Why the advantage is greater for NC?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Help2014, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. DashRendar

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  2. Devrailis

    Are you being sarcastic? It can be difficult to tell on the Internet sometimes.
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  3. HerpTheDerp

    Not on EU servers, they're actually overpop.
  4. Weterman

    They have the op vanguard that kills mags in 2 or 3 hits from the front. and they have that shield thing, which is so op. Thats what we get from **** higby being on the team. nc fanboy.
  5. Movoza

    So your whole point is that in a few weapons the NC is overperforming, while only a few weapons of the others are overperforming? Do you read the stats the same as I do?
    It is a fact that the Vanguard is the least well performing on a lot of things, and performing equal with the Magrider in some others. They excel in aircraft, but as that is only slightly less than 1 of every 100 deaths of ESF (0.95%). That is just sad if you think that they are aircraftkillers because of that. Looking at all ESF deaths, the TR and VS take the largest chunks. Although this doesn't tell us much, as the stats are heavily skewed due to TR ESF deaths, if I look at the level you are looking at the stats than the NC isn't really winning out here. All other stats are quite definitive that the Vanguard isn't performing overly well.

    The fact of the matter is simple. The NC has a few weapons that excel, or excel in certain areas. Is that a problem? Only if it is an outrageous amount. The TR and VS have other weapons that excel, or excel in certain areas. That is what the balance means. You play at your strenghts, making the total balance equal between the factions.

    But that isn't quite true isn't it? The factions aren't balanced.

    If you look at winning at alerts (http://ps2alerts.com/), the NC does horrible. Over all servers, the NC loses ground massively.
    There seem to be no global stats for alerts where the NC is more than last. Hossin? Terrible. Esamir? NC is barely worth mentioning. Amerish and Indar? Yeah the NC is also kind of screwed there. If we look at the dominations, we are trumped even more. If the NC had such a big advantage, we would expect a lot more alerts won by them. Instead, the VS trumps everything while the TR runs after them, with a limping NC last.
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  6. Hegeteus

    ya'll need to quit whining about your faction's stuff
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  7. pnkdth

    I think he meant in terms of player performance, not population.
  8. NinjaTurtle

    I personally find NC easiest to play but that is probably just because I enjoy their guns the most, not because they are factually better

    I think it is 99% certain he is...... 1% possibilty he is a jaffa cake
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  9. quatin

    In general NC have high damage, low RoF weapons. If you're pro and don't miss, NC will be the best fit for you and will appear OP.

    However, in the general scheme of things, everything balances out, because NC newbs suck.

    TR is the opposite, high RoF and low damage. TR newbs tend to have an easier time, but the skill ceiling of TR pros is lower than NC.
  10. KnightCole

    NC seems to attract all the idiots, for sure..
  11. Bearlover

    Advantage you say? Seriously? NC attracts all the kids and idiots, not to mention 90% of the beginner player base. NC gets all the new players because NC, represents the " good guys" , blue, FREEDOM, gung-ho, Rambo, murica. So since NC gets most of the new players, they will tend to have MORE TKs, MORE dumb tactics, MORE trolls, etc. Once these players leave NC, they try VS or TR and love their weapons because it easier to handle and will never come back to NC, and say NC is bad. Less BR100s, because cowards dont like challenges. Hence, the noob conglomerate. When you are fighting as VS or TR, and you fight blue, you know for damn sure its easier killing and farming NC.

    You have to view this game from a beginners' standpoint. You will HATE NC weapons, because they require a higher skill ceiling. LMGS ? Maxes ? Seriously? Of course an NC max can win 1v1 against any vs/tr max under 10m ( if i manage to land all my shots), but thats it, it is entirely situational. You can be drunk and stupid and go on kill streaks with VS/TR maxes at ANY range, if you can't then you must be asleep. If a new player tries an NC max, he can't get drunk, he does not even know how to use it, so most likely 75% of the time, he will use it as a vs/tr max and spray and pray at medium range, which you are not supposed to do. He will probably kill 1 or 2 and then die because of its slow reload, as opposed to killing 500 million with one clip from VS/TR maxes, with that fast reload killing 500 million more. ( Exaggeration ) But you know its damn easy to dominate with blueshifts or mercies. Be realistic.

    Gauss saw? Its a great gun , dont get me wrong but horrible for new players. Hard hitting you say? If you can manage to land all your shots, if lag is on your side, if hit detection is on your side. Too bad, NC weapons cone of fire is terrible, slow velocity meaning your opponents bullets will travel faster than yours, and your recoil does not pull up, but side to side, up, down, your mother .

    If you are a beginner, try TR/VS weapons, they might be easier to use for you, depending on your play style.

    High ROF + Accuracy + High Velocity = More Forgiving, Domination.
    High Damage + Inaccurate + Slow ROF + Slow velocity = Less forgiving, Difficulty rating Liam Neeson
  12. Scorponok

    on global alerts NC is so on the very low end of it on...and dominations...rofl NC has a 1:10 ratio pretty much compaired to VS...so if the NC weapons are so insane as forum warriors wants it to be...why are NC last on everything?..the gap is 2 big for it to be the players themselfs...
  13. MikeyGeeMan

    I just usually wait till 10 est.

    Once its past most NC bedtime, its pretty balanced.
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  14. axiom537

    Depends on the situation, completely. If you are only comparing those situations where the NC have all the advantage, then yes you are correct, but that isn't how it works. If you engage an NC Vanguard at range as a Prowler or a Magrider, odds are you are going to win, or if you catch the Vanguard while it's shield is on cool down, then you will win, or if you are a Prowler and you can lock down and start shooting before the Vanguard engages, then you win...

    If you are going 1 vs 1 against a scat max stay 10m away and you will win every single 1 vs 1 in any of the AI TR or VS maxes.

    Airhammer, is better at A2A then the LPA or Banshee, but it also requires the NC to get much closer and exposed to its intended targets then either of the other ESF AI weapons. I want to see you park an Air hammer 100+m above infantry and get infantry kills, something both the Banshee and especially the LPA will do with ease. And do not even get me started about the VS Scyth profile, which is a bear to hit head on.

    Want to 1 vs 1 an NC with a Jackhammer, stay 10+ meters away and kick his butt. Want to get all in his face, then you should use a Semi-Auto Shotty and OHK him...

    It's all about the situation, NC ES weapons if anything are much more situational, then the other two empires, so do not complain when the NC have the advantage when you engage them inside that niche. Play each empire to its advantage and you will win...

    Don't bring a knife to a gun fight, then complain about losing because the gun has greater range...
  15. Ballto21

    i wasnt saything they were op, i was showing that only a few weapons are over performing while others are under performing

    I had said in different words everything you just went on about directed towards the OP and the guy i was quoting over the MAXes

    also who cares about alerts seriously, i know on emerald the vs only win because AOD has sloppy leadership and the NC are a disorganized zerg most of the time
  16. GhostAvatar

    Thats because they are to busy killing each other to be bothered with the enemy.
  17. DashRendar

    Come on, you can do better than that.
  18. GhostAvatar

    Well it is the one metric where they are excelling on every server.
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  19. Meeka

    Who wins in any situation is determined only by two things.

    1. Who is more skilled.

    2. Who has the best load out for the situation and distance.

    If one person has much more experience/skill than the other, the more skilled person will win the fight regardless of load out.
    If two people are equally skilled the winner will be the one with the best load out for the situation and distance.
  20. Demigan

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