will construction ever be relevant?

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  1. chamks

    im a big construction fan. i loved the combination it had with the game when there were hives because it had that meaning. you actually wanted to fortify your teams player-made base for protecting the hive. and in general it was was more fun to get in to. now it is a chore. the constant need to re-supply cortium, the irelevance, the paper it made made from, are just not appealing.
    my question is, is construction or meta in general going to change?
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  2. TR5L4Y3R

    with hives gone .. nope ..
    but imho it´s better to have them be optional than integral ..
    OS´s are pretty strong from last time i was on ..
    the rest simply depends on how Squads use them, be that as firebases, roadblocks or forwardbases with proximitybeacons, vehicle or airterminals ..

    but i do agree that resourcegathering and the overall survivability of PMB´s need to be reverted at least a bit ..
    cause something that was also fun was when in a heavily fought area people were able to build fortifications in front of laticebases that led to some pretty awesome action ..
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  3. Brad seven

    There should be a beacon or something that you can construct that creates a lattice line for your base. Then it would force players to attack the player made base before moving further down the lattice.
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  4. TR5L4Y3R

    i honestly do not like this idea as that is ripe for abuse similar to how hivebases were abuse with unreachable terrain ..
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  5. Campagne

    With as awful as most PMBs are to fight in, I sincerely hope not.

    An option far away from the main fight as possible.
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    nah i would want them to be able to fortify a position ..
    PMB´s imho were what showed the best of PS2 including ALL of its aspects with infantry, tanks and aircraft instead of having them hard seperated with capturepoints in buildings or infantry being incapable to fight vehicles/aircraft when not in vehicles/aircraft themselfes ...
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  7. Campagne

    I don't really agree. For the most part, the majority of PMB fights I've suffered through have been massive slogs full of automated turrets, massive one-sided zergs, or relatively small fights around seemingly randomly placed construction objects.

    Never have they been fun epic battles where all aspects of PlanetSide 2 have come together to do anything other than kill the defenceless opposition. Don't like 'em one bit.
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    i guess we simply have different tastes then .. but i still would want them to be involved in the laticegame be that by consolidating a position for defense or offense .. or act as the afformentioned style of bases ..
    automated turrets though have been quite nerfed since the hivedays .. and current PMB´s are a pain to maintain and have cardboards for walls .. not to merntion that besides explosive shells walls can be taken out by ants ..

    i had a few times the scenario were after a base cap either the enemy (or we aswell) retreated to the closest base and from there atemt to push back our aproach so we were stuck beween bases with an open area ... so a couple guys went and build a couple walls and towers for a higher positioning as well as a spawntube were the enemy came in with vehicles and bombarded us from range .. we brought a couple vehicles of our own and our infantry gave firesupport from the cover the small base provided ...

    stuff like that for example was what pmb´s imo were cool for ...
    i even had once a situation were both sides quickly raised fortified positions which imo was quite fun ..
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  9. Jac70

    I think they can be relevant as FoBs. They can very much help your faction hold a base or help turn a zerg back. After 6 years of Planetside I prefer to play in a PMB - you get those small skirmishes that you used to get before the Lattice was introduced and funneled all players into once space.

    I would like to see changes though. It can be very tedious to spend an hour putting up a base only to have it rolled over in 60secs by a couple of Harrassers. Phalanx turrets are much too weak, I have said this from day one - a base emplacement should be the scariest thing in the game. A Phalanx turret on a fixed base should be able to pretty much one hit a Harrasser and perhaps 2 hit an MBT, presently you can be outDPS'ed by a single MBT which is absolute nonsense. Base turrets would not be that strong but significantly stronger than they are presently.

    I'd also make the chance for a 6000 Cortium spike to spawn higher, that way you are not constantly scouring the map to find 2000 spikes. Make tick down slower.

    Make shield modules protect all assets within range when over-driven - the more assets it protects the longer the cooldown.

    Decrease protection zones around bases so you can fire the Flail and Glaive more often.

    Make it easier to fire these weapons. Perhaps have one tool to fire them all instead of having to collect a tool from each station everytime you spawn. Spawn with the tool automatically if you have constructed a superweapon.

    Give XP to the constructor whenever someone spawns a vehicle from your pad or re-supplies at your bunker.

    A new asset similar to the ammo tower, a repair station that repairs vehicles close to it.

    Oh and get rid of those red skulls from the Pain Spire - they look naff as hell. Just have the Spire make a buzzing noise when you are close to it. Pain fields don't have a visual effect and they don't need one when generated by a Spire either :eek:
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  10. TR5L4Y3R

    pmb turrets should only be effective when manned not when automated..
    glaives and flails should not be able to fire straight into a base unless for the first it´s possible to deploy skyshields within one ..
    the latter diffinitevely shouldn´t cause it ain´t fun to spawn a vehicle just to be bombshelled from a position you can´t attack ..
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  11. Campagne

    I think we do. In my opinion it's fine for them to have small impacts on lattice bases like they do now with routers. They are largely a positive addition in my opinion, and I'd like to see more support-oriented things like that come out of PMBs in the future. OSes and flails not so much.

