Why VS win all alerts ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Eroulca, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Eroulca

    This is a real question without a troll, why VS almost always win alerts?

    And also why NC fight in 1 vs 2
  2. Liewec123

    short answer, because Wrel likes VS.

    slightly longer answer:
    last time this question was asked the answers from most of us was "because VS simply have better stuff",
    but some of the VS players think that the answer is because all TR and NC across every server are just worse.
    which would be a statistical miracle, that all bad players play those two factions and all good players magically pick VS.
    the simplest and most logical answer to why one faction wins noticeably more than the other two, is that it simply has better stuff.
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  3. LodeTria

    Cus NC and TR love fighting each other and "VS aren't fun to fight" for whatever reason.
    Naturally this means NC or TR feel like they get doubled team'd whilst VS just gobble up the map.
  4. OneShadowWarrior

    The TR faced a lot of nerfs on so many levels, in the LMG changeovers they suffered the biggest blows, along with the Prowler, Banshee, Striker all at the cost of fun for the sake of balance. The NC has faced the nerf of their maxes and already feel some of the pain.

    When you give the best weapons from Canis, Horizon and MAW, giving the TR and NC mere scraps, it’s fairly obvious that Vanu will run 40-50% server population at the cost of others. Even in the recent tank update, the Magrider got nifty long needed toys, the Prowler and Vanguard got junk.

    The over promotion of Vanu got carried away.

    There are also other issues they are not addressing with Vanu, their shots do not always register, they also cause blinding flashes in big mass fights and FPS drops. The projectiles need to be toned down. This is why TR and NC generally prefer to fight each other and the Vanu avoided.
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  5. Demigan

    Fisu keeps a kind of track record for this and the VS dont seem to be avoided on average. Another VS myth out of the way! Whats the next weird "fact" that would magically make the VS players superior instead of their arsenal?
  6. Eroulca

    I have 1000 hours of play and I am a NC main, I can tell you that I often prefer to play against TR because they do not have an arsenal op.
    For me play versus VS is a hell, well... when I play versus VS
    it's not by choice

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  7. ZDarkShadowsZ

    The way I see it, is that when an alert begins and X faction starts winning, those with additional characters of other factions switch over and play that faction. I've observed this behaviour throughout all 3 factions, however.

    In terms of fighting preference, I much prefer to fight NC. From personal observation (so may not be true) on Cobalt, I've always found VS have more heavies. An example of this being yesterday when fighting a 1-12 vs 1-12 at Howling pass, 7 of those VS were heavies. When fighting against NC, class distribution seems more varied and they always make the fights interesting, plus the banter and interaction seems more light-hearted and fun.
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  8. then00b

    NC and TR get distracted in each other's eyes and VS sneaks in.
    Otherwise I see each faction win at various times, chances are you just log in at times when your faction is weak mostly.
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  9. OgreMarkX

    Because Wrel. Not joking.

    The guy has no idea he has the bias he does. Also, on my server, Drew plays VS...let's just say the people he plays with have a few things to say about the advantages.

    This game needs a change of mgmt.
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  10. adamts01

    VS plays for the objective. Why team oriented players migrated there is up for debate.
  11. Campagne

    I'm sure you knew this was coming. :p

    Why do team-oriented players migrate to the VS? They don't.
  12. FateJH

    This trend was purported long before Wrel.
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  13. ManiaMika

    www.ps2alerts.com, here is the proof that loses the fraction NC above average. This has nothing to do with the fact that it is at certain times but permanently. And I do not think that's because, by chance, NC are all bad players. Here is an imbalance. I say that it is programming, namely inferior weapons and equipment.
  14. SanPelicano

    Or maybe, cuz VS has more veterans or mature new players, so they can act as a team and are more competent??? And NC and TR are actually worse.

    Maturer new players: Obviously most of the new players are not adults and males. The first time they see the faction table, most of them will choose the one by their feeling, emotions, thinkings. If you ask some newbie random kiddos, they want to be a purple spandex dude with laser rifle or a BIG bad*** BLUE Soldiers with BIG guns? Right. I guess most of them will choose NC because, they think nobody wants to embarrass themselves with purple and spandex, a girly color with a girly dress. I think this is because of how we socialized. We give sexes to colors. We say blue is manly, red is means power, spandex is for girls (not for sportsmen), etc... And no parents give purple dresses to their little boys. Right? But adults, young adults deal with this or don't give a damn. Hell, IMO a purple suit IRL is the most stylish dress I've ever imagine. So generally Vanu is a good filter to make difference between the new player's mental ages and their ways of thinking. Not even mention, in my experience, when I play with a random horde of NC 20% of my deaths are FF and I revived 3 times out of 10. In VS, with the same random lemmings its about 7-8.

    Veterans: VS weaponry is mostly skill-based and not noob-friendly. A perfect example is the magrider. How can be the lowest DPS 'tank' (heavy harasser) arguably the best tank in the game? When it cant fight face to face with other MBTs and mostly useless without a secondary pilot... On paper, it shouldn't be a thing. Competent players make magriders good and feared. VS arms are mediocre but versatile and accurate. Veterans with good aim control may find them more deadly therefore more satisfying to use. On the other hand, VS guns are less forgivable, so they may give a decent challenge for those who want to be challenged.

