Why were joysticks and controllers not even touched in the patch?? Theyre still very broken.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by St0mpy, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. St0mpy

    Ok the truth is ive been very patient, Ive not been making a big noise about how broken sticks and controllers are. I know people want to post comments like mouse+keyboard>joystick but im an older gamer and I can game far longer using controllers. Its how ive played FPS on PCs for years. (ofc my other games all had working peripheral interfaces).

    Several threads exist on how broken they are (such as this one containing a post of mine listing initial problems- http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/...joystick-after-patch.47610/page-3#post-675888 ). Ive been struggling with the brokenness patiently thinking perhaps we might get the fix in this 02 patch but no, we dont even get a bone thrown us with a partial fix, we're completely passed over.

    This means the only way to credibly fly, drive or pound is use multiple third party programs, which arent a full solution and I thought SOE wasnt into 3rd party stuff anyway, and is a bit embarrassing for them since controllers are checkbox items. There are disabled gamers who use controllers, I use them as PRIMARY input method and its just as painful using a part broken controller simply because SOE want to spend more time nerfing tanks or fixing 1001 other things.

    Im gonna just post this and let this week blow over, then ill make a full appeal for some kind of dev response on this. Its getting beyond frustrating trying to enjoy a game which im locked out of playing simply because I cannot game on a keyboard for hours like everyone else.
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  2. Cerberus90

    yes I agree. I would like full xbox 360 controller support. That means that I can even use the class loadouts, map, menus, and more all without a mouse. Perhaps give us a way to toggle the ALT button and use the analog stick for mouse movement in the menu / map screen.

    My biggest complaint however is the fact you are unable to Fire and Aim at the same time with the Xbox 360 trigger buttons. That is something I would like fixed in the next update.
  3. St0mpy

    Well i hope its not going to be much longer, games companies have historically partnered with various peripheral manufacturers over the years and if SOE are going to do the same they need to get on it pronto.

    Either way they need to have a good controller api to be seen as a credible AAA game and its sadly still on the waiting list.
  4. Sliced

    I have an xbox 360 wired controller. It works fine, accept you can't use both triggers at the same time but that aint a game breaking bug.
  5. RadarX

    As this is not a technical issue, and as you point out there are existing threads on the topic I'm going to close this. We appreciate both your patience and your feedback.
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