Why people are so mad about VS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by LiquidGG, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. LiquidGG

    1. Scythes design is way cooler than other ESF. Come on guys, every faction would like to have those cool Scythes as their ESF.
    2. We have Laser weapons and no bullet drop.
    3. We have a floating MBT which outmanouvers those guys who sit in a Vanguard or Prowler with a big gun and cry in chat "come at me bro" but dont move their tank 1m and take shots in their back like a boss.
    4. VS plays as a team most times. I cant tell that for all servers but on my server (Cobalt), the TR keeps sitting (and zerging) at Indar (the crown) 24/7 and NC has no teamwork at all (I rarely ever saw a continent lock by NC?!!?). Reading through forums, this is the same case on most other servers.
  2. TheRunDown

    1. it floats, has fastest TTK Rockets.
    2. Longest bullet drop, leased bullet decrease, i think fastest ROF on stock weapons.
    3. Can Strafe with no repercussions, can climb mountains, has 2 anti tank sniper cannons: mains and top.
    4. VS never take on TR directly, if VS loose thier tanks, they disappear for 10 minutes to get more.

    Try playing TR for more than 1 day, and you'll see NC will fight TR over VS and VS will fight TR over NC. It's a constant double team on TR. VS = easy mode.
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  3. Big Cyz

    VS is easy mode
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  4. JohnnyMaverik

    Just mad because we have the Lasher and they don't.
  5. Bill Hicks

    The vs get megatron as their voice.
  6. Lucidius134

    2. nope
    3 main has the same drop as the other faction mains, we do have stabilization though!
    4. an issue with players from every faction not just vanu.
  7. Littleman

    Scythe has the greatest maneuverability (good luck working homing missiles against them!)
    Magrider makes dumb fire rockets look even slower.
    Small arms are laser accurate.
    **** their uniforms. Free camo at night, screws with the NC baddies that can't tell a box from a seal. Or maybe VS look more like fish...?
  8. Slyguy65

    This one hundred thousand times this jesus we have the crappiest gear AND get double teamed our situation really couldn't get worse.
  9. LiquidGG

    I liked your post, first because I really want to play 1 day straight TR and NC the other day just for having "normal" weapons again and second because you answered gently and not as a troll. Thanks.

    Tbh. I think bullet drop is only a poor excuse because our snipers have bullet drop and in CQC bullet drop doesnt do anything. Afte a while playing with a gun you figure out how to aim and then bullet drop is no matter anyways.

    The second thing is about magriders: you have to put cert points into magburner and chassis to make it really climb hills and float like a drunken bee. Uncerted the mag can be really hard to handle in rough terrain just saying. :)
    The thing about tank sniping guns... well our dmg is the lowest of the MBT, with bad guns everybody would just pull out a lightning.

    I cannot comment on the VS vs TR vs NC thing because on our server we encounter anything we can get. We dont distinguish if they are NC or TR we just roll out and try to fight.
  10. Nenarch

    Just saying that my NC and TR alts both got higher k/d than my VS ... and I do play HA about 75% of the time, rest in vanguard.. no lib bombing for me.. or photon pods. I think both weapons are still on bronze medal.

    Pointless discussion, Only good thing is magrider on VS what keeps us float in field battles so long as we got some AA or Air.

    Ofc we got a lot of magriders. This game is about farming infantry and to farm infantry you use the big splash AI weapon like everyone.
  11. Big Cyz

    Meanwhile my Vanny is stuck on a slight incline while I'm being strafed by a scrubrider. The VS tank doesn't even have any recoil. Cry me a river.
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  12. UzumakiW

    TR peeps complaining VS is easy mode? That's some lolz.

    If anyone has any justification to call others easy mode, it's NC by a little.
  13. TheRunDown

    Our TR Anti tank cannon is a chain gun that shoots 3 meters. its hardly fair :S
    The bullet effects continue pass the hit point, but do no damage.
  14. LiquidGG

    1. Put certs in your chassis for not getting stucked on slight inclines?
    2. Who cares about recoil in tanks?
    3. Play one day as a magrider and you will find yourself stuck 50% of all times in the wilderniss while trying to climb up a hill.
  15. TheRunDown

    Miller is really bad for VS and NC bashing on TR.
    NC wont fight VS, so we always have to deal with VS making advances on us with no NC attacking there lines down the map.
    And because of that, my NC vs VS ratio is almost 70% VS kills, I hardly see NC anymore because they don't want to join in, they are always on a different continent with low TR pops steam rolling us.
  16. TheRunDown

    You shouldn't be claiming hill in the first place -.-
  17. Mustakrakish

    1. I've never seen a Scythe do much other than hover and plasma-pod the **** out of ground troops.
    2. VS assaults typically consist of Magrider spamming combined with massive numbers of Infiltrators camping outside the base. The so-called "recoil" on the VS sniper rifles is a joke, combined with the fact that they're semi-automatic and have negligible bullet drop makes it absolutely infuriating to deal with. OP? Maybe, maybe not. But definitely rage-inducing.
    3. Have you ever tried killing a Magrider? The only strategy that seems to work is hiding someplace as a Heavy Assault, waiting for it to drive by and shooting it in the rear at point-blank range so it can't just ****ing strafe out of the way.
    4. None of the VS players seem to understand why everyone hates them.
  18. Lucidius134

    1. I've seen it from all factions. Stop being ignorant.
    2. The same happens with other factions. Stop being Ignorant.
    3. Yes, not often but on my TR/NC smurfs I like to shoot rockets at them. I can relaibley hit them from crown air pad to the bridge area SE. Not saying it isn't hard but the Vanguard's front damage and shield make it more tankier from the front anyways.
    4. See 1 and 2.
  19. Dubious

    Liberators avoid missiles like a baws!
    So your comment is mute
  20. Mohd Faris

    VS =Easy mode