why "Unlock" no have answer "yes\no" message?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Amur, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Amur

    why "Unlock" no have answer "yes\no" message?

    accidentally clicked! And lost 700 SC. :( :(:(

    not the main character have stupid weapon!!! super! Thank SOE for shop uses a random click and inattention player.
    i hate button "unlock". Do not pay a cent more
  2. willTell

    If I am not mistaken, you always get a "Yes" Unlock or decline dialog box.
    And even when unlocking weapons you have to decide whether you want to go with SC or cert unlock when clicking the weapon unlock button.

    Sounds like an unwanted weapon unlock, sure they should also have a last a final warning that you are now unlocking this weapon. Write a mail to the support, maybe they'll undo your misclick.
  3. Amur

    Yes, but this time I just pressed unlock. (I wanted to include the trial), but the dialog was not. Unlock and lost SC.

    If just the primary character, but no!! Its 1 rank Character where I just wanted to see a trial to make sure it is worth buying.

    cry cry cry....
  4. Amur

    I can hope for a rollback of this action? I want to buy the on main character.

    how can I prove this bug? :(
  5. Believer

    I would recommend waiting until mid January until things quieten down, and make an official support ticket requesting credit and reversal, things will be madness over the holidays in the offices. I also made a stupid purchase mistake and will be waiting to make my request.

    The thing is we both screwed up, its our error, so have hope but dont expect!
  6. Amur

    The problem is that the bug occurred on a new character. If this bug happened on my main character, I would be offended by much less.
  7. Amur

    I will hope. I do not regret money, but hurt like I was robbed.
  8. Amur

    Guys. i look ridiculous, because loud panicked. But my request was granted, and the error was corrected. Now I can continue to buy. sorry for my panic.

    This day i more loves SOE. :):):)
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