Why play LA or Infiltrator when they are the least rewarding classes?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Aegie, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. ThatGoatGuy

    Light Assaults make bank of XP, learn how to play the class idiot.
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  2. Fantom_17

    not when you sound like a bomb every time you press spacebar. I can only stand it for so long. 3k certs down the drain.
  3. Rogueghost

    Even with the new JJ sounds and running around towers with the underboss, people don't seem to notice I'm there.

    The worse the new audio has done to me is give a slight headache after a lot of flying, hostiles are just as oblivious as before.
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  4. Fantom_17

    I wish they toned it down 50% for the person doing the flying and left the noise in for everybody else to find us. Thats way to easy though :(
  5. Hagestol

    I'll give you that randoms don't always seem to notice, but unlike the LA there isn't a big indicator if there are randoms or skilled people in a building or nearby building so playing it safe i still better. Especially considering this sound is still new.
  6. belthazor3457

    This is how. I'll show you. = )

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  7. Kahlev

    I like playing LA because I enjoy exploding Sunderers, MAX's, or anything else that gets in my way, and LA is best suited for that role. Also, in many bases I'm best suited for flanking around enemy forces and wiping them out from behind via flash grenades and c4 and shotguns/silenced carbines.

    I can impact the battle in large and dramatic ways, instead of just being part of the zerg of heavies in a massive firefight, killing and dying and getting ressed over and over while the enemy heavies do the same. As for engi, they are the most numerous because most vehicle drivers play them, but never really use their actual class functions other than popping out to repair now and then.
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  8. Stargazer86

    Because once you get used to the maneuverability of the jetpack, using stairs just seems so passe'.
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  9. Ztiller

    If the only thing you care about is cert, then play engineer and roflstomp with a Zephyr. If you care about actually having fun, your question is stupid.

    Besides, i make much more certs with my infiltrator than with any other class.
  10. Wolfwood82

    I just noticed that your two for one deal said the Lightning was a Crit Kill Assist.... o_O
  11. blzbug

    All that C4 goodness and you're gonna nitpick about the kill assist? :p

    That sequence with the lightning was the best clip ever showing why LA is absolutely THE most rewarding class to play! You fly up in the air, causing such panic in the heart of the tank driver that he spazes back, trying to burrow his way under the magrider. Like a baby chick seeking the cover of her mother's wing. Only to have the magrider, lightning, hens and chicks all blown to nuggets in a flaming blast of Republic Justice! All while the LA gets a fantastic, overhead view of the chaos! What could be more rewarding than that?!? Certs, schmerts. I'm sitting on thousands of certs I have no use for. I play PS2 every night to experience the LA goodness shown in that video. That's the best reward!
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  12. Wolfwood82

    Yes, yes I am. The rest of the C4 "goodness" is business as usual. That two for one trick was the real cream of the video and he didn't get full credit for both kills, the lightning kill was probably awarded to the driver/owner of the Magrider and he likely got dinged for friendly fire from it. :p
  13. eldarfalcongravtank

    i think light assaut is the most effective class with c4. fly over tanks and drop it, boom! all other classes need to run up to the vehicle in permanent danger to be seen easily or be run over. also light assaults are key for taking bases as other infantry usually cannot climb over the large fortification walls and vehicles cannot enter due to the shields
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  14. strongarm85

    If you're playing light assault and getting in direct fire fights your playing wrong. Your job is to hunt down spawn beacons, take out forward enemy sunderers and tanks, flank enemies from unexpected vantage points, taking out generators and planting spawn beacons.

    If you have a whole squad of light assaults you can actually do a good job of recapturing a B or C point outside of the tower, but that requires coordination.
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  15. Hagestol

    Just a point of order I seem to have forgotten:

    Xp does not equal team play. We don't push front lines, we're not great at sneaking in for the medic kills anymore and killing an unprotected sundy might be good but any decent team will repair it before it burns up so you need a S gun or two LA for that job. Killing a tank for every life is all well and good, but nothing I can't do with my Lancer (I can get two, and more with ammo) or Phoenix. Or Mana turret.

    Seems the primary directive for LA is to farm kills and kill other LA. Kinda like the INF is now currently.
  16. InterSpectra

    It's incredibly fun, and the rewards are really just proportional to the amount of risk your play style puts you in.

  17. Goretzu

    LAs get a free kill on the unwarey and have to work for a kill on the wary - this is exactly how it should be!
  18. Hagestol

    You didn't read the post did you? There is no indicator on the skill level of people inside the house, so you have to safe it every time unless you want to risk dying (and dead LA on house roofs are impossible to resurrect).

    Aka no free kill whatsoever. But you read what you want to read, I get that.
  19. Goretzu

    Sorry but no game has a "skill level indicator", no class has one either, nor a "you will always win" indicator as you seem to think you need (you will die in PS2 that is just the game).

    It is always luck of the draw whether you face a wary and wise opponent or an oblivious unwary one - again that is exactly how it should be!
  20. Hagestol

    There is no luck of the draw when you have to go around instead of jetpacking over a building because everyone can hear you. There is time killed because you have to stop using your class utility.