Why the Fracture is overpowered

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  1. Blackbird

    Im happy to see you have some use out of Ravens unlike some who talk out of their ....... Again at the ranges the Fracture was fireing and in such a small space I dont see how velocity would come into effect . The MAX did strafe some but mostly he would fire several rounds then duck behind cover . Please tell me how many rounds does it take to kill a Infantry and how much splash if any they do with Ravens .
  2. huller

    The fracture requires three direct hits to kill a standard infantry player.

    The ravens kill with two direct hits, which translates as instagib when you have two arms and are wire guided to boot.

    Seems like a bad case of "it is only bad when THEY do it!"
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  3. UberBonisseur

    Go to VR training with double Ravens and try it.

  4. Zotamedu

    Now do a comparison that would actually make sense and compare Fracture with Falcon or Raven.
  5. Cinnamon

    They have already said that all MAX AV is overperforming against infantry and something will be done. By far the worst is the Pounder HEG. The dps it does is so huge it has been rumoured that it could kill Sephiroth 5% faster than any other MAX weapon.
  6. Timperium

    The problem with Fractures are their mag size, rate of fire and velocity.

    It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
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  7. Chewy102

    Ravens do 490 direct damage and 50 splash. 540 total per rocket against infantry and that makes a 2 body hit kill and 20 splash whiff kill. Don't know about the number of rounds to kill a MAX from memory thanks to MAX resistances being so damn many.

    Being wire guided hurts Ravens indoors and more so against small targets that never stop moving. Any other weapon only needs to lead a target, nothing about the weapons travel time or flight path ever changes. Ravens on the other hand must be controlled by leading, accounting for turn rate, and tracking the target. Every time you fire a Raven anything that you do effects the rockets path and that means the rockets will never follow the same path twice. You can't take cover, can't look anywhere else, can't move to much, and can't stop focusing on your target for as long as each rocket is in the air. If you don't then it will miss. For a MAX v MAX weapon, Ravens are alright to not bad.

    Even if it is just holding a door Ravens are not good in small areas. To much to account for a slow wire guided weapon. In the field Ravens kick *** from peppering enemy behind their cover and having the time for the wire system to counter COF and recoil, but not anywhere else. Falcons on the other hand just suck for indoors. Single shot with 2 second reload and both arms are needed to kill infantry. Nice for courtyards but far to slow for either infantry work or anti MAX work in CQC from the lack of ROF and being locked to single targets.

    We are talking about AV weapons. Anti Vehicle. They should be a choice, not a go to all round weapon. TR have Fractures that are good at any and everything and VS have Comets that are great for AV/AM and good for AI. NC seems to be the only ones that need to choose what role they play.

    Im not dissing NUC, they have kicked my *** more than enough for me to know they are good. But the weapons they love to use are just WTF levels of useability and versatility.
  8. Regpuppy

    Read'em yourself. The velocity -does- make a difference when it's literally less than half the velocity of the Fractures combined with wire guidance, it means strafing becomes awkward. Even if it's not huge at the ranges in the video, it's still enough to hinder the ravens and only one of many disadvantages of the raven here.

    It also has only a little over half the rate of fire of the fractures. Does a little more damage than the fracture, but shots to kill is still at 3 if they're using nanoweave or flak, for the average infantry(most people fire both in tandem for any dual weapon, so both tend to waste an extra rocket and do two shots with each armo) and the rate of fire puts the fractures at a great advantage.

    When combat gets to the 20-40 meter range like it can in the open or in biolab fights, the wire guidance becomes a hindrance against moving infantry when you're also trying to move. You have to guide each set to the target or you end up wasting a lot of ammo. Outside of this though, I love my ravens. I don't think they need an AI or anti-max buff. I just think the fractures are too strong against infantry and maxes. Same goes for the VS comets, which got indirectly buffed by not being included in some of the horrid nerfs to first generation max AV. This may or may not change with the buff to flak.
  9. Frenk

    Oh, so please tell me why taking a bullet in your eye doesn't instakill you. Or why a bullet to the knee lets you walk away like if nothing happened. Or why a c4 brick can't destroy walls.

    Yeah, that sounds like SOE. Making things balanced and fair.
  10. Klondik3

    We have to trade range to do this. Whats your excuse?
  11. Pikachu

    And spending time reloading.
  12. Pikachu

    Ravens start of with velocity of 10 which then goes up to 85. Fracture get 200 constant. True that aiming in general is harder with ravens. When it comes to small infantry targets it's no contest. I take comets over ravens when it comes to hitting infantry. Constant speed of 90 is better than what raven has.
  13. Eugenitor

    Farming noobs. Why didn't one of those VS Maxes go dual Comets? Why were there so few grenades? Why didn't one of the heavies pull a missile launcher? Seriously, where did they find these VS nublets?
  14. Pikachu

    The dumbest players I have faced has been vanu. :) But I think vanu on average has the best players. NC on average has worst.
  15. Blackbird

    I cant tell if you are agreeing with me or not . This game wasnt balanced in Beta and it isnt now . It never will be they have went to far down the road to turn back now . I could give multi examples but wont .
  16. iMartyr

    Once my fractures get nerfed i'm rerolling Heavy AV to one shot infantry forever.
  17. Hoki

    Yes they are OP but not against infantry LOL

    They're actually rather low DPS but they force you to be accurate, and when you are accurate then yeah they can out-dps the "anti-infantry" arms that shoot bullets seemingly in the opposite direction.

    Oh and nothing is as OP as a ZOE max right now so VS just got out-played in this vid.

    Don't even get us started on what NC maxes can do in this same situation LOL
  18. LordCreepy

    All I see are lemmings running into a meatgrinder.
    Could have been done with almost any max weapon - maybe besides bursters
  19. Frenk

    Of course disagreeing. The balancing purpouse has to be stronger than the "make a realistic game" one.
  20. Zorro

    Speaking of which, if anti-ground bursters are ever introduced, they would probably become the most overpowered weapon in the game.