Why the Mining Turret NERF?

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  1. SilentSueRia

    Why was a heat statues Added to the Yellow Jacket Mining Laser Turret? The Turret already only did 75% of the mining that the main mining laser Mandibles did. Seemed like an appropriate bonus for even being able to have the 2nd seat used as a mining seat in the first place. I can't see a "GOOD" reason to hit it with a NERF, only "BAD" reasons that shouldn't be followed nor used as justification.
  2. SilentSueRia

    Just about no one ever seems to manage getting anyone in the second seat when it is a mining laser. Almost always used only when an actual weapon is on it. So when someone actually manages to get another person to use the Mining laser and gets the 70% speed bonus for being that 1 squad that actually uses it, it seems like there is a high potential for any NERFing done to it to be based soley on hostility of others who never use it nor can get anyone to help them use it. It is like nerfing Ammo packs because the MAX doing Air Defense is never running out of ammo, banning an Engy and an Inf for dropping Radar Darts over the entire battle field, banning a Combat Medic for throwing a Revive Grenade in the middle of a group of 10 dead people, or nerfing the Combat Medics shield beacon and group heal, because that medic walk back behind a wall to avoid damage and heal up just before running back out and finishing you off. It seems like a total hostility move because you didn't think of it, didn't do it your self or lost against someone else that did do it.
  3. SilentSueRia

    On top of all that, most squads will just grab an extra ANT to begin with. Why Operate a Turret that does 75% of the Mandibles, when you can have a second ant, second vehicle weapons option and second set of utilities, on top of a second driver grabbing resources while the other person builds? The Mining Turret doesn't even provide any significant advantage to the majority of players. Who exactly would you be NERFing the Yellow Jacket Turret for? You can't even justify it against someone Dual Boxing the game since anyone manually playing 2 computers on 2 accounts would have split concentration and could only operate 1 character at a time. Any attempt to operate them both would require splitting the only 2 hands they got between both computers, which results in both being less effective. Any automation would be detected and result in a ban. So even a Manual operated Dual Boxer doesn't even have an unfair advantage. Anything a Dual Boxer could do, a well organized 2 players playing 1 character each, could do better. So you don't even have an Anti-Dual Boxing argument as justification for adding the heat management NERF to the Yellow Jacket Mining Laser.
  4. SilentSueRia

    With next to no one ever using it, on top of the device already providing less benefit then a second ANT, a second ANT which would provide a total over all benefit to the squad, you simply start out with a sheer lack of reason to even touch the Yellow Jacket Mining Laser. This seems to be the kind of change you do to something as a personal attack against someone you don't like, and didn't like for the wrong reasons.

    Ever heard of Desyncing in PlanetSide 2? It was a extremely rare but pretty bad problem for those afflicted with it. Imaging running up to a light assault, that doesn't move, and unloading all your ammo, all rounds all clips into that players head and never killing the player, because your game is desynced and your shooting blanks. I had to deal with that for the first 2 years, left with only Combat Medic Heal/Revive, Combat Engineer Repair and Ammo, Infiltrator Radar Darts, Repair/Ammo Sundies and Flash Scout Radar to make any XP at all. I even had to personally show a Dev how the damage was dropping too nothing over time and had to operate 2 computers to show it happening. I couldn't even kill anyone by running them over. Any Mines I deployed, had to be deployed before the desync set it, or they would be disabled.

    You don't got a good reason to NERF the Yellow Jacket Mining Laser.
  5. Halkesh

    They add a heatbar because it's now able to be used to destroy constructions.
    It indeed nerfed its effectiveness at mining cortium, but I consider this as a good trade since it now become an useful weapon.
  6. SilentSueRia

    That's not a good trade off, cause it can only destroy other construction. It is only a good trade off if the destruction part is its secondary fire mode and that mode is the only part of it that uses the heat bar. If that isn't going to happen, then turn the stuff off and leave it alone.
  7. SilentSueRia

    Mining Lasers are designed for continuous operation, meaning a cooling system that supports long term use of a focused beam to run threw lots of rock threw out the day. Reliable, Continuous usage that last a long time are required in industrial settings.

    Weapons require cooling systems because they are mean to deliver rapid damage to an enemy target.

    Any Mining Laser that is modified to also be used as a weapon would only need the cooling system when used as a weapon.

    Adding a deconstruction function to the Yellow Jacker Mining laser should only come as a secondary fire mode, in which the weapons mode is the only thing that needs the heat management bar. The mining laser as a mining tool already runs at 75% from the Mining Mandibles. Forcing the heat management onto the mining function will make the mining turret less appealing despite adding a weapons like function to it, especially since the only thing it can damage is player made construction and that's it.

    This is not an appropriate trade off, it is a NERF. Just about no one uses the Yellow Jacket Mining Turret. Why would they? It runs at 75%, not a weapon, they can get more out of their game if they spawn another ANT. Adding a deconstruction function too it on the same main weapon with a heat management system that slows the mining down even more, no one will use it as a weapon, it can't kill anything but player made bases. All you will get is the second person buying there own ANT, retaining the 100% mandibles and keeping a real weapon that can do damage to everything and you have a pair of ANTs with 1 person in each switching to the real weapon turrets that will do far better damage.

    Either remove the Decon and its heat management, or move the decon and heat management to a secondary function where the heat management only comes up when used as its secondary weapons function.