Why no cert refund for Harasser turbo?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by EViLMinD, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. EViLMinD

    I grinded the certs to max out my Harasser turbo but now it has been made a default feature. Why don't I get a refund?

    SOE gave back all my certs for Flash stealth. Why is the Harasser turbo not worthy of a refund?
  2. Luighseach

    Because it is still a cert line. It is just a passive trait now. Not really worth a refund to be honest.
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  3. Deus Draco

    Because it, like AMS on Sunderers, has simply been moved to passive systems.
  4. Kanil

    Didn't you get your initial 150 refunded? Pretty sure I had more certs than I did before.

    The rest of your certs are still working as they did before the patch. As much as I'd like to recoup some certs from my max taxi, I don't think this is unreasonable.
  5. Krayus_Korianis

    I never bought the turbo... It isn't like the AMS.
  6. Cirevam

    Flash Stealth was changed to have four ranks instead of eight and the game wouldn't have been able to translate old "rank 5" to new "rank 2 or 3?" for example. Thus it was refunded.

    Turbo was moved to the passive slot and got buffed, thus no refund. It still works the same and now you have room for a GSD module or smoke.
  7. SavageBacon

    Honestly I want a refund on the entire vehicle considering the turbo wasn't the only Harasser change (they LOWERED it's resistances some more). If I was VS it would be one thing, but as TR/NC, the lightning and even the flash are more useful than this POS.... At least those vehicles are worth pulling based on their usefulness, health, and costs.
  8. dstock

    They increased the resistances. Sure, by one or two percent, but you've got the direction wrong.

    Not saying I disagree, I'd like the certs from the 3-4 ranks of CompArmor I bought on each character back, so I could invest them in prox radar...
  9. Regpuppy

    Because they flat out buffed it. Everyone gets a "zero level" for free, but it still has the five levels you bought with your certs and maxed turbo is even stronger than before. Plus you can stack it with things it was formerly competing with now.

    On the other hand, they flat out removed a level of flash stealth because it was one level that other vehicles didn't need to cert into (and thus more certs used)
  10. Wonabe

    Sadly it doesn't work the same. Pre-patch i was able to cut all turbo meter into 4 quarters. It was around 25-27% used up minimally. Now minimal % seems around 30% wich leaves you around 10% left after 3 hits on the turbo, and regen rate on lvl 4/5 is not enough to compensate for the "nerf". I was expecting to have more turbo uses(since we got 50% buff on duration, and i could use it 4 times in a row before, i was expecting 5-6 uses since we got longer duration, but my hope was lost, i dont see the point certing into new turbo over lvl 2-3 anymore, it doesnt regen much faster then default thing you have now....)
    Also i stated in patch thread that we dont have turbo status in cockpit view anymore.
  11. SavageBacon

    Yeah without comp armor you almost get one shot by a rocket. I took both hits from a Falcon and was put in the red from 100% health. At least with a flash you can go invisible and its frailty is justified by it's low cost. A lighting doesn't crumple up like a piece of paper when it meets some kind of AV resistance and it has similar cost to the Harasser. The Harasser is basically built for the PPA and Saron because it's weaknesses are negated by the fact that it can sit at safer distances and provide support yet also get close and finish the job if needed then zip away... You can't get that level of comfort for the Enforcer, Vulcan, Marauder or Canister and if I'm pulling a Halberd, well I might as well go HEAT or AP lightning.
  12. Ronin Oni


    Your certs aren't wasted... Now you get the benefit of those certs PLUS another Utility slot of your choice.
  13. Ronin Oni

    Use less short bursts, and instead use for extended boosting.

    There's an "ignition cost" to all afterburner, you get more overall speed + distance by long burn compared to quick bursts.

    the 50% duration buff helps long burn, the ignition fuel cost penalizes quick bursts.
  14. Cirevam

    Ronin addressed most of your post above so I'll address just this bit.

    They removed the turbo meter from the first-person gauge cluster on the dashboard? That's rather silly. I thought I read that they removed the third-person meter, which is still silly. Maybe I'll check for myself in-game.
  15. TheShrapnelKing

    Every time the stats of anything are changed, your certs should be refunded so you can decide whether you want the new version.

    But of course SOE probably doesn't care.
  16. dstock

    What, you mean like every other MMO I've ever played that made balance adjustments?

    It's real simple, IMO: SOE needs to understand that giving people a bit of flexibility isn't going to have a huge, detrimental effect on the amount of time people spend playing their game. Getting bored with the nerf cycle and things left underperforming too long, that's what drives people away.

    TBH, we're going to get a re-cert option in the future. I bet it costs 4k SC, only applies to the character you purchase it on...
  17. SavageBacon

    And that's what gets me... I didn't invest in that stuff just because it was OP in its heyday, and even if folks do,that's SOE's fault for releasing it, not the players' faults for wanting to use it. There's a difference between finding balance and completely distorting something so that it's totally different. The Harasser is my biggest beef. I was ok with the initial hill climb nerf and I even understood the weapon needs, but then the armor change was so drastic, it plays completely different regardless of the additional backseat repair nerf. It's like investing in painting your house blue and then it changes to yellow at some point rather than a different hue of blue.
  18. Hibiki54

    The Turbo itself is passive. But there is still a cert line for the fuel consumption, just like the Afterburners for ESFs.