Why so many players on NC side?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mambakiller, Apr 6, 2013.

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  3. Being@RT

    Well, I picked NC because of the colors _and_ the music! But in reality the choice was 'friends', who had picked it because of the colors. And then I ended up never playing with those friends.
  4. RobotNinja

    Pay no heed to Mambakiller. He's the TR's version of Stew360.
  5. N0008918

    Just google Bosnia and take a look on our flag.
  6. p10k56

    So after making NC alt. In VR training I found very frustrating things.
    1. Vanguard is Smaller then Prowler. Yes its true almost same height but Prowler is MUCH more wider so easier to hit from air:eek:
    2. Stock NC weapons outclasses TR stock by large margin. No need to buy others. 2x reflex sight for Gauss SAW:mad:
    3. Using Phoenix is Fun:p
  7. RobotNinja

    Sure...no need...as long as you never plan on entering a building or capturing a point with a ROF hovering around 3 bullets per minute. In close quarters combat ROF is boss. And if you want to capture points you have to CQC. "But...BUT!!!!" everyone tells the NC..."NC weapons are great at long range!"

    Long range = Outside. Outside = Tanks, Libs, ESFs and Sundies Oh My!
  8. Zenith

    When did SOE put certable muskets in the game? :eek:
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  9. RobotNinja

    I know right? :p
  10. Czuuk

    It's the music mate. Oh. That and our submersibles. Nerf NC submersibles.
  11. Zenith

    *Waits for TR to get crossbows*
  12. HadesR

    Battle Rifles ?
  13. Zenith

    Muzzle loaded? :D
  14. p10k56

    Yes Prowler is biggest tank in game. His profile is not lower. So is not sneakier than Vanguard. Must capture enemy infantry 2x in splash area. And this is frustrating specially on long range firing.

    Gauss Saw is good in close combat. Recoil of it is somewhat more manageable than carv. Hell is better than rhino in most situation. Mercenary will wipe floor with T5 everyday and everywhere.
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  15. RobotNinja

    Q: Why so many players on NC side?
    A: We told everyone there would be punch and pie.
  16. ArcKnight

    I am an NC on Waterson but I refuse to fight the VS for one simple reason " the lancer " it a semi-auto AV sniper rifle
  17. TeknoBug

    Because all the weak TR players switched to NC after the warpgate rotation, and the addition of the Phoenix. Same thing happened with VS when we had the SE corner on Indar, well VS still have population issues on some servers.
  18. HadesR

    Sadly I think VS will always be under populated .. For deeper reasons than WG or weapon balance .. And it's something only SOE can fix
  19. Pikachu

    The 4th faction.
  20. siddar

    All the factions are Evil in this game.

    But the NC has executed a brilliant rebranding campaign.

    They have managed to change from being the soulless corporatist New Conglomerate into Space America the Freedom Faction.

    The end results is NC is viewed as the only rational faction to fight for and the only faction that leads to a future worth fighting for. The other two factions are Space *****/Communists and Space Al Qaeda not offering futures the average player of game would want to be part of.

    This NC rebranding was done by players not SoE. That this has been done to only one faction and not the other two is impacting population balance across all factions in game.

    Until the other two faction follow NC lead in reinventing themselves in to something worth fighting for NC will have a population advantage.