Why play LA or Infiltrator when they are the least rewarding classes?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Aegie, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Aegie


    So, about 2x the number of people who play LA or Infiltrator play HA or Engineer.

    LA and Infiltrator are outscored by between 1,000 and 3,000 points per hour by the other classes in the game. This was prior to the LA sound effect change so we can assume that if the change has the intended effect of making LA more obvious then these disparities will increase.

    LA has no tool.

    Infiltrator cannot use PAS, has a loud cloak, and can be seen relatively well when cloaked on low graphics settings.

    In a game were points (and thereby certs) are the only reward provided and can be used in place of real money purchases why should any of us continue to play classes that are clearly less rewarding to play than others?

    If recertification was offered in GU7 do you think you would spend any or as many certs in either of these two classes?
  2. wwwyzzerrdd

    sniping is just my favorite mode of play ever since my days of Counter-striking with the scout+deagle 24/7

    TL;DR: 'fun'
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  3. innersphere1

    Maybe, not all known how to use a light assault.
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  4. Teegeeack

    I guess people play them for the challenge more than anything else. There is a cert disparity which hopefully will be addressed but right now it's fun to try and outsmart your opponents instead of simply overpowering them. Also I love taking out some guy from 250 metres away when he's busy trying to fire his rockets or manning an AV turret. I saw one guy here describe sniping as the in-game equivalent of trolling and he's so right and I love it.
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  5. VSDerp

    i just love sniping im not the best but it helps me aim better in situations. just love everything about infiltrating
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  6. Aegie

    But everyone knows how to use HA, Engineer, and Medic? You're probably right, because those are easier classes to play and are more rewarding.
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  7. Astealoth

    i've certed all classes quite well, i have about 2-3 high utility setups for each class. LA and inf are probably the lowest priority but they do have good functions.

    i have my haymaker/2xC4 LA for clearing the point at tech plants, which is an extremely effective and hilarious setup, mind you. i clear a 6/6 tech plant objective almost once a day solo no problem.

    then there's the lynx/2xC4 LA setup for fighting my way to enemy sunderers. there's hell to pay if you park your sunderer next to a building i can jump on, which happens more often then not.

    then there's my crown farmer infil setup. armistice and clays. can't beat it for fun factor. cloak up to the enemy spawn room at the crown, put clays by the doors, sneak in the main building and hide in corners and shoot people in the back. it's just nasty and i run out of ammo all the time. always feels good to go down in a blaze of glory with nothing left but your pistol.

    and finally my counter-sniper rams .50 setup. any time i see a line of enemy infils i pop out my rams .50 and go to town. that thing has no drop at all, you can OHK an infil at render range with a 12 o'clock hold on top of their head.
  8. Killy80

    The people dragging down the score are those LA's which just didn't pick up a pump-action shotgun yet. Give them some time before they all instagib squads from behind, and the average score will increase.
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  9. Minimum Force

    LA isn't very rewarding? It's geared toward killing people more than anything. Hell this one NC LA on Connery pretty much does nothing but LA and they have a ridiculous score. Just search for Lythca and you'll be amazed at how the LA is one of the "least rewarding" classes of the game.
  10. Koldorn

    Not sure about light; but what are you on about the Infiltrator?

    Grab a rifle; you're a sniper. A cloaking sniper.
    Grab an SMG, you're a ambushing; backstabbing little SOB. A cloaking assassin.
    Motion sensor, scout rifle / SMG, you are the No.1 source of intel for your team when taking an air tower / enclosed point. Can't put a value on that. (Sadly, you don't get points for this.)
    Hack tool & weapon of choice: hack all of the enemies terminals and you've just supply / class change denied the opposing team unless they remove themselves from the fight entirely (die / run all the way to the spawn room). (Sadly, you don't get enough points for this.)
    Cloak behind the line; headshots all day from 35-40 yards. (Massive points, until you're discovered.)

    As far as playstyles... I think the infiltrator has the most. What you do just depends on whatever the heck you feel like at the moment. That is great flexibility, and not the frivolous "I can play this way, but it doesn't really help my team." Every method above offers something of value toward an objective. Just because its not the most points per hour on average class doesn't mean its bad. People aren't always choosing the most profitable play style at all times.

    Why? Dare I say... they're having... fun. Playing in slightly sub optimal ways?
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  11. Hagestol

    How is the LA geared more towards killing things than say, HA?
  12. OddChelsea

    One reason for each, because jetpacks are fun as hell and kick *** and infiltrators are as close to ninjas as we can have in PS2. Only filthy pirates hate ninjas, are you a filthy pirate?
  13. Cleaver

    LA is better at infiltrating than the infiltrator, let's nerf the LA!

    ...so they can be the equal lowest scoring classes in the game.
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  14. Dubious


    Why do you play the game?
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  15. Aegie

    Just took a look at how long I've played LA on one of my characters. Lets round the number to 10 days or 240 hours.

    I will use the data from here:


    Now, were I an average NC LA player I would have scored 240*6,336 = 1,520,640 points or 6,082 certs.

    If I had spent the same amount of time playing NC HA as an average HA player I would have scored 240*7,445 = 1,789,200 points or 7,156 certs. That is a difference of 1,074 certs or 15% more certs than playing LA.

    If I had spent the same amount of time playing NC Engineer as an average Engineer player I would have scored 240*8,421 = 2,021,040 points or 8,084 certs. That is a difference of 2,002 certs or 25% more certs than playing LA.
  16. Aegie

    That is a good point- yes, I do play the game for fun. However, I do not see why the LA or Infiltrator should trade fun for balance. Are we to assume that people who play HA or Engineer are not having fun and that is why it is okay for them to be more highly rewarded by the game mechanics than other classes?
  17. SinerAthin


    LA gives you a TONNE of EXP.

    The only downside is that LA players typically get a crappy KDR because of their kamikaze play style.
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  18. sustainedfire

    Both Classes are set to be class updated next, so if you have a productive suggestion, go ahead and make it so the LA or INF could suit you needs.
  19. Cleaver

    Did you read the link to the stats page?
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  20. lilleAllan

    I just don't get you people with your spreadsheets.

    "oh look the average noob sucks more with this class."

    Only a good reference point if you're an average noob.
  21. Cleaver

    silly forums
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