Why You Shouldn't Play Planetside 2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Robes, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Selrahc4040

  2. Pootisman

    Teamkillers and griefers dont get banned.

    I have seen griefers
    • blow up whole spawn rooms with C4, teamkilling 10+ people at once
    • killing AFK players at warpgate
    • spamming annoying music all the time
    • blow up their factions spawn sundies
    Yet they are still in the game ...
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  3. Pootisman

    That site is awesome!

    aww yiss
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  4. PKSpark

    The proper solution should be to lock theses guys in a continent for griefer/cheaters/teamkillers until they calm down..!
  5. Selrahc4040

    Glad I could introduce you to something cool. :)
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  6. KnightCole

    Umm, it kinda is...your not supposed to go shooting your own team. It might be a game and all, but TKing should be frowned upon and players should strive not to do it. It really is a disease in this game and needs to be purged.....It butchers the fun of this game and sure as hell makes playing along side fellow TR/NC/VS whoever, awful damn hard. Its like, I KNOW the enemy will kill me, but having to also watch out for your own ******* team as well? Yeah, just kills the game.

  8. t31os

    So what happened between the air kill/death and the immediate cut to the image of two lines of chat? Colour me curious.... but why isn't the actual ingame chat in the video? (two lines of a conversation from a screenshot is not really telling of anything),
  9. Robes

    I pressed the "social" tab then right clicked him name, typed "check the forums later for your video" to which he replied "you rammed me, i got vid proof", i might have alt tabbed for 10 seconds before typing that though to register somebody in mumble, i dont remember if it was before or after.

    (Nothing, i killed him on his vs or nc whichever, he got mad, switched to tr to tk then switched back to his other character)
  10. AdmiralArcher

    had a guy actively go out of his way to kill me today.....little BR 4 guy.......im 90% sure he was one of the guys i shot down with my Striker
  11. Robes

    They deserved it for switching factions to tk.
  12. ZomboWTF

    i dont see your problem, he clearly flew into you

    well at least his bullets did
  13. Taiji

    It's what they do after they're weaponlocked that's worse - They stand in front of people who are shooting to get them weaponlocked also.

    Planetside 2 has to be the most griefing-friendly game I've played in this respect.
  14. FieldMarshall

    When you use /report and you read "You wont know the outcome of our investigation", they are really saying "We dont have to do anything, and you wont know".
    Except you sort of do, when people who do these things keep playing with no consequences.

    Sure, i can see how naming and shaming can be abused, but i also dont think that exceptions like this thread should be allowed when its that obvious.
    If the system is so narrow minded that this thread gets locked then they need to come up with a better system.
  15. Lazaruz

    I don't mind if I take a friendly bullet or two... or 10, in combat. But random team killing is completely unacceptable, there is no need for it, ever. I usually chalk it down of being bored of the game, in which case they probably won't stick around long anyway... I do report people who TK in spawn rooms/equipment terminals, but I doubt it does anything.

    If I team kill people in a fight, I usually try to send a quick /t to apologize or explain. I think it's just common courtesy, and might go a long way to alleviate the anger of the person being on the wrong end of the gun.
  16. Robes

    While it does have the mechanics to make it very griefer friendly, it could be taken care of easily with a few simple changes (such as if a player kills another player from 100% health then they get a 15 minute ban, they do it again within a certain timeframe than its a 30 minute and so on, explosives and like would have to be slightly different (since those can actually be accidents) but would follow the same guidelines)

    Instead of either doing a /report which does nothing (wheres that thread from the guy who made an alt account to do nothing but team killing and after something like two thousand kills he finally gets a tell from a GM, which was just saying to not do that lol) or spam it online with a video to where they have to do something or have their game known for griefing.
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  17. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Can't tell if someone who has flown a lot has commented yet or not but I kinda want to.... if you know Swine (which a couple here do) he does this... A LOT. He swaps factions to TK players using lock ons, etc. But IF the actual reporting system worked in this game then he would be banned, and obviously it doesn't. I don't think threads like this should be the cause of a ban, these threads are about the only thing that get people banned. So thank you for this thread about Swine ;)
  18. Typhoeus

    Swinefludude has killed a teammate 14.81% of their last 513 kills while accumulating 13 suicide(s).
    Swinefludude has been team-killed 47.83% of their last 92 deaths.

    SwinefluNC has killed a teammate 4.58% of their last 961 kills while accumulating 39 suicide(s).
    SwinefluNC has been team-killed 15.76% of their last 933 deaths.

    SwinefluVS has killed a teammate 4.68% of their last 983 kills while accumulating 17 suicide(s).
    SwinefluVS has been team-killed 12.95% of their last 965 deaths.

    Seems like he gets shot up a whole lot by his own team when on his NC or VS characters and then takes it out on the TR using his TR character? Classy guy lol. People like this further the argument there should be 24 hour lock outs between character selection but knowing they could just make a whole new account just to get around that idea I don't think there's any real solution to this. I guess you could nerd out and hop on your own TK'ing alt and hunt the guy down but I think a majority of us would agree that's a pretty pathetic thing to do in the first place and would just be a waste of time all around just contributing to the problem more then anything.
  19. current1y

  20. Selrahc4040

    For further comparison, the average teamkill rate is about 3%