Why planetside 2 dont need SMG and what the art team should be working on instead.

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  1. Palor

    Maybe I am the odd man out here but I really dont care what my guns look like as long as they work correctly. It would be nice to have varying design models but in the grand scheme of things they need to work on it is at the bottom of the list. Ohh yeah and of course they are making new weapons where do you think they are making most of their money off of? That is what we get because this is a F2P game, they need to make money to keep it going.

    There is also some truth to the fact that they are keeping models (character, weapons, and all that) to keep system requirements down.
  2. Daedrick

    Ooooooooooooooh please, that is terrible, like you knew me or read most of my post anyway, ya right. Open your market page and look at every other weapon types, its the same problem for each and every of them. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH...

    I spent 100$ already on Sony coins, I have over 8000 sony coins that are waiting to be spent, but Im not spending them because guns are not only very similar stats wise but they are also almost identical. They are not making any more money off me until they rework the weapons that interrest me, that is, aestheticaly because anyway they are just sidegrade.

    To whoever is saying that they dont make different looking weapon because of memory usage I say; BULLPOOOOOOOOOOOOP! Hey wake up, it doesn't make any sense.

    Look; On one side you say they can't have different looking weapon, and on the other side they introduce different looking weapon namely SMG. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeuh something is not working here. unless they just take the carbine, cut it in half and call it SMG then yeah, I guess you are right.

    Another thing; did you guys noticed that the Carbine with the stats closest to SMG was on sale right before the announce that the next weapon to be introduced will be the SMG? What a coincidence. (GD-7F for NC, didn't check for the other faction since I only play as NC).

    For anyone saying that aesthetic is not important you are greatly mistaken. If I could find that article about team fortress 2 I would point you there but I can't. Anyway, thats why characters in team fortress 2 have the shape they have.

    I really like it when Im fighting agains't a guy and after he killed me I notice he was using a shotgun. The damn gun look exactly like a freaking assault rifle. If I knew he was using a shoty I would have played differently, instead of rushing him, i would have stayed at range. This is only one exemple why silouhette is important in any game, but there are many more. Thats why when you play chess all pieces look differently, same apply for any game. If I dont know that gun act a certain way because its a clone of another gun, then I wont adapt to it, thats a huge gameplay flaw.
  3. irishroy

    different sound and look are more work for the CPU......................................................................
  4. Stormlight666

    Forget the SMG, just release the PHOENIX already!
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  5. TeamGreener

    because out of a patch that contains tons of balance and quality of life changes...

    They couldn't add one thing to the store of the FREE game.
  6. Palor

    Do you really think the SMG is going to look drastically different than the current weapons? What makes you think this? Odds are they are going to be exactly like most every other weapon and reuse the same textures just re-sized and maybe moved around. Doing limits the resource demand on the new weapons.

    We dont know what the SMG starts are going to be. For all we know there are only going to be 3 or 6 SMGs (1 or 2 for each empire) and they are only going to be available to infiltrators in place of carbines and shotguns. Maybe the SMGs have been done for a few months and are only now being implemented into the game. All any of us are going off of is a forum post that says what they are working on, we dont even have official patch notes. Maybe we are going to be able to dual wield SMGS (I doubt it, dont want it but the point is we DONT KNOW).

    Last time I checked this is not TF2. TF2 is a highly stylized game, it was a key part of the games design from the start. Look it would be great to have more visual variety in PS2, I dont think anyone is arguing that. My argument would be I would rather have SOE focusing its time and resources on the bigger issues like the meta game.
  7. Autarkis

    Seriously. They're going to shorten the carbines and remove the forward magazine. Not sure what OP is expecting at this point.

    I don't know why anyone would buy any more weapons in this game. I certainly have stopped buying weapons since the last patch in December when they screwed up a bunch of them.

    I play HA, and some LMGs just feel good, and others do not. I don't give a crap about stats, or bullet velocity or spreadsheets. I know what feels right in my hands. Then they screw it up, and I am left scrambling to find a new weapon that feels and performs as well.

    When you buy a weapon in this game, even if you test it, they will nerf or alter it, so really, what are you paying for? The cosmetics of that weapon I suppose. You're certainly not paying for how that weapon performs, because they are making changes (consequence of launching too early) constantly, and aggressively.
  9. Kittel

    I don't mind, especially since i see infiltrators and possible engineers and/or medics getting them. I just wish all weapons available to all classes so i could have more fun getting medals and not have to switch to classes i don't want to play just to get them. Auxium's (100 certs) all the way.

    On a side note, I hope the medal system works with the SMG's as it is now half the weapons don't medal as you get kills, very f'n annoying.
  10. Kittel

    No attachments would just be stupid!
  11. Daedrick


    That's exactly why I bought the weapons I wanted. I bought the Warden battle rifle only to stand apart from other engineers. Same reason why I bough the GD-22, because its the only heavy assault that look different, and I must admit it look really darn good.
  12. Kursk

    You guys know SMGs were always planned from the beginning? They just never got completed in time, but they were already conceptualized back in beta.

    The NC Tempest:
  13. Daedrick

    Hopefully it will look different enough that we at least know Im fighting against someone using a SMG instead of a CARBINE.
  14. MarcusD

    I remember seeing some beta screenshots where the different weapons actually looked different. Not sure what happened though.
  15. SarahM

    Judged by what we have so far, the SMGs will be good for sniping...
  16. Daedrick

    Aahahahah, so true. Whoever is in charge of weapons in this game is very incompetent. Hell, if weapons were acting the way they are suposed to and they actually looked different I really wouldn't mind having a lot less of them.

    Quantity over quality is current PS2 motto.
  17. Daedrick

    I want to spend my SC, but I have nothing to spend it on. NEW MODELS FOR CURRENT WEAPONS please, and I will spend it.
  18. Phyr

    It's not a problem of "needs", it's all about "why not". In case anyone has forgotten, just because they have a few people working on one thing doesn't mean they are neglecting something else.
  19. Daedrick

    Yeah right. :confused:
  20. Lucidius134

    There is an SMG scout rifle.

    Just give us our faction burst fire pistols that ere in beta so everyone who isn't TR can have an SMG