"Why Use Anything Else...

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  1. Unclematos7

    Yeah, class is busted alright.

    Good luck convincing the very people that got to at least BR 30 on it's back(pretty much everyone) though.
  2. xMaxdamage

    exactly this lol, have my like!
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  3. AxiomInsanity87

  4. AxiomInsanity87

    Have a like for liking that.
  5. Scr1nRusher

    I got to Br30 as a infiltrator.

    FPS Doug would be proud.
  6. Scatterblak

    Heavies are why I took up sniping. :) They' probably have the easiest brains to pureé, because they tend to leave cover and/or stop moving more than other classes. I think we should buff their shields, but make them unable to run. That would be Balanced™.
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  7. Erendil

    Don't forget they also glow in the dark when the shield is active, so they stick out and are the easiest targets to spot at long range. :cool:

    Ironically, Snipers are why I switched to HA. :p Since they nerfed Nanoweave, Resist Shield is the only reliable defense that non-MAX infantry have against OHK BASRs (except for the cloak if you're also an infil).
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  8. wrenched

    I am saying you shouldn't do that. And yes I meant SMGs thanks.

    Which is why you shouldn't compare LMG usage against SMG/Shotgun but rather class specific weapons, ie, LMG vs Sniper or AR.

    Even then it's arbitrary. DBG have aggregated data on class usage that they don't want to release which is interesting in itself (unless anyone has a source for class usage?)