Why the advantage is greater for NC?

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  1. Help2014

    Playing in three factions Tr br 100 Nc br 90 Vs br 65. Of all NC has the greatest advantage. If you doubt try to win Reaver or Vanguard or Max or Heavy with Jackhammer, it is impossible to win in the 1x1.
    Example Reaver Mustangs M30 x Mossie banshee or Scythe ppa, Who will win? Max nc x Max tr and so continues, Prowler win a vanguard is impossible unless take off guard.
    I think ridiculous how quickly a Reaver kills a liberator or galaxy in relation to mossie and scythe.
    I could go on citing but would be more extensive.

    Why this gap between the factions?
  2. DashRendar

    Last I checked, NC is still struggling in global performance metrics.
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  3. Help2014

    ok. Take your max br 1 and fight max br 1 Tr who wins?
    Reason for the low in metric is why in the beginning it was mostly tr.
  4. DashRendar

    I'm having some trouble understanding your grammar, but I think you are saying stock NC MAX vs stock TR MAX who will win? In that case, current game build with ultra nerfed scats 6 shots per reload, slow falcons, and hit like a truck pounders, TR wins or he was sleeping.
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  5. _itg

    If you honestly think a stock NC MAX beats a stock TR MAX, I think you're outright lying about your BR on each faction.
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  6. Ballto21

    i think a 2x scatmax would still ouclasses a 2x pounder max (or mattocks? the one everyone uses)

    not sure because i dont play max.

    However vannies will win tank 1v1s if they pop guard, and yes i know they wouldnt stand a chance in a fair direct 1v1 conflict with a prowler without it.

    I seriously doubt the "Scythes op dogfighters" has any more weight than the faction bias against VS. I am a godawful dogfighter, but the last time i loaded my NC character and my friend spawned me his rotary reaver, i killed more enemy aircraft in one life than i ever did on my VS. The 320 rotary hits ESFs like a tankbuster, if you learn2aim its overpowered. The mustang AH would outclass a banshee in a dogfight, and i dont even think the PPA needs mentioning here, this is backed up with the 320 rotary on the nc outperforming both VS and TR rotary
    outperforms the VS standard, however needler takes cake http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=aKPU&weapon1=4302&weapon2=4604&weapon3=4900
    Banshee and PPA http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=aKPU&weapon1=4906&weapon2=4604&weapon3=4305
    Airhammer ouperforms banshee and ppa http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=aKPU&weapon1=4906&weapon2=4605&weapon3=4305

    Surprisingly, the magrider outperforms in vehicle KPU, http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=vKPU&weapon1=3460&weapon2=3730&weapon3=4008
    But aircraft kpu http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=aKPU&weapon1=3460&weapon2=3730&weapon3=4008
    Not surprisingly prowler is doing better than both in infantry KPU http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=3460&weapon2=3730&weapon3=4008

    Lasher worst ES HA gun. Jackhammer and MCG very similar http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=7540&weapon2=7528&weapon3=7533

    Unsurprisingly, Cyclone best SMG. http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=29000&weapon2=27005&weapon3=28000

    ES Sniper rifles.......this is really surprising, the Trap-M1 is outperforming the railjack and phaseshift in KPU http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=7301&weapon2=7337&weapon3=7316

    in different ES things OP mentioned, and things i brought up, it seems the NC in general is no more well off the the TR or VS, except i will forever maintain that the vortek rotary is overpowered, but thats probably because im just a really bad dogfighter and can barely pull off a proper turn or reverse maneuver.
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  7. KnightCole

    I honestly would bet on the TR MAX.

    NC MAX

    6 shot shotgun, terrible spread
    1 shot AV gun, slow as **** velocity

    TR MAX
    50 round Minigun, bad spread, but much better sustainability
    4 rounds AV gun, great for anti MAX...

    BR1? Yeah, TR MAX wins.
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  8. Hegeteus

    It balances out because NC's worst enemy is NC
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  9. Kriegson

    NC tends to have some very high skill ceiling weapons like the godsaw that newbies and your average player are terrible with, but MLGpro guys can lock down a room and absolutely slaughter anyone trying to get in (Looking at you recursion).
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  10. DashRendar

    So does VS tbh, NC and VS are at each others throats currently at BR100 it seems. The only thing I find in game currently is a lacking of very hard to topple TR characters. TR MAX with Pounders is the best thing they have currently, a BR100 player with dual Pounders is definitely a behemoth of an enemy to take on. Infantry weapons is where TR loses out, because they're made to be easy to get kills, but the low skill ceiling hurts BR100 players IMO. TR isn't hurting in vehicles IMO.
  11. omfgweeee

    T1 Cycler is honestly the gun i fear most from all guns in the game..
  12. Auzor

    NC greatest advantage.
    Let's give an example:
    a TR and an NC run into each other at 15m, no soft point ammo.
    Both have 100% accuracy, bodyshots.
    TR: 750 rpm, 143 dmg @ 10m.
    NC: 600 rpm, 167 dmg @10m.

