[Vehicle] Why should we prefer a Valkyrie over a Galaxy?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OldMaster80, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. OldMaster80

    The question is clearly provocatory. My experience in random platoons and in my outfit's squad is no one is using the Valkyrie except to have a laugh in Teamspeak.
    It's cheaper than the Galaxy, but in current resources system's situation nanites mean nothing. They regenerate so quickly that resources cost can almost be ignored.

    So why bother at spawning a Valkyrie? The Galaxy is slower but it's far more effect at transporting troops:

    - It doesn't get burned to ashes by ESF, while it has instead a chance to resist and counter attack.
    - It's tough enough to fly over the biggest battles and drop a lot of soldiers.
    - It can equip improved weapon systems covering every angle and helping clear the landing area.
    - The safe drop upgrade is already included in the vehicle.

    While the Valkyrie:
    - Is extremely vulnerable to ESF as it's less maneuvrable and it's slower.
    - It has no afterburner for emergency retreat.
    - It's extremely fragile. It can be repaired from rumble seat, but at such a slow rate that the vehicle still cannot survive sustained fire.
    - Despite the inner flak proteciton passengers can still be killed while sitting in the vehicle.
    - Safe drop is not included but it's basically mandatory, otherwise it turns into a deadly trap for passengers.
    - Accuracy from the rumble seat is very low, dramatically reducing chances that passenger manage to clear the landing area.
    - Weapons system have a limited firing arch.

    Does this justify saving 200 nanites? Hell no, it doesn't.
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  2. Rawne

    Well... it's a decent c4 delivery platform and.... an almost decent one way taxy and... oh! it's good as a flight school vehicle!
  3. Bonom Denej

    Because it can be, will I dare to say that forsaken word here on Forumside, fun.
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  4. OldMaster80

    I agree that Valkyrie can be extremely fun to pilot. But guess what more fun? Winning battles. And when I have to take my mates right in middle of a battle and drop on the point there is no choice: Galaxy is better than the Valkyrie from every point of view.
    In every platoon I've joined in the last months, even if the squad was only made of 5 soldiers, no one ever consider the Valkyrie as an alternative to the Galaxy. Usually there is not even discussion: spawn a Gal and ****.

    I really love this new vehicle, I think the concept and the design are great, but currenly it really has no place in the game. Despite the buff, the Valkyrie still adds nothing to PS2 (besides a big, slow rewarding flying target). :(
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  5. CNR4806

    The biggest use I've found for the Valkyrie so far: One-man one-way taxi from the warpgate to a base that I don't want to bother redeploying 10 times to reach.

    It is cheap to spawn compared with the other air vehicles, and the ejection seat is also quite cheap (100 vs ESF's 500). Other than that I don't see why I should bother with the thing,
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  6. MotionBlured

    It's more fun to weave a valk through a base at low altitude than it is to sit at flight ceiling with a gal doing jack all.
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  7. STR1D3R109

    Pretty much this and if you dont want to pull too much attention (say your in a squad of 6)
    Id love to see a buff to have MAX units inside, and then the spawn system a passive system default like the galaxy. (MAXes can only get in, not respawn inside)
  8. psychoninja

    Well, the Valkyrie is pretty small so its harder to hit and far harder to see, unlike the galaxy that is massive and easily spotted. With the valk, provided you fly high up, you can get in and out of a fight without getting shot.
  9. CipherNine

    Take adrenaline shield and a shotgun and use Valkyrie to deploy behind enemy lines. You can afford new one every 5 minutes, or 2.5 minutes if you go with a m8. Its low cost is the only reason to use it over a Galaxy.

    At least until it gets AMS.
  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

    it cheaper, so you can drop it like Flash.
    250 nanites still too expensive, reduce it to 150 or 200 and it will be fine
  11. Heiltdo

    Because the Galaxy is extremely overpowered for how cheap it is, a galaxy should cost around 600 nanites. Hell it has twice the HP of a tank, carries 12, has 4 guns, and flies!!!
  12. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Liberator wrecks it in seconds
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  13. Icedude94

    From the perspective of an outfit that likes valkyries and does small squad ops and backcaps zergs:

    - Default wyvern gun with zoom equipped is very efficient at clearing out defenders from a rooftop in the few seconds before a drop, much faster than galaxy bulldogs.

    - Max stealth and level 3 evasive airframe is extremely good on the valkyrie. It is not good for the galaxy. Using stealth, I have done repeated drops on points and through the mid deck on tech plants while dodging ESF's. It is more maneuverable than ESF's and with so many pilots reliant on the minimap to track you, it's easy to lose your pursuers.

    - With vehicle stealth, it's very easy to quickly land under a tree or any small overhang and pop into the gunner seat to shut off the engines. I've lost many pursuing aircraft this way.

    - The high speed and maneuverability means you can keep dropping squadmates in waves onto the point as they spawn into your aircraft. Forget having to protect sunderers from lone infantry and armor when you are a small squad force. It's even, dare I say, better than beacons as you can get back into the fight a lot quicker.

    - It's small enough to park in lots of places to be used as a squad spawn, making it easier to get into a base and hide when compared to a galaxy. You can't hide a galaxy behind a two story point building and you can cram 10 valkyries onto the mid deck of a tech plant(you can't do that as easily with 10 galaxies!)

    - It's much faster and easier for the pilot to repair his own valkyrie than it is for a pilot to repair his own galaxy meaning shoter downtime between drops if it does take damage.

    - If used as a taxi, it's good for blitzkrieg style tactics where you use a handful of them to do rapid pickups at a sunderer that is outside of enemy reach and then dropping those infantry on the point and then back to the sunderer again. You don't have to worry too much about protecting the sunderers and you can just keep dropping in more reinforcements. A galaxy may be able to drop more people at once, but how often do you see them landing at sunderers to grab more people to drop? You'd need a bigger and more exposed landing zone to do that with a galaxy.
  14. Prudentia

    It's also more fun to weave a gal trough a base at low altitude than it is with a valk.
    galaxy is just harder to pull off but alot better if you can do it.
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  15. patrykK1028

    And all of 4 guns are garbage
  16. DorianOmega

    Valk+Stealth+Scout Radar=Profit.
  17. TheRunDown

    Seeing as the Valk is quite week, I wouldn't be too bothered if the Valk had the wrath function.
    To it was basically the Phantasm like in PlanetSide 1. Maybe Disable main weapon, making the gunner seat just another passenger seat.
  18. Alkezo

    This is exactly how I feel. The Valkyrie is fun, fun enough to throw certs into it for Stealth and squad spawn. Unfortunately, its just so very... useless. Every situation I've pulled a Valk, I could have done better with a different vehicle. Seeing as the Valk can only really participate in small battles (even then, all you need is a few heavies to point at you) a Galaxy is just a wrecking ball in those small fights. You might have some chances to use a Valk in medium fights and there's no point in thinking about pulling one in large fights. Basically, a Galaxy will work better in almost every situation. Being a fun bus shouldn't be the role of any vehicle. :confused:

    They really should make the squad spawn and ejection seat utility equipped by default. Maybe even allow MAXs but being unable to fire since 4 burster MAXs would be broke as ****.
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  19. KenDelta

    Almost choked.

    Have you see a galaxy on a biolab platform?
  20. \m/SLAYER\m/

    with well certed Bulldogs you will get a lot profit
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