    Or maybe I'm wrong and it's also a miracle that VS has been the most underpopulated faction since planetside 1, meanwhile it is the strongest faction as you believe. I thought stronk stuff attract people. We have stronger stuff, but we are fewer. Illogical.
    If you are right, then where is our overwhelming horde of soldiers, whose play just because Vanu is soooo strong?
  15. adamts01

    You and Demigan keep bringing up similar NS weapon stats across all factions. That's actually pretty strong evidence in my favor as I see it. NC and TR seem to shoot just fine, but since VS unarguably wins more they obviously shoot just as well but at the fights that win alerts.

    As to this global phenomenon... I've heard that before my time VS actually was considerably OP, and won more because of it. VS became known as the winning faction, which drew people who play to win. Meanwhile, as NC was loosing for whatever reason, it started drawing people who were willing to sacrifice victory for fun.

    Think about it. These factions aren't a random selection of people. When I first started playing almost 5 years ago I k ew nothing of Planetside, so I researched the factions and came across a meme that summed up about everything I read. VS=easy, TR=medium, NC=hard. Looking for a challenge I went NC. Since then I've branched out and find that meme to be true. If someone is looking for teamwork and is deciding on picking a faction, where do you think he would be led to? These faction personalities exist, and they do draw certain types of players. In the case of VS, they draw winners.
  16. Zizoubaba

    This is real answer without a troll ;

    First, get facts straight.


    Global Server Victories

    Breakdown of each faction's victories on a per-server basis


    I didn't check whether these statistics included all alerts or whether it was only the continent locking one, I'm assuming it's only the one that locks continent.

    edit : sorry, the website shows both, as I understand it, "lock down" alerts are called "dominations on the website, not sure as I haven't spent much time studying it



    Answer :

    There are lots of variables that contribute to one faction winning an alert over the other 2.

    Here is a shortlist :

    1. Territory control at the start of an alert. (for example, if one faction is dominating, this can (it doesn't always) "aggro" the other two factions more but also naturally push the other factions to fight that faction more (or less) because of how the bases and lanes are linked.)

    2. Warpgate of faction. Each continent has 3 warpgates, each of these warpgates has a different influence on Alert victory. (to simplify things, Esamir Southern Warpgate usually wins, Amerish NW usually wins, Indar North usually wins and Hossin I DONT CARE ABOUT HOSSIN!!!! :)))))

    3. Population balance. This is important, but not as important as people think. What matters isn't really the gross number of players in a faction, but where and who they are fighting. (if most of the population of two factions fight each other, that makes it easy for the 3rd to conquer territory).

    4. Active public platoons / squads and outfits. This is the real game changer. This is BY FAR what makes the biggest difference in winning or losing alerts. (If NC population is basically a whole bunch of randoms fighting randomly, and TR has a couple organised platoons plus one or two organised and active Outfits all trying to win the alert, NC has no chance at all)

    5. In answer to what your question implies : faction balance. In my experience (I have years of experience on all factions) this has absolutely no significant impact on alert victories at all. Except in indirect ways, such as for example, you could argue that NC vechiles are more fun or more user friendly, so the majority of "fresh recruits" would tend to spend more time in them and that can have a (positive or negative) impact.

    But I repeat, there really is no significant balance issue that has an influence on winning or losing an alert.

    6/ (EDIT). I forgot faction jumping, basically, if it looks like one faction is gona win players from the other factions re-log to play on the side of the winning faction. (I didn't think of that cause i really don't know much about it, so can't really speak much for it)

    What matters most is player behaviour, for a start, whether they even care about the alert and actively make an effort to win it or not. That has to do with population but also other stuff which is kinda complicated (analysing human behaviour, particularly anonymous human behaviour in a computer game isn't easy).

    Basically, to answer your question, if (thats an "if" that you can check on the statistics website I linked) one faction seems to win more than the other two, it has to do with with the type of population and respective player behaviour more than anything else.

    A faction that wins more probably has more active outfits and/or public platoons and squads that are trying to win the alert. It also probably has more players who even give a **** about the alert in the first place.

    That's the answer to your question !
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  17. Skraggz

    These numbers are alot more even, with the exception of NC, this would imply something is wrong with NC. While one would argue it is their tools, I would argue it is the default faction for new players UNLESS they click off to another one. My first character was NC, I didnt know crap about anything. it could be a combination between the 2 as well which I wouldn't doubt.
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  18. Skraggz

    I got drawn into to VS because they would ALWAYS lock the reduced aircraft alert from continent locks (Hossin?). I wanted to learn how to fly and cheaper aircraft seemed as the best answer as 350 nanites hurt when you instantly got gunned down. If I could pull my time and or boosters and unlocks to another faction it would most likely move a lot of it to TR.

    Side note, I dont like NC cosmetically because they give me a Mincraft feel, their armor is blocky, and I get that is kinda their thing. I do however LOVE their camo's... when I play NC I usually rock the brightest Yellow with blue offset camo I can find.
  19. PlanetBound

    Something is wrong with NC. It's called tunnel vision.
  20. Zizoubaba

    Yup, according to those figures, NC seems to be under-performing by (roughly) 5-10%.

    I don't think I could realistically explain this in a way that I would be certain about it, I could on speculate.

    However, if there does indeed seem to be a difference, it's not the kind of difference where you could describe it by saying "WE NEVER WIN" or "THEY ALWAYS WIN AND WE ALWAYS LOSE".

    Yup it seems like NC wins less in general, but it's certainly not "almost always"... it's like 7% difference to the other two factions.

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