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  1. CodexCharash

    Welcome to the Wild Brotherhood!
    -International Community
    -Friendly Environment
    -Multi-Game Interests
    -Friends for life

    The Wild Brotherhood is a mid-size outfit with a high activity and an open door recruitment at the same time. So this means that everyone is welcome to join our outfit as long as he/she is interested in a Community that is more than just an Ingame Outfit.

    Additional to that, WIB is a part of the Saltworks Brotherhood connection, which is a close cooperation between many outfits and Communitys. The Saltworks Brotherhood is highly connected in the Planetside 2 Community and is organizing many Events, Smashes, Scrims.... So Ingame the Members of Saltwork Brotherhood might be devided by different tags ( UFO's, WIB, WOHA, DIGT, 252V, ....) but we are one community. So also if you are playing TR or NC you can be part of us :)

    WIB focuses on organized squad / platoon play in both small and large scale.
    We are also known for our public platoons which have a high level of organization. In addition we also run maximal organized outfit squads and training sessions. But we are not only playing serious all day long, we also have casual squads up and sometimes just enjoy a nice talk on teamspeak.


    Community is important here at Wild Brotherhood, and we strive to avoid the anonymity that can occur with huge outfits. Maintaining a manageable core of members, we hope to foster an active environment where everyone knows everyone.
    We hope to attract nice, friendly people, creating an environment of happiness, respect and tolerance.
    We hope you enjoy being a part of the Brotherhood and continue gaming with us well into the future.

    Requirements to join
    • Be able and willing to use Teamspeak (No mic required)
    • Be interested in joining a friendly and familiar gaming community
    • Be able to understand and follow EASY English commands
    • No special level or k/d required
    Send us an application with a little text to say why you would like to join the Wild Brotherhood.
  2. IndianaJens

    Had a lot of fun cooperating with friendly and highly organized players
  3. CodexCharash

    thanks Indiana, ops yesterday was really funny also big compliment to the dwhq squad.
  4. Garedar

    Be happy, nice,and friendly while you play an open war game. :)
    Now that's the kind of crazy I like.
    It is nice to see an outfit promote a healthy attitude.
  5. CodexCharash

  6. CodexCharash

    Today, at 20 CET the first official Scrim Masters :Europe qualifer will be played between WIB and DIGT

    Teams will play first on Lithcrop Fortress (DIGT pick) followed by Acan south (WIB pick). Each map will be played for 2 rounds, in standard scrim format, play ends when base is caped, and 1 point is awarded to round winner. In case of a draw 1 master round will be played on Octogon.

    As for factions, DIGT chose NC and WIB chose TR.

    This match is very important for both teams, since a spot in elite bracket gives a free pass. All elite bracket teams, are beeing reseeded into open bracket upon their elimination from top tier.

    You can follow the match on PSB twich: https://www.twitch.tv/planetsidebattles

    Best of luck to both teams!

    In the next days you will find more posts in this area about our tournament, for more informations about the tournament just check reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MillerPlanetside/comments/5b2ovy/one_weekend_scrim_tournament_sme/
  7. CodexCharash

    Hello everyone!
    With Invitational bracket qualifier behind us, it is time for the draft!

    SME draft Information :
    (all team leaders : check reddit for more details )

    Draft will take place on SME official twitch, on Sunday 11th of December at 20:00 CET.

    14 out of 16 teams will be drafted, with two unknown teams being drafted for Cobaltside open bracket, since Cobalt didn’t have 4 teams signing up there.
    2 new teams will hopefully be signed up over the next week and seeded into the tournament, on the unknown spots that will be drafted on Sunday.

    Tournament draft :
    Draft will be led by Pronixx and CodexCarash(WIB leaders and tournament chairmans) and a PSB staff member on live stream -SME_offical-
    Teams will be divided into 4 pots; Invitational Miller/Cobalt and Open Miller/Cobalt
    In the opening round a Miller team will play a Cobalt team, being drafted from appropriate pots.
    Maps for opening round will be drafted from the tournament map pool, after all the opening match pairs have been drafted.
    Draft will be conducted by a random roll 1-4 for team pots and 1-12 for map pool, reducing the top number roll as teams and maps get drafted.
    Draft results are final!
    Bracket stage maps (except the opening round) will be drafted on match day 20 minutes before the match, by match referee.
    Tournament map pool:
    1. Acan South
    2. Roothouse Distillery
    3. Bridgewater
    4. Fort Liberty
    5. Torremar Storage Yard
    6. Wokuk Shipping Dock
    7. Lithcorp Fortress
    8. Pale Canyon
    9. Crystal Ridge
    10. Peris Grove
    11. Xeno-tech Labs
    12. Stronghold
    Miller Invitational:
    1. Red Alliance
    2. 1RPC
    3. CSG
    4. WIB
    Miller Open:
    Cobalt Invitational:
    Cobalt Open:
    1. CATH
    2. XOT
    3. unknown
    4. unknown
    Numbers next to teams and maps, are their respective draft numbers.


