Why the advantage is greater for NC?

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  1. KnightCole

    Can the NC get their accuracy and longer damage drop off back?

    EM6 used to be alot more accurate, would spread alot less, it also had 85m damage drop off.

    Only gun ive tried, it and the Gauss SAW both....inaccurate, slow firing, high bloom?

    T9S, highly accurate, fast firing, seems it has alot lower bloom now, I was able to unload a good 20-30 round burst and nothing noticeable hit my accuracy. EM6 first 3 rounds at left of thetarget, above the target, below the target....even stationary its a joke to hit anything, and paired alongside bad velocity...its a damn nightmare.
  2. Chewy102

    Alerts are the reason to play the game right now that isn't boiled to some pointless deathmatch. And all 3 factions play to win the alerts as seen by any non alert map loosing fights while the alert map gets to 33/33/33 fast and tends to have a noticeable waiting lines that just get longer and longer. At least on Emerald.

    And Im sorry to tell you this, but it isn't leadership or being more organized that wins alerts. It is the redeploying zerg that wins alerts on Emerald. Last night on an alert EVERY time my not even 2 squads would attack a base, a full platoon would come out of the spawn to bum rush then be gone within moments. And VS does this FAR more than TR from my time playing since beta. TR I can give odds of using Gal drops or something fun that looks like a logistical response, but the VS just show up out of thin air and in mass like magic for no damned reason.

    How the hell is a 2 squad attack force suppose to do anything against a full platoon that comes out of nothing and in a base that can't HOUSE that many players? It doesn't take leadership to gather a sack of players and dump them on a base by nothing more than clicking a button. And it certainly isn't organized to send so many resources against so little. But then again, if TR and VS would fight each other in force on more than one front then maybe they wouldn't have the players to spare for these kinds of things.
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  3. Auzor

    I do want to comment here, even though I don't think NC have anything overpowered.
    NC ravens: decent at least at AI, good for AV, at ranges beyond the pounder. Slow RoF, yes. (-> arguably candidate for OP-ness, not so much because of AV damage, but because of AI capability)
    NC enforcer: awesome AV secondary, NC downside is no "close range spray" AV weapon.
    Vulcan: pretty dependant on getting up close and personnal; hence why many prowlers don't take it. (only OP on harasser)
    Aaaand Airhammer: actually, the short range is a limitation, but the fact that it can damage ESF's pretty well is versatility.
    Comparatively, the Scythe PPA is very situational; infantry, able to spam shots etc. Of course, if allowed, it clears an entire hillside with the ridiculous magazine.

    Raven vs Vortex: again, Raven more versatile. (but doesn't have the very high velocity of the vortex)

    Jackhammer vs Lasher:
    Jackhammer: any fight within 15m, I'd feel comfortable bringing a jackhammer. Sure, it's "only" a shotgun
    Lasher: lose out on an LMG, and the high dps, for a suppresion tool. Pretty situational if you ask me. Sure, in the situation it is good, unique etc, so I consider it a very good "VS" weapon, faction flavor and all that.

    I suppose I could look at other weapons, but eh..

    I'm.. not entirely sure.

    The banshee has 800 rpm, 150 dmg, 500m/s velocity.
    In strict terms of DPS (discounting lower accuracy and velocity, as well as mag size and longer reload), we get
    800*150/60=2000 dps.
    The default needler: 750*200/60=2500.
    So, you lose 20% of DPS.

    Now, the airhammer actually gains DPS, but it is a semi-auto shotgun.
    I don't think most pilots would recommend taking the airhammer for A2A..
    Where-as the banshee for A2A is basically a nerfed default nosegun, with the high RoF, it would still be used as a "normal nosegun".
    -> Do not close with the shotgun. (#U_r_a_genius)
    I'd say it's a coin toss, can go either way.
    (PPA otoh... )
  4. axiom537

    I sort of agree. Yes the Ravens are very strong, but honestly for 450 certs I would say their AV damage is just about spot on and it gives the NC some range and flexibility which they seriously need. The TR have the anchor AP prowler and the VS have the Lancer, both weapon systems give those two empires extreme AV range, Ravens is our answer to those weapon systems.

    As for AI, yes the Raven could hit infantry at range, but none of our damned AI maxes can and some of us really just do not like having only shotguns as an AI option, the ravens helped fill a void. I think we can still argue that the Pounder easily has the ravens beat in terms of an AV weapon making AI kills, but in my view that is fine, because of its has a limited AV range, same reason I don't think its a huge issue that the ravens are useful against infantry.

    Out of all our ES abilities and Weapons, really only the Ravens where flexible. Almost everything else is either defensive or extremely niche...
    Vanguard & Max Shield - Defensive (I'm not complaining, but they do not increase ability to kill and if we look at the stats NC have the lowest K/D across the board, this is part of that reason besides having very niche ES weapons) Even the Vanguard, which everyone says is so great, really isn't that remarkable when you sit down and look at the data tables comparing it to the other two MBT's

    Scat Maxes - very good at CQC, but horrible past 15m or when there are more then 2-3 targets, because of extreme reload,limited mag capacity and they semi-auto, click to fire (which means greater chance of mouse jump) - Other AI maxes can kill almost as fast even in QCQ, plus they can go from target to target, with out releasing the mouse button or even reloading, just move from target to target.

    Airhammer - great weapon, but again very niche you have to get with in <50m to be effective VS Infantry and with Lancers, Strikers and any idiot with a dumb fire, they are an easy target them since they have to get ridiculesly close for kills. Sure it's a bit better against other ESF's, but the Banshee and the LPA can also stand back and hit infantry 100+m away making them less niche and easier to use in their primary function.

    Phoenix - Another niche weapon - It's slow, has horrible range and is really only effective in and around spawn areas, against still targets. It also does not naturally work well in groups, because once users get into camera mode, they get tunnel vision and can not see what others around them are targeting to easily focus fire. Again it is really good at what it does, which is pester targets that are slightly out of LOS or finish smokers and kill mana turrets but you would never catch me running around with it, unless I know exactly what my target is, while I would gladly run around with a striker or Lancer, which are fairly flexible.

    NC have a great arsenal, but you have to do back flips and forwards flips, before you can use many of their ES weapons to their full potential, something generally not necessary in the other factions ES weapons and abilities. This is the heart of the problem for the NC, our weapons are not noob friendly, but they are devastating in skilled hands when used in the ideal situation.
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  5. MikeyGeeMan

    Not all the time...it really depends on the skill delta and the gear delta.

    Someone with one rank in nanite, a default lmg and one rank in nanoweave would most of the time get rocked by a fully beefed out one with full ranks and a fully certed weapon. Which is good by me. Skill does play a factor but the amount of skill needed to ofset the gear is quite large.
  6. shadowkhat

    theres been thousands of videos proving just the opposite. TR and VS stock max's are far superior to NC's and just an fyi... fully manned AP prowler with vulcan will drop a vangaurd before 3 shots are fired. timing has to be absolutly perfect for the vanguard to win
  7. _itg

    I... think you misread my post.