    Automated turrets are still too powerful for something which just does the killing on a player's behalf, in my opinion. Spitfires are very weak but serve a small purpose without being automatic killers. I think I have only a single kill with them so far. :p But the point is most players are accepting of their weakness and no one is calling them overpowered.

    I think times like that are fun for the people that designed and hold the base and enjoy bases in general. Personally I find times like that are mostly the least fun parts of my play sessions, though rarely a base is deigned in such a way that it can be fun. Mostly they take players away from good bases and fights and stick them in dangerous places to be killed on end. At least the can sometimes be fun places for stalkers.
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  12. chamks

    the pmb changing the latice links sounds at first like a great idea, it will encourage players to work hard and spend time on their base. but im afraid its gonna brake the game cause well positioned and builded bases will gonna need much more opponents than defenders.
  13. TR5L4Y3R

    on another threat i asked for os bases or silos to be destroyable similarly to how it was possible to overload hives back then ..
    because that would open up the possibility for small black ops teams to sabotage a base were a full on push may not be needed and specifically punishes undefended bases ..
    though i don´t know how strong paingenerators are ..
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  14. karlooo

    No, these devs never showed any interest in it and the recent big changes to construction were made to destroy it, make it not impact the game anymore.
    It was done because it had some flaws, it was overpowered because of exploiting and also some players didn't enjoy fighting it. The devs solution was a lazy way to fix the issue.
    I know it could be amazing and it can fit with the game perfectly, but currently it's just sitting in the shop only for the money grab...
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  15. LordKrelas

    Heaven forbid they ensure the Hive isn't dictating the entire notion of needing to pay attention to territory & actually control territories, instead of controlling a Hive in a corner.

    When they strip features out of Construction, it would be to destroy it.
    Adding new toys & capabilities, like the Router, Pain-Fields (the one bloody thing the lattice had, that they didn't, Unavoidable damage), and experiments to make it easier to build, Are not destruction.

    If you can't impact the game, with a Router, You are likely in a Corner with your PMB, or far from any actually-tactical location.
    Some players? The ones who typically enjoyed having to constantly re-deploy & attack bases wedged in mountains, fully automated, were typically the Builders.
    Those enjoying a decent fight on the map, were told to ****-themselves, and go into an automated-grind-pit of an PMB, quite commonly, unless they wanted to not be able to respawn ever again on that map.
    IE, grind into an PMB, or be unable to enjoy anything anyway; While the Builders got to have their fights at the PMB, and on the lattice, with no negative down-side.

    Tell us this amazing notion where the Base-Building system fits, without it tying a Noose around the rest of the game.
    As that is what the Hive system was.
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  16. Inogine

    I've had great fights around PMBs and I've had terrible ones. Good ones are staffed bases where and push was happening close to a normal base and it offered a fairly safe spot for out gunned vehicles to retreat for repairs between pushes against the aggressors. Stayed as a pitched fight for a time. As Jac70 said, more or less a FOB. As a "Must go here first" thing, however... Without some very particular spots being outlawed which a lot of base builders like which would make them near impossible to attack without an insta wipe button that is the orbital... No. You get a base properly staffed in some crevices and atop some hills and you're just not getting them out unless they're abandoned or overwhelmed if they receive buffs.

    Also, the Phalanx turrets do hurt quite a lot. The downfall of them is that they're stationary. Easier to hit than tanks and you can exploit angles against them. I've outgunned a few tanks though they left themselves in the open. Automatic turrets should never have one shot kill powers however. They're automatic. I dread to think if that logic applied to spitfires. I like my spitfires, but I wouldn't want them to be any more murderous than they are cause if you get a group of them together...

    Bases are in an odd place though. I appreciate them when I see them, but often times it's everything else calling the shots. Perhaps letting the current iteration interact a bit more with normal bases wouldn't go amiss I think, but it's always hard to watch for the exploits that could happen. Last thing I'd want is the infantry game being stonewalled by walls in awkward places.
  17. Brad seven

    which was patched and now fixed so that any base can be taken out if you build a glave and flail, or OS. New and good ideas have bugs, if you don't take a chance with new ideas the game will never grow.
  18. Inogine

    Except if said base builds an OS first. Then it takes a bit of a herculean effort to counteract it. The mountain bases in Hossin come to mind where only one ground vehicle, the ant, can reach them and air can't tread due to AAA. Infantry dropping through the shield get hurt, and over-all it's just a nightmare. Can't shell from a distance on a number of spots either due to having nothing that can get an angle on some spots making them "safe."

    I'd like more content, but I'd rather not be short strawed on it.
  19. strikearrow

    Until they remove the vast number of PMB exploits, PMBs cannot be relevant because they would break the game.
  20. TR5L4Y3R

    it´s not like they are irrelevant but the problem was with hives they were to integral to gameplay ...
    they DO have their relevance still ..