is NOT hacking. Some group of casual players came across some 3KPM killing machine and just don't know any better.

    I mention this because it's an example of why daybreak may be reluctant to enlist non fulltime employes as mods.

    Who here with let's say 1k hours hasn't gotten a hackusation? Would you like it if you actually got kicked? Even temporarily?

    RPG/DBG cannot, must not, and will not kick a legitimate player. It would be a death sentence for the game. So whatever plan they are doing and whatever ideas we toss around, it has to adhere to that reality.

    So. That said... Here is one possible solution:

    Ingame /reports on the server side include /pos data (location coordinates) and the player.

    Give a "junior game moderator" (JGM) the following tools:
    • Access to /report output
    • Ability to Obscam
    • Ability to 1st person obscam on a player
    • Ability to weaponlock a player for 1-15 minutes.
    • Ability to do this repeatedly.
    It might be a busy person but 1 person should be able to staff multiple servers. Do this 24/7. Allow volunteers. New JGMs must be buddied with vetted JGMs until trusted.

    Any use of weaponlock must be reported to an actual employed GM along with a video clip.
    GMs have the ability to follow up with a kick or accountban.
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  9. Towie

    I feel honored - they just delete the ones that I comment on ! (Which tend to be really blatant with video/photo proof)

    Been doing it for years - https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...solve-the-terrain-cheats.250453/#post-3515909

    It really saddens me - barely play at all these days and before I do, I just check out the comments in the forum and the fisu activity stats to see just how many of the dodgy incredibly good players are active. Doesn't look good.
    Yet PS2 has some of my very fondest gaming memories.

    Solid ideas - anything is worth a try (and much better than deleting a thread because if you can't point to it - it didn't happen !)
  10. FLHuk

    According to the latest patch note /report is back!?!?!?!

    "It should be noted that this is not a replacement for reporting poor behavior, and doing so via the in-game commands or cheater@planetside2.com helps a great deal."
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  11. VV4LL3

    Community Moderation is a recipe for disaster.
  12. FLHuk

    If we tried a bold recipe at this point would we notice it's a tad spicy or would we enjoy it as a nice change to the routine meals?

    I only ask as I've been on stew for quite some time now....
  13. JibbaJabba

    Yeah this is ******* helpful. Now we have confusion in the messaging.

    PlanetSide 2 - News - Building a Stronger Community

    How do I report Cheaters in PlanetSide 2? – Help Home (daybreakgames.com)

    As someone who puts a LOT of effort into this it's really kinda pissing me off.

    I've got a full on playlist unlisted on youtube with all the !#@$ cheaters I've clipped and submitted.

    It used to be ~15min later the cheater would be gone.

    Now - ****. There have been times now when I get ZERO VIEWS on the clips I've uploaded. So support isn't even looking at them.

    Doesn't matter. Game is going in the toilet. The performance on Emerald Amerish is just a festering sore that makes people log off. Now it's spreading to Esamir. Weekly rampant hackers if not daily. Nobody even viewing cheater submissions.

    it's like someone is trying to run this thing into the ground and lose their jobs.
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  14. FLHuk

    Very depressing.
  15. Towie

    With the problem being - the global population last month was the lowest EVER.

    Even worse, the Soltech population has collapsed so those few a*holes making a living out of their precious hacks will be looking elsewhere.

    They've GOT to try something different and if they don't have the cash, start trusting players who have enough invested to see the franchise continue.

    Makes me desperately unhappy to see players who have even more invested than myself (and I played for 10 years) start to lose the faith.

    Is it make or break ? Maybe...
  16. VV4LL3

    Here's the deal.

    Community Policing simply does not work for the benefit of the community.

    Hard to believe, but there are toxic people in this game. I know... I know!!!! Crazy, right?

    Even if selective... it only takes ONE person to be jaded, upset, etc... to abuse the system.

    What often happens are bands of toxic trolls that band together to flex -- happened in overwatch, and it destroys the game.

    Here's nice article on the abuses of false reporting

    Overwatch One-Trick Exposes Broken Report System (noobfeed.com)

    As for a solution? Sure, there are options, but to rely on a community of unvetted and UNACCOUNTABLE people that have personal interest or benefit from false reporting certainly is not it.

    Alternatives are to just pay a staff to actually monitor in game reports based on statistical analysis and flagging. (Typically, how it goes anyways -- or at least "should.")

    Either way -- Day Break Games can barely finish NSO or features introduced years ago, I highly doubt they will care enough to increase customer care staffing in a meaningful way.
  17. DeitaChan

    Best solution is make the game 5$ so players cant freely discard accounts.
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  18. FLHuk

    Call me out of touch and old fashioned if you like.

    Last night while I was trying to record a fellow TR spidermanning his way from wall to wall insta headshotting everything in sight. I thought the best solution to his antics, bearing in mind he may have paid for his toy....

    Would have been someone logging in and watching him for 2 seconds to see why everyone was /reporting to hell and back!
  19. Towie

    You just have to look at the fisu activity stats rating the top scorers to get an idea for how it's looking right now.

    2 in the top 3 have just joined

    Top player joined last December, has spm 808 and k/d 6.23 and plenty of chained kills on his killboard - suspicious

    2 of the top 3 have just joined

    Only one in the top 5 recently joined - he does have S++ / S+ all over his stats though so potentially dodgy

    Top player has just joined, KDR 60 - a joke right ?

    Thing is, with the exception of the Soltech idiot, the others would really need someone to observe to confirm a ban. Who is going to do that ?

    It would be very easy to statistically identify someone worthy of investigation but we really need people doing it.
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  20. Demigan

    Oh yeah active vets are absolutely unbiased people all of them and need no very thorough checks and balances to make sure they act well and dont also police their own honor system or abuse their power.

    A better idea would be to have less dependent game moderators, these could be players but dont have to be. They do the following:

    Someone makes a report of a cheater.
    This becomes an anonymous prompt for someone currently logged in as a moderator. These people aren’t playing the game at that time.
    The moderator opens the prompt and gets an observer cam. He doesn’t get to see any name of who is playing or the names of who he’s playing with or against. All he sees is the gameplay. As he’s doing this the moderator is recording.
    If the moderator sees the relevant cheat mentioned in the report (or another cheat/abuse) then the moderator saves a clip (or more) and starts the ban. Another moderator gets a prompt to see the clips and verify the ban, again he gets no names for the the player OR the moderator who moderated.

    Should a moderator give unfair bans repeatedly a log keeps track of that and the moderator can be talked to or removed.

    Moderators get a very detailed explanation if they want to join on how some of the systems of the game work (like latency and how it can look like cheating sometimes) to avoid problems.

    Just dumping moderators on the game is one of the more ***** up things you can do. It needs to be regulated and very carefully managed.
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