Why should i use the Lasher? I ask 100 people!

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  1. MrK

    Splash + Direct already add up
  2. Frosty The Pyro

    as a lasher user, the only thing I would want is more accuracy. The projectiles are slow enough I dont think having a very tight Cof would make it op.
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  3. palto1826

    my biggest gripe between the 3 specialty weapons is that i see people using the jackhammer and the MCG for any situation. and id rather face 3 guys using lashers than 3 guys using the jackhammer or MCG...dont get me wrong ive used the lasher and it is fun but why buy a weapon that is only useful in certain situations and only when you are teamed up with someone else using it
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  4. Prudentia

    You already have it and you already spam it.
    it has 125 splash damage. 2x4 Magazines. kills MAXes wirh a Double mag. and costs 350 Indantry Ressources. It also has a higher firerate and only costs 250 certs opposed to the 1000 of the Lasher.
    a Dual Pounder MAX is just a Lasher with 66% more splash damage and lots and lots of hitpoints.
    It also has a ridicilous amount of screenshake making it an even better suppresion tool than the Lasher.
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    Lashers are free and can be pulled anywhere. Lashers are an untapped potential that I want!
  6. Codex561

    I posted a thread while a back title 'Lasher almighty!'
    Check it
    And at the same time I ask for buff (I am a hypocrite, I know...) but it is very constructive and to the point with nice paragraphes and colors!
    Check it
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  7. Jawarisin

    1- Godly suppression
    2- Trust it from an NC player ~ IT FREAKING HURT MAXES
    3- On direct hit, splash goes over the base dmg. So add 75 damage.
    4- Hell for infiltrators
    5- Swag
    6- In qcq, bullets travel fast enough to hit
  8. RoyAwesome

    Actually, no. A lasher wall is very hard to breach, especially if they have Lancers.
  9. Imij

    I disagree. But, to understand your PoV, where is this "Lasher wall" positioned at that it's hard to get through?
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  10. Ohmlink

    That one time in a biolab where 50 heavies were using it probably, that is the only time I have seen them be a "wall."

    Ideally you want to use the lasher from an elevated position over your target. Lashers would be awesome on LA's
  11. ExarRazor

    as someone who's actually auraxium'd the lasher here's my advice

    stay as far away from this weapon as possible.

    its far too gimmicky, and its only real niche can be filled by literally any other weapon in the game.

    there's only 2 bases in the entire game where you can use a lasher to moderate effect, sub nanite analysis and deepcore geolab

    but again, using literally any other weapon will net you far greater results

    the thing fires way too slowly, the shots move way too slowly, the cof and bloom are ridiculous and its damage is absolutely ******* pathetic
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  12. Shockwave44

    I didn't see the word "kill" in there. You can shine the turd all you want, it's still a turd.
  13. FieldMarshall


    Defending towers.
    Zerging up stairs.
    Lasher powers.
    Delicious tears.

    You can talk stats all you want, but its the most fun HA weapon (to me) in PS2.
    I play for fun personally. Cba to make playing games a chore by constantly going fotm op stuff, etc.
  14. Bl4ckVoid

    The Lasher is amazingly good. Thankfully most people do not know it, otherwise it will be nerfed.
    No, it is not that situational, it works almost anywhere. I have 2000 kills with it. Damage is actually 155 + 75 = 230.

    Leave it alone plz.
  15. Bl4ckVoid

    "No one is afraid of the lasher."

    Haha, when I start shooting it, it is funny watching all the fleeing people. LOL.
    It kills alright, zero problem. It is hardly just a supression weapon, it is an indirect damage weapon. You can start damaging your opponent before you see him and you can still shoot at him after he fled to cover.

    Really, the only bad thing about it is that you become a sniper magnet. Awareness implant + Lasher will be great, hehe.
  16. Bl4ckVoid

    Contrary to popular opinion the Lasher does not suck 1 vs 1. Most players miss a lot of shots in 1 vs 1, the Lasher makes them miss even more. And the Lasher does not miss that much. Aim for the legs = no misses.
  17. Mongychops

    What are you talking about, of course there will be misses. If the bloom doens't cause it, the enemy ADADing the 100 m/s projectiles will.

    If you mean the splash will still hit, ok, but the direct hit damage is 155, the splash is 75. The direct portion is more than 2/3 of the total damage, and going for leg shots means even the direct portion will do less damage (leg shots have a 0.9x multiplier). It really isn't a 1v1 weapon. Even the Corvus, the lowest DPS infantry weapon in the game that I can think of, has ~15% higher DPS than the Lasher on single target, and it has a lot more accuracy.