[Suggestion] Why not just give Infiltrators C4?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Luicanus, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. Luicanus

    Normally I'd be totally against this but the devs have already opened this door in effect.

    I was one shot killed in a stealth sunderer by a cortium bomb planted by what turned out to be an infiltrator.

    I was 100% behind withholding such powerful weapons from the sneaky class but in for a penny in for a pound.
  2. BlackFox

    We also should give them shotguns back, doesn't make a difference anyway
  3. xMeserionx

    That would be like giving Light Assaults sniper rifles, it would utterly break the balance.
  4. Luicanus

    I think, you missed my point, it was that the Cortium Bomb is at least as powerful as 2 bricks of C4 so why for the love of god can infiltrators use them.
  5. JustGotSuspended

    I'd much rather deal against light assaults armed with sniper rifles than the current invisa bois
  6. Demigan

    Oh god not another one.

    Infiltrators will always be superior with sniper rifles. The ability to line up a shot while cloaked is far superior than getting to a high spot to fire.
    All an LA can do is get to the "good" spots more easily. However most of the spots people consider good are higher positions with as many targets visible as possible. In the meantime the smart sniping positions limit the view you have as a sniper as that limits the amount of places an enemy might return fire from. On top of that the fact that Infiltrators can use recon equipment to spot anyone approaching them and that they can cloak to get away make them far superior than the LA who is stuck with a long-range weapon in mid to short range if an enemy comes knocking.
    Proof of concept is that there are plenty of bases already where infiltrators can get to the good spots easily. Like Howling pass, techplants and AMP stations. Infiltrators aren't massively OP in such battles and without their cloak they would be far too easy to counter-snipe or flank.

    Battle rifles, scout rifles, SASRs and BASRs would not be a problem if they were delivered to LA's. Infiltrators are simply superior in almost every way.
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  7. BlackFox

    Shotguns with slugs and a 4x scope are like improvised battle rifles, quite fun to use those as LA ;)
  8. Bonemiser

    Ah yes, C4 Pump Shotgun MASC Prototype Infiltrators. Sounds like good game design to me!
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  9. Zhakathoom

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  10. RabidIBM

    While we're doing these things, can my Prowler get some rumble seat repairs? If it's fair, balanced and fun for some vehicles, why not others? I figure I oughta be able to 2 R2 unit players on the back of my tank!
  11. Bonemiser

    I just want a flying ANT for 200 nanites. Keep the cloak too.
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  12. BlackFox

    Cloaked ESFs when being piloted by Infiltrators would be cool, would add another level of tactic to the class
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  13. Luicanus

    NGL I like this idea, it was common enough for infantry to ride on tanks during WW2 it's just suicide to do it in battle.
  14. TR5L4Y3R

    not kidding i WOULD give Infiltrator access to Primary Rockletrifle and AV grenades EXACTLY for spec ops AV actions
    same with medics, because those 2 classes lack ranged AV options, medic should also get acces to the archer and/or get a primary AV nadelauncher, said this for years, and will continue to say so untill the bitter end
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  15. DarkQuark

    What tactic would that be? Face rolling on the keyboard to kill **** loads of infantry with ease?
  16. JustGotSuspended

    Agreed. There's nothing that quite matches the uniquely fun and balanced concept of being killed by something invisible. I would also allow every vehicle an infiltrator is in to cloak, this way there's more room for skilled, strategical tactics in vehicle vs vehicle and vehicle vs infantry combat.

    I can already picture myself out-skilling everyone with my invisible banshee. Magnificent!

    Great idea!
  17. JustGotSuspended

    honestly I would just give infils a beefed up version of the archer that 1hk tanks at any range. Perhaps just a type of shoulder mounted dalton. I see no reason why this isn't yet in the game. Also, medics should be allowed rocket launchers and 2 sets of grenades. One with av nades and one with rez nades. This way they can deal a bit more with the pesky vehicles and still remain a medic on the battlefield.

    I do also think medics should also be able to deploy mini citadel shields, that they can shoot through. Tie it into the shield regen device. This way they can also defend themselves a bit better against vehicles.
  18. JustGotSuspended

    Can we get faction colored C4? Like a red/black explosion for TR, blue/yellow for NC, purple/green for vs?
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  19. Luicanus

    You'd have to nerf them in some other way then to achieve a semblance of balance. Perhaps reducing the Infils shields to 250 from 400?
  20. That_One_Kane_Guy

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