Why the new tank changes are a bad idea

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  1. Peasnriz

    That is my concern with the changes to C4 it completely removes the reward for the attempt at destroying a tank, while a lot of tankers are hailing the C4 changes I believe they fail to take into account all the people that try and fail to C4 tanks and in the process giving them kills/certs. Like you say on a lot of bases you can largely ignore tanks leaving them redundant and in an even worse position because they do not get to kill the guys attempting to C4 them.

    My opinion is that base design has killed tank game play more than any nerf to splash damage has, unless they fundamentally change the way they design bases* nothing really is going to change, that being the case I do not think they are interested in investing the resources it would take to do a whole scale redesign of bases.

    * would probably require tweaking Magriders gravity so they are not able to circumvent obstacles so easily.
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  2. MarvinGardens

    So wait, when you want to take out a tank, you need teamwork. But when you drive a tank, you can be a solo badass who doesn't need to watch his surroundings or have teammates watching your back to make sure no pesky infantry sneaks up on you? How about make it so tank drivers or theit gunner cannot be an engineer, and they need teamwork to get repaired then?
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  3. MarvinGardens

    And tanks do get several advantages already in return for the invested resources. Damage output, mobility, self repairablity, versatility, and survivability. You just want more advantages on top of the ones you already have. Kind of greedy if you ask me.
  4. Scatterblak

    Well, hmmmm. Nope, actually, you're dead wrong. I don't 'want' anything, and I don't even use tanks, unless I pull a lightning to try to knock out a sundy and then abandon it. Check my character stats. I just don't think it's a great idea to come up with a resource system that's meant to govern asset allocation across an entire gamestate, and then ignore just one small piece of it to make a change in the game that the vast majority of players don't really want. Just my $0.02.
  5. MarvinGardens

    Man this was a while ago. What change that the majority of the players don't want were you referring to? I wasn't quite sure if you were against the tank armor buff or something else... Just FYI, I'm not entirely against the tank buff, I just think they need to either buff C4 and AT mines(or create a new anti tank weapon) along with it because there should be a way for infantry to instagib a tank by themselves if they are A) specced correctly, and B) can get pretty much to spitting range to the tank. Tanks are supposed to be vulnerable to close range attacks by infantry, that's why tank columns move along with infantry in a charge, stay at range, or engage in mobile battles(which could be dangerous if there are AT mines or infantry hiding). Since you can't just blow off a tread in Planetside and any none fatal damage can be fully repaired in 10 seconds, instagib is the only available equivalent result of a properly equipped infantry getting within spitting distance to a tank.

    Also, Infantry AV should have unlimited range(as long as the infantry unit doing the firing at least renders), a damage drop off at long range, but a damage buff at close range. That way spamming explosives from across the base will do diminished damage to armor(because it would have lost penetrating force over the intervening distance), but getting up close and personal would do bonus damage. The damage drop off at range shouldn't apply to air units though, if you can hit a liberator flying at render range with a decimator you damn well deserve to do full damage... Nerfing infantry AV range because SOE can't fine tune their damn render range is such a lazy approach to fixing the problem.
  6. lothbrook

    Its a good idea, C4 should be nerfed all around, not just against vehicles.
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  7. Meeka

    You're never a solo bad *** in a tank; ever; unless you're exceptionally good at it.

    Tanks already need support to survive in a battlefield; if you don't know that, you haven't driven many tanks.
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  8. WookLordz

    Maybe a tanker who doesn't want to get C4ed should be running radar... and an AI secondary weapon.
  9. WookLordz

    I think you're confusing "cone of vision" with "situational awareness". Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Situation_awareness
  10. used car salesman

    i think there should be an UPGRADE that protects against c4. it is kinda of stupid if c4 cant kill any tank ever, but its also stupid to get c4'd when there's a LA hiding in tight places (hossin), suicide flash c4s, planted c4s on the ground (narrow passage that tanks must cross). i think anti tank mine should also protect c4 so that 2 brick cant kill. this also makes people who use stealth and nanite repair vulnerable.

    definitely dont make HA's / MANA turrents weaker against tanks. i tank a lot and if u die to them it's either stupidity or getting overwhelmed by numbers.
  11. used car salesman

    radar DOES NOT WORK, it can't detect anyone it's broken. i tried it before i got c4'd even with a **** ton of friendly infantry next to me.

    AI secondary? what's the point if u dont even know someone is trying to c4 you? when i notice a c4 fairy i kill them just fine with ap rounds.
  12. MarvinGardens

    Support as in guys around doing their own thing at the most distracting the enemy? Yeah I see that. I also see guys in a tank getting damaged them retreating out of line of fire then repairing their own tank in under 10 seconds. They don't even need support for ammo, when they can just drive to a friendly ammo tower to reload. They don't need spotters, a second gunner, mine sweepers, and after the armor buff, they don't need to infantry to watch their backs for C4 rushes. If they took my suggestions and made it so the tank driver or gunner couldn't be an engineer, then I would agree that being a vehicle driver needs teamwork. Or if it was like in Planetside 1 where the driver only drove the tank, and would need a gunner to actually shoot anything. Also, the driver couldn't teleport from seat to seat, and would need to jump out of the tank(with a slow dismount animation) and jump back into it if he wanted to get in the gunners seat. As the game is right now, it definitely does not require any teamwork whatsoever. Teamwork helps, but you can be an effective tank driver by yourself. In that case, when you kill a tank, bringing friends should help, but you should also be able to kill a tank with whatever loadout you have on you by yourself. That is only fair.
  13. Nocturnal7x

    Sounds fine. Vehicles have been a joke since they got rid of splash dmg. They pull tanks, you pull tanks is how it should be, instead of how its been, they pull tanks you pull rockets and blow them all away in an instant practically for free.
  14. MarvinGardens

    I don't see any problem with increased tank armor in respect to AV launchers. Though they should mostly nerf them at range and for frontal impacts. There should be significant damage bonuses for hitting the side/top/rear armor with AV weaponry. That way sneaking up on a tank or securing a positional advantage should be worth something in terms of lethality.
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  15. Meeka

    And it would only be fair for that load out to cost what's equal to the tank. You shouldn't get to instagib tanks with negligible cost.
  16. Auzor

    Terrible game balance..
    the counter to an enemy sundy? Pull your own sundy!
    the counter to enemy mbt? Pull your own mbt!
    the counter to enemy air? AA? Pfah! Pull your own air.
  17. Sebastien

    This one is actually true though.
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  18. MarvinGardens

    Again with the quote on resources that defenders of the anti tank nerfs just love to quote. It seems to be a common argument you guys make. But like all the rest, you conveniently forget about all the other perks you get for your resources. Increased armor, speed, ability to OHK ESFs and infantry, ability to just hop out and repair your own vehicle in seconds(MAXes cannot do this), ability to carry a friend to double your target acquisition rate and firepower. You just also want to be able to survive being an idiot and getting yourself instagibbed because you parked your tank somewhere you shouldn't and got snuck up on. I think it is unreasonable to ask for even more on top of what you have already.
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  19. y3ivan


    faction diversity? pfft... more NS weapons
  20. Jachim

    Infantry also doesn't have to deal with tanks anymore. They can happily just spawn and go about their business in the vast majority (yes, not all, but most) bases due to walls and terrain obstacles that keep us tankers out.

    Once C4-suicide is no longer a thing, we can focus on buffing the light assault class, as some people seem to think it's useless other than for its one youtube compilation generator - the C4.

    C4 is still great against MAX's. I don't think it should be nerfed on them, as there is at least flak armor to defend against it in most cases. Personally, I think C4 is most useful against them and other hardened infantry targets.