    TR needs 8 bullets to kill, due to dropoff. TTK: 8/750*60= 0.64s
    NC needs 7 bullets to kill, for the same reason. TTK: 7/600*60=0.7s.
    In addition, for moving ads accuracy, NC doesn't tend to have an advantage, and high RoF weapons are easier to use (generally speaking), and more forgiving for missing a shot.
    What about headshots? Well, at 15m, both the NC and TR need 4 headshots. TR fires at 750 rpm (at the cost of side-to-side recoil)

    Another way of looking at it:
    TR guns go 143-125. So, they lose 1-125/143=12.6% of dps at range.
    NC guns go 167-143. So, they lose 1-143/167=14.4% of dps at range.

    167 and 200 dmg weaponry are also more screwed vs nanoweave at short range: just like the 143 dmg weapons, they need 2 more bodyshots to kill. Well.. 143 dmg weapons deliver the extra bullets faster, widening the gap in TTK.
    DPS of 750*143/60=1787.5
    DPS of 600*167/60=1670.
    Why is this important to note?
    Because bodyshot wise, close-range the TR kills the evil shielded heavy within a second for example,
    and NC needs a bit more.

    The reaver has the highest dps noseguns.
    Note that, before the nerfing of the banshee, the banshee killed maxes faster than the airhammer, from greater range.
    The vortek rotary has high dps. But, also drops from 320 dmg to 210. 1- 210/320 =34.38%
    Mosquito rotary goes 200-> 143. 1-143/200=28.50%. Again, the reaver loses more DPS at range.
    There are some trade-offs for the dps anyway: the biggest hitbox of all ESF's.
    Less agile than the Scythe.
    You mentioned going Airhammer vs Banshee vs PPA. Do you mean.. ESF vs ESF?
    No ****, airhammer is gonna win such encounter typically. It's AV potential is one of it's advantages.
    Banshee also beats the PPA due to RoF and muzzle velocity. Should the Banshee be nerfed?
    If the Airhammer loses AV damage, can it get PPA range and mag size?

    Anyway: I don't believe your "Reaver kills galacy ridiculously fast".
    Tomcats, coyotes, hornets are the same/faction. That leaves rocketpods (eh) and the noseguns.
    Airhammer vs galaxy:
    7000 HP, 91% dmg resistance. Airhammer: 175 dmg/shot, 8 pellets.
    Dmg/shot: 8*175*(1-0.91)=126.
    That is 100% accurate (all pellets hit), no damage drop-off. (risky, because of skywhale ram/ turrets etc)
    7000/126=55.56=56 shots needed.
    At 9 shots/mag, that is 6 reloads. (btw.. pilot presses fire supression?)
    180rpm=3shots/sec. Firing 9 rounds= 3 seconds. (at least.. semi-auto weapon).
    6*3 (firing) +6*3 (reloads)= 36 seconds, + part of the 7th mag.

    Let's try the TR Rotary.
    7000 HP, 91% dmg resistance, 1000 rpm@ 200 dmg, we'll go with 45 rounds/mag, 2s reload.
    How many bullets needed:
    200*(1-0.91)=18. 7000/18=389
    8 reloads needed.

    45/1000*60=2.7s of firing time.
    2.7*8+2*8=37.6s. Then part of mag 9.
    There is a pretty big remark: the rotary is not a shotgun, and can be used from a greater distance.
    Regardless, neither airhammer nor rotary are really big counters to liberators/galaxies.

    Heavy with a jackhammer: 9-12 rounds/mag. Damn right the gun ought to be good in 1vs1!
    And only at very short range. At 30m, the damage % lost: 1- 70/112=37.5% And uh.. at 30m, you're missing pellets, despite the "best" pellet spread. Pro-tip: don't jump in front of the shotgun.
    The minigun is pretty good too..
    The lasher is unique, and used for holding fire-lanes/suppressing enemies.

    and the deployed Prowler blows a vehicle column to nanites.
    Because I presume in your "impossible to beat vanguard", you count the vanguard shield.
    Vanguard shield is active for 6s at the most.
    Deploy can remain active indefinitely.

    Can NC get a harasser-vulcan, please?