    More Informations will be posted on Miller Reddit !

    you are also welcome to follow the tournament draft on the live stream :) (link above)
    Detailed tournament rules and regulations will be posted on reddit, after the Sunday draft!
  8. CodexCharash

    January is coming closer !

    with January coming closer , the teams that signed up for the SME event are preparing to get in form for the event. Today (17.12.2016) the first prep-match will be played (more information below) . This game will also be streamed again on our official Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/sme_official

    More Informations about the tournament will be posted on Miller reddit

    1. SME Prep Match


    Tonight for your viewing pleasure we are going to cast a warm-up match for the SME scrim Tournament in January. This match will feature two teams from the invitational bracket, both from Miller.
    On paper this is a close game with both teams having lots of 3+ KD players. However the real strength of both of these outfits is their excellent team play and the way they always cover each other and work together (extremely effective way to play in scrims.)
    We're going to play using the SME rules and in the event of a tie, a final round will be played on the Octagon.
    The stream will start at 19:50 (UTC)
  9. Sumerat

    Hey i would like to Apply but where do i do that? or do i need to go to the Site?
  10. CodexCharash

    hey thanks for your interest,
    we ahndle the applications Ingame, so just open the outfit browser Ingame ( o ) , type in the outfit name : Wild Brotherhood or WIB. Then send an application with a little text about you. if you should have any questions feel free to contact me Ingame : CodexCharash or on this forum :)

    see you soon
  11. CodexCharash

    Hello everyone!
    Once again we are back with a Scrim Masters tournament! Get ready for another adrenaline packed weekend with some of the best EU teams facing off in the 12v12 scrim format. The excitement and the hype of the last event was trough the roof, and we hope this SM will bring back that amazing atmosphere we had! Scrim Masters series are smaller tournaments then the main SME one, consisting of 10 teams who play the tournament over 1 weekend. Format is the simple 2 groups + play offs stage. All matches will be streamed on our official SM, SM1 and SM2 twich channels, as well as a live draft on 7th of April.

    Our streams :




    More Informations about our tournament you will find on Reddit:


  12. CodexCharash

    less then 2 weeks to go till the WIB open tournament is starting ! so we already have some program for the people who can't wait anymore!

    This Friday the streams will be active at 20:00 CET for the live draft of the SME tournament
    At this live draft it will be decided which teams are playing in which group.

    The first official qualifier matches will be already played on this weekend ! We will cover the matches with the official SME streams so everyone is welcome to watch.
    Information about the qualifier:

    This sunday (18:00 UTC) DIGT and BAA will play a qualifer round for the last spot on the tournament.
    Map: Fort Liberty
    DIGT SM rank 7 team, has a long tradition of competitive play, participating in all major events from Serversmash to scrim tournaments. Their team brings some major talent with players like Goaten, 1337Beast and Asveri standing out.
    BAA is a new team still not ranked in SM rankings, consisting of AAT and RAW, they both come from Millers Russian community wich guarantees high quality teamplay as well as quality players. With good track record on Serversmashes, they should display high level of gameplay in 12v12 format aswell.
    Best of luck to both teams!

  13. CodexCharash

    WIB OPEN will start in 7 days !
    Today the Tournament Draft will be live streamed at 20:00 CET and this Sunday (09.04.17) the qualifier match DIGT vs BAA will be played at 20:00 CET !

    and by the way , we are always looking for people who are interested to play or organize competitive events ;)
  14. CodexCharash

    hey guys, wea are still active :)

    Last weekend we organized a big planetside 2 tournament with many people taking part. we have arround 180 people on VS side but since we are playing all factions with our community, we have a big player base on tr-side aswell. So if you feel interested to join an active and organized Outfit which is also highly active in competitive scene then send us an application Ingame :)

    by the way: it doesn't matter if you are new to the game. we are doing trainings and we have a lot of experienced players with us who will show you all the things you need to know about the game.
  15. CodexCharash

    hey guys, we are still arround and again we are organizing another competitive Event together with PSB. So if you should look for an active Community, that is playing on all factions and which is focused on competitive Gameplay then you are right :)

    and remember even if you are new to the game, you are welcome to apply. Battle ranks doesn't matter for us :)

    so if you guys want to have an impression about our event , which is taking place during the next 2 weekends follow the links below:
  16. CodexCharash

    Hey guys we are still arround :)

    Our Community have extended to TR and NC aswell, so we have regular ops on VS, TR and NC together with the other Outfits that are part of the Saltwork Brotherhood connection (UFO's, WOHA, 252V, WIB ). Additional to all the things happening on live server, we are also active in scrimming, smashes and everything else that happens on jaeger.
  17. CodexCharash

    Hello guys,
    WIB and all partner outfits of Saltworks Brotherhood are still arround and of course we are still open to everyone who is interested to join an active community. ( we are playing all factions on Miller) If you aren't sure if you should join, feel free to contact me Ingame and we will give you our teamspeak details to check us out. We also have events happening nearly everyday in one of the 3 fations :)

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