Why play LA or Infiltrator when they are the least rewarding classes?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Aegie, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Aegie

    These are averages and as such they take both of these considerations into account.

    Not surprising your most played class is also the most rewarding class to play. In fact, if you played as much Medic as HA then your play preference would perfectly match the average amount of reward these classes can be expected to earn.

    Perhaps you can do as much harm to the enemies using a LA or infiltrator than using a HA- but you will mostly likely be less rewarded for doing so.
  2. Aegie

    Yes, one of the things that they could have done, however, was wait to nerf one of the least played and least rewarding classes to play until they provided some kind of compensation.
  3. BurntDevil

    I find LA to be rewarding, but I value it more than just a combat class, I perfer it as a highly mobile recon class. In that regard, with drifters, I find it to be very effective and suiting to my needs. The only thing Id want for it would be a battle rifle, then Id never have to play infil again.
  4. JonboyX

    Not the best case I've ever seen; the OP quotes a set of stats from a wide sample, and you provide one exception as your case?

    Healing and repairing imo are given relatively too much XP for what they do. There's a high reward:low risk ratio for healing and repairing, whereas the process of killing enemy as an infantry LA player is high risk. Infiltrators are low XP because it takes so long to find someone to shoot at.

    Would I change heals/repairs to infantry? No. I'm happy to level at a slower rate if it means people are happy to support my playstyle. Would I say that repairing base equipment such as turrets gets you too much XP? Yeah, absolutely. It's the MMO equivalent of killing 100 level 1 rats... XP for grind time.
  5. xNPCx

    While I know this is a heated discussion, and sadly I am not in a position to test this myself, has anyone tested the range at which another person can hear the new jet pack sound? I am just interested in its comparison to the Infiltrator's cloak sound effect. Once again because I haven't had the opportunity to see the changes myself, is the new jet pack sound universal or is it faction specific?
  6. Wolfwood82

    Actually it's the opposite. The ones dragging down the score are those who picked it up and use it exclusively. The rest of us out perform the average by a tremendous margin, because we know how to play to the strengths of every weapon, not just the crutch ones.
  7. Minimum Force

    Really the LA class just needs more tangible support features. I see the ability to recon as useful when it comes to LA but even doing this is very limited. Why hasn't SOE introduced features such as placing detection systems to actually see the enemy? I'm not talking about the dart that the Infiltrator gets but something that has to be manually setup and possibly connected to a system in place. See those giant towers all over the map that people cluster around? Why can't we have a LA (or anyone for that matter) have a tool that connects to the tower and forwards information about the enemy?

    I'm not talking see through walls and such but a blip on the mini-map maybe every minute or other minute to show position. It would have a limited life span like the darts but give another class something to do. Just little things like that would flesh out the game more and add more diversity versus these stagnant roles that have developed. I'm all for expanding what people can do versus forcing one class to try and do everything that's say recon or fortification building.
  8. Wolfwood82

    Infiltrators are in a far better position to be superior at recon as well as infiltration. They can hang out in an open field and would require very little work to give them better recon ability. Such as vastly improved spotting ranges when equipped with higher powered scopes.

    The recon device would be better in the hands of LA, but only because we could fire it from a flanking position. And it wouldn't actually supply friendlies with any really useful information. After all a simple tap on the Q could do the same thing for us.
  9. Niller

    Yet they nerf LA...
  10. Hantak

    You do well to "highlight" the most important parts but you seem to miss entirely the point that in a game where you can use 7 different vehicles, vehicles wich are a huge part of the whole planetside concept (massive PvP battles with infantry/air/ground), yet you only get some real advantage while using them IF you pick the engineer class, the only exception to this is the recent addition of the wraith module to the flash.

    You can be certain that IF other classes provided a more notorious advantage than the engineer when using vehicles you would see other classes beign used more often and beign perceived as, like you said, more rewarding.
    The only real reason why engineer class scores so high is because its getting boosted by the score those players get when manning a vehicle. The engineer can boost the survivability of vehicles and using other classes does not, is as simple as that.

    I dont understand what you imply by saying that its no surprise my most played class is the most rewarding class. I dont play a certain class because its more rewarding (score/cert wise) i use it because i get the most utility out of it. I like my tank, im good with it, if i dont use an engineer i cannot repair it, theres no advantage of using a medic, heavy, infiltrator, or light assault when manning a tank. You get my point?

    The last part of your post is only an assumption.
    Fact is most players suck badly with the Heavy, hence why almost everyone likes lock on missiles, and not only for air. They suck at compensating drop for its dumbfire missiles. They miss a lot so they prefer LMG's with good damage/range and a hefty magazine.
  11. Aegie

    Some good points here.

    By saying it is not a surprise that your most used class is also the most rewarding class (and most used class overall) I am simply implying that it would be more surprising if your most used class was one that was either (a) significantly less rewarding (like LA or Infiltrator) or (b) less used in general (like LA or Infiltrator). I apologize because I did not mean anything personal.

    Everything you say about the Engineer is true, however, none of that does anything to counter the argument that it is both (a) the highest scoring class, on average, in the game and (b) one of the most used classes in part because it is so high scoring and has so much utility. This also does not address what I think is the real issue and that is that LA is both (a) an underused class and (b) and under-rewarded class and yet was still singled out for a nerf.

    If it was a fact that most players such with HA then I would think this would drag down the average score/hour of that class- and bad HA players most certain will drag down this average. However, even with all these bad HA players that class still averages about 1,000 more points per hour than LA and yet LA receives a nerf with no compensation when no other class is being singled out for similar nerfs.
  12. Corezer

    Ahh, the old lie of statistics.

    Just because it is an average doesn't mean that the players are averaged among the classes.do you roll a dice every time you log in to determine what you play as?

    The more flexible engineer and heavy attract higher skilled players.medics and engineers give crutch points to lower skilled players, and every noob stats off as la for at least one life.
  13. Gruntilda

    I played LA since it was fun roofmonkeying

    Which I can't do now since anyone not suffering from massive brain hemorages cane hear me coming from 2 hexs away now
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  14. lilleAllan

    oh rly.

    nice pile of nothing

    point stll stands
  15. Aegie

  16. PanH

    lol, never done statistics in your life ?
  17. RobotNinja

    For Infs, to hear enemy players ***** and cry about how lame and unskilled you are compared to their l33t spray+pray tactics when you headshot them or when you place proximity mines in teleporter or when they're chasing you around a corner and you drop a mine behind you...basically to drink their mine+headshot generated tears.
  18. Mrasap

    I`d like to see the data split up based on total playtime to see what effect skill has on the score/hour potential. Assuming a high total playtime equals high skill.
  19. RogueComet

    Not a bad idea at all. A graph, for each class, broken up showing play time across the bottom and score/hr across the left side. That'd be super interesting to see and might give some good information as well, since I have a feeling a lot of people who are passionate about their classes are drowned out on the forums by those who don't play the class quite as much/often.

    Actually just adding functionality to the forums so in the class forums (or vehicles!) it said how much playtime you had with that specific class (or vehicle) under your picture would be a really great benefit. We could ignore those who have only 4 hrs of playtime and focus on the words written by those with 100+ hours.
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  20. Madmanx

    I like going places others can't. Like shotgun sniping from the top of the biolab tower.