    Overall: game is not balanced.
    But the OP-ness of air dwarfs faction imbalances by far.
    Factions are pretty damn closely balanced.
    I think there have been posts listing the amount of alerts won by NC vs other factions,
    and the KDR of different factions per server.
    On NO server does the NC have the highest KDR. VS wins, TR in second place, except for one or 2 servers where TR & VS switch places.
    The game is 2 years old, so not everyone on NC is a noob.
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  13. Kriegson

    Yeah many TR weapons have better sustained damage due to larger mags, but that doesn't necessarily help someone who is skilled enough to not miss shots frequently and only reload in safe conditions. No outstanding weapons aside from the assault rifles is my understanding. Some very controllable, efficient rifles, but nothing outright deadly.
  14. Xind

    It doesn't. 2x ScatterMax only auto-wins in Max V Max if you're using Grinders and reach melee range. In any other situation than that, an AV MAX will always win and a TR Mutilator MAX can easily defeat you (I say that from personal experience on both sides of this equation).
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  15. Scorponok

    Greatest advantage...were?... when i look at alerts VS: 1183wins NC:668 TR: 873...and dominations..VS: 29...NC: 3...TR: 11... yup its clearly that NC is has so much advantage that they never bother trying.

    i feel theres a smell of grass is greener on the other side syndrom here.
  16. KnightCole

    What the hell hit LMG accuracy? The EM6 is terribly inaccurate now, spreads all over the damn place, even stationary, velocity is **** on it to lol. Wouch, what did SoE do to the weapons in this game? They trying to make the game less strafey or something?
  17. Auzor

    The MSW-R is pretty good as CQC. Trade 0.75 ads for SPA, worse hipfire without laser sight.
    Fur "pure CQC", 750 rpm is nice compared to the Anchor.

    The minigun,
    the harasser vulcan,
    prowler cannons,
    The TMG-50 is very nice, 1.5 FSRM, same as the GD-22S.
    Boohoo, lose 23 RPM to the EM6.

    Starting side-arm: the repeater.
    emperor is very nice,
    only faction with a pocket SMG.

    Max weapon: pounders.
    Mortar infantry away.

    Carbines: an example:
    The T5 AMC and the Solstice SF have both 652 rpm.
    T5 gets 40 round mag.
    Solstice gets a variance in recoil angle.
    T5 has higher muzzle velocity.
    T5 has 1.5x FSRM; Solstics SF has 2.3x.
    Solstice gets 0.25 ADS moving,
    underbarrel options and SPA. But for a ranged carbine, wouldn't you prefer "advanced forward grip", which the T5 has?
    Realistically: a win for the T5?

    For carbines, mostly CQC weapons, the difference between 30 & 40 round mag can be pretty big when a second dude pops up.
    The Lyncx was nerfed, otherwise TR wouldn't be able to complain about carbine selection either I think.
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  18. Help2014

    We compare in a situation with weapons for the same objective
    Obviously max tr with pounder will win max nc with shotgun. Players who do not play zerg feel the advantage nc.
    Another example:

    Two reavers with m20 Mustangs and one with m30 Mustangs AH x mossie needler and another banshee. All pilots with the same level of skill. The mossies vain be massacred.
  19. ReconTeemo

    advantage you say ? pffftt!!!~~~ NC have the worst SMGs, TR have the best SMGs, We have the highest ttk cyclone, while tr have the winstorm!. Our Vanguard sucks, we can't 1 vs 1, we can't farm other ground vehicles and it is slow!!. Our Ravens was nerfed to hell!. TR max can 3 shot people, while NC max sucks in the distance. Tr have the best LMG, the Butcher, confirmed by one of the Ac streamer. TR have versatile weapons, NC have the worst LMGS out of the 3 factions. NC have the worst starting sniper gun!, Terrible Terrans is one of the must pick faction when it comes to server smash and stuff. TR have solid armor and staying power, but NC have spray and pray! that's the best gun for noobs!.
    I couldn't agree more. TR should be the hero and NC the bad guy, so more noobs joins them instead of NC. Oh and NC should have the newbie friendly guns, while TR should get the not noobie friendly guns!. Speaking of guns, i really need a new gun. But shh don't tell my other guns. What if I had a gun that shot other guns?.
  20. Regpuppy

    This is a flat out lie. I won't say the NC max is "horrible" when you have it all decked out. But NC poverty max is the worst of the three poverty maxes, by far. The falcon has more alpha, but lower splash damage than even a single pounder shell, meaning you either hit with your one shot or you do almost no damage, and less burst damage before reloading. Add to this how a single, non-extended, scattercannon has less damage potential per mag, less effective range(both spread and damage drop off to thank), and longer reload speeds.

    Not to say an NC max can't win by being a LOT better/more experienced and sticking within their comfort zones. It's also not too huge a difference against a few infantry in buildings. But that TR/VS max has to be a less skilled player to lose a 1v1 battle against an NC max. Granted, 1v1's don't happen often. But you're the one that brought the scenario up, so there you go.
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