[Suggestion] Why not limit this now

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  1. BT1024

    Illegal acquisition of game resources using ammunition [IMG]
  2. BT1024

    This is unfair to other players And no one will buy DB and only choose this
  3. Prudentia

    It has always been limited. those people are wasting their time gaining nothing.
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  4. BT1024

    There was no limit to the beginning of yesterday
  5. Prudentia

    there is. after ~1000xp or so resupply XP they do not get anymore XP and just get empty ticks.
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  6. BT1024

  7. LordKrelas

    Is this PC, or Console.

    As this is a solved thing on PC.
  8. BT1024

    PC They have been repeating the same movements all the time
  9. LordKrelas

    Well, there is a cap on Ammo EXP, in the same area.

    So, if they're literally spending hours to days, for the little EXP it gives anyway, to get around the set-up, they're gonna spend the time to avoid it unless you make it impossible to use while playing the game.
    IE, you're not gonna get much result, trying to limit it harder, if they're getting EXP.
    Without of course, killing off the Engineer's #2 exp supply, since everything involving it, can be used one way or another by such moronic people.
  10. LodeTria

    It used to be cap'd really low and everyone hated it because you'd throw your ammo pack in a crowd of 4 people and hit the cap instantly. It also made running an ammo sunderer so annoying as you could hit the cap with just 1 friendly MBT and then not get anything for 5 minutes.

    The cap was raised so normal people could get certs for doing ammo/ammo sunderers, and not get piddley amounts for doing something actually useful.

    Cert farming bots never cared because they was doing this anyway, with or without the limit. Since there is no trading of certs, it was seen as punishing normal players for very little reason and changed.
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  11. BT1024

  12. BT1024

    [quote =“BT1024,post:3499361,member:222640”] [/ quote]

  13. entity009

    Even without the cap in place farming xp just by ammo ticks would be stupid slow and boring. Seems to me they are just wasting thier time. If you throw that ammo down in a fight then get a few kills on top of it it can be nice but alone its a joke.

    more likely they are going for directive progress.
  14. Doc Jim

    Considering all the ways a player can gain XP at a much faster rate than by providing ammo to bots or idiots, I don't understand why people keep getting their underwear in a twist about ammo. What those people are doing is a wasting their time while gaining only a small amount of XP, they're not getting more XP than anyone actually fighting.
    Hell, even harvesting cortium and instantly dumping it through the ANT shield is more effective for gaining XP without fighting.
  15. Stoet

    simply thing.....

    as a member i get 19 exp from an ammo resupply.
    every 250 exp i get 1 cert. meaning i would need aprox 14-15 refills for 1 cert.
    doing this with 4-5 people will give me some certs "quickly" i agree on that. are u going to grind a few K's of certs ?? no ...

    Here is why!:"

    You get kicked for stat probbing!
    i have been in fights from Tech plants/bio labs when we had 2 maxes on a platform shooting aircraft/tanks. i trow down a resupply and repair them. i can do that for like 5-10 minutes and i get kicked out of the game, because im doing the same thing, with the same people over and over, without doing something else.
    You are allowed to kick an X amount of those kicks in set time period, if u get more, say ByeBye account for a while.

    So if you think it's worth standing in a corner, trowing ammo at 4 people that are shooting and reloading, go ahead for those 20 certs u will get in like 30 minutes. realy.. enjoy them.
    i go cap an enemy base, and get 5 certs by just capping it, and if i can get a few kills/repairs/revives in the progress, it's alot faster as the good old ammo trick :)
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