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  1. Andy04

    After coming back for another go at this game hearing of the changes and some server updates/fix's I find it nearly impossible to play because nearly fight i get in it seems to me that the other person has the immediate upper hand over me weather it be latency issues or what I'm not sure but I also find i'm insta killed as a heavy with shield on whilst filling them with what feels like marshmallow bullets as I do no damage hardly at all, And my indicators say i'm hitting very shot with headshots ?

    my ping is usually hovering around 50-60 and server ping is hitting 60-80 at times more so.

    Anyone have any issues with this also and have any fix's that i can do on my end as it's really frustrating to play and getting insta gibbed by magic bullets every 30 seconds.

    If this new Arena coming to this game is going to be running on this same kinda infrastructure and issues the game has been having since it's beginning it will surely die a quick death for sure. RIP
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  2. icufos

    Where are you?
    I'm in UK.
    I have a 350mb line however a bit of a rubbishy modem at present.

    Lately for me it's improved greatly.

    I 've found alot of performance helps.
    Was trying to advertise this game on my clansite (BN Nitwitts on Enjin)and get some players for it.
    Can't post my site address here for the posts I've done about this on my own clansite, Not allowed I think.
    Can't write them all here but the main ones were..

    To improve gameplay.
    1. TOP TIP....Run in fullscreen. Eliminates the DWM framerate problem. I run at 1920x1080 fullscreen. The game doesn't at present do multi-thredding so having a big pc ain't going to help. This may change with Planetside Arena and later with Planetside 2 updates.
    2. Don't alter the 'user' file. Doesn't make any difference. Do it through the game settings.
    3. Run everything on medium and just zonk other stuff out completely. (I'll copy my exact settings here later. I have a RX580 8GB and i5 4670K@3.40Ghz/16GB RAM.
    4. Play on a map with less going on in the way of terrain. I just happen to like the 'ice' ESAMIR map anyway. It's not always available though. The 'rocky' INDAR/AMERISH one's next favorite. HOSSAIN is all flora and heavy on the GPU.
    5. TOP TIP....Now this one is a dousey. Set your mouse polling rate to 125Hz. Anything higher apparently loses you framerate in Planetside 2. No, I don't know why! Just try it and see how it goes.
    6. Don't decrease the framerate. Set it to 250 although it sounds crazy. Trust me, I have your back.
    7. Obviously 'portforward' the game through Windows and your modem.
    8. Google your virus scanner to see if it has problems with PP2. I used Avast and that seems fine.

    We play Titanfall 2 now. Used to play COD. Trying to get them interested in PP2 and Planetside Arena.

    Honesty time. I've done all the above and recon the one that makes the most difference is the mouse polling rate.
    Interestingly the problems you describe I got with COD alot. Marshmellow bullets. Oh yes.
    With Titanfall 2 I get marshmellow bullets after about 5/6 continuous games. That's because my rubbish modem can't keep up.
    Getting a higher spec modem could help.
  3. Vanguard540

    This is a good ping. Insta kills (very shot TTK, sometimes around 0.30seconds) is possible if you destroy someone's head. Any weapon is able to do this. Any class is able to land shots on the head. And almost no class (except HA sometimes), are able to soak that.

    Some classes are able to soak more damage on bodyshots : Medic, HA.
    If you get insta killed, this could be the problem :

    _ They are incredibly good at aiming for the head (the game is 6 years old, some people train hard everyday since then),
    _ You don't move enough when in a duel (crouch, strafe)
    _ You aren't fully healed, maybe you don't use nanoweave, or are under fire of multiple people at the same time.

    Make sure you move enough when engaging (stationary targets are meant to die), it will make it harder for others to track your head. Avoid being in line of sight with too many foes at the same time. You might be stronger than the one you're engaging but everybody will shoot you, giving a big advantage to your opponent. There is a lot of damage mitigation in this game so you have the time to react and fall back when the fight is not in your favor. But if your head gets sprayed, game over. Make sure you spray their head first and they will lose.

    Practice is key, and some people are real beasts. Some of them would make shroud nervous. Don't give up.

    Insta kills are totally possible, my network is good and it happens to me too. Do you have hitmarkers when shooting them? If you have them as your bullets hit them this is not a network issue.
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  4. Talthos

    Unfortunately, from what I've heard, the last round of 'fixes' were apparently broken after the most recent hotfix. That is, server lag and hit detection are degrading again.

    As for your latency values: If you run a traceroute on the server you play on, you can get a list of how many 'hops' your connection has to make before it actually reaches the server. That is, how many other 'checkpoints' your connection gets routed through between you, and the game server itself.

    My in-game latency values are similar to yours, but my connection goes through around 9 hops between me and the server, which undoubtedly complicates the connection route and probably affects some of the responsiveness, alongside the baseline server problems as of late.

    Edit: And here's a link to a very useful bit of documentation on the useroptions.ini, in case you want to adjust your game settings for graphical reasons:
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  5. icufos

    Unfortunately, from what I've heard, the last round of 'fixes' were apparently broken after the most recent hotfix. That is, server lag and hit detection are degrading again. 'Talthos'

    You speak the truth. Played last night and indeed the Lag spikes of biblical proportions are back.
    Real shame, Played right after the first fix on the 8th and it was fantastic. If it played like that all the time 'daybreak' would be very rich indeed.
  6. Andy04

    Too much randomness no matter how much you want to practice or not and very poor base designs leaving for a bad experience unless you just want to sit back and farm doorways or spawns then you can practice all you like for that to which the majority of people do.... Very bad game design.

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