Will changing the font in game get me banned?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zeke342, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Zeke342

    Before I change the font so I can tell the difference between players with l(L) and I(i).. will it be considered tampering and get me banned?
  2. Vorenius

    Sadly, most likely.
  3. BRG7780

    Interesting question. I'm looking forward to seeing the answer.
  4. SharpLight

    How are you going to do that? and what font are you going to use?
  5. Zeke342

    Changing the name of say the Arial font file to Geo-md.ttf and replacing the current Geo-md.ttf file in the planetside directory.
    Not sure what font... haven't bothered comparing Ls and Is yet if it's just gonna get me banned.
  6. Moonlite Quality Assurance

    We will not ban you for changing your font so that you can see i's and l's better :) If you changed your font and it somehow made it so your weapon accuracy increased then that would be different and we'd hunt you down! :D
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  7. Skadi

    THERE ONTO ME! :eek:
  8. Zeke342

    Awsome thank you for the official word :D!
  9. Jeslis

    Can you PLEASE post in here (update the OP) how you went about changing your font, so others can copy? Keeping this tab open to see instructions on this. Please!
  10. Zeke342

  11. Hydragarium

    Yeah it's as simple as making a very basic batch script that runs the launcher, waits a few seconds and then moves over the file to bypass the integrity checker. We used to do this constantly in beta to increase performance (other files - not the fonts)
  12. o.Solei.o

    Keep in mind that the automated systems may still ban you anyway, depending on how you do this. A friend of mine used a normal desktop program to play music from his sundie (which almost everyone he ran into thought was hillarious and awesome), but was banned for using a "third party program" that did not interact with the game engine or data stream in any way. All it did was allow his audio output to play in his mic channel as well. (Note: The effect is the same as holding your headset to the speakers, but less likely to sound horrible or hurt people's ears due to a lack of fine control.)

    Be careful.
  13. XphaedX

    sweet, thanks for the official response.
  14. Pollinosis

    May we have more information on this? A guy on my server also does this. It is, indeed, hilarious and rather pleasant. I believe he uses Virtual Audio Cable.

    Could this truly cause him trouble? If so, why?
  15. XRIST0

    How is that going to get you banned ? why even ask such a question .. Seriously
  16. Hydragarium

    Yeah I'd like to know more as well. I've used VAC since tech test on occasion as a way to lift the spirits (... okay not everyone appreciates it) of the troops.
  17. o.Solei.o

    My friend is currently traveling back to uni, so as soon as I catch him on TS again I will ask him for more details.
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  18. Arcanum

    You guys realize on some setups you don't need a third party program to make the audio output play on the mic channel, right? Just putting it out there.
  19. Stigma

    Could you use this to simply increase the font size? I have trouble reading nametags on players and such while they move due ot my high resolutions (1920x1200).

  20. o.Solei.o

    Talking to my friend, he suspects that it was the fact that the the Planetside VOIP was receiving input from a piece of software (mixer modifier) instead of a piece of hardware (microphone).

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