Why nerf heavies shields?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AdamRah2, May 2, 2014.

  1. AdamRah2

    Alright listen here poo poo's i've finally got around to playing H.A after 60 B.Rs and only five mins playtime i thought the shields could help me farm for days..... i was gravely mistaken, NMG goes POP! just like that, you have to be good at the game to use adrenaline and the resist shield already has ramp up time y u do dis to them?
    i thought it was O.P till i actually used it,try it yourself my fellow smg infils
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  2. M2_Bradley

    Because it's not fair when 1.Start the firefight 2.Attack from behind but the HA wins anyway because he pops the shield instantly and turns around to **** you.Just it give it a 1 second activation delay and it'll be balanced...
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  3. AdamRah2

    resist shield already has 2 second delay... NMG and Adred don't because they go in 2 shots of a 143 dmg model gun, it only gives 223 more effective health and it doesn't stack with nanoweave
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  4. jiggu

    Maybe you should learn to aim then. I kill HAs just fine.
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  5. M2_Bradley

    "says the one with a picture of a HA as his profile picture"...Defends his favorite class?
  6. AdamRah2

    tbf he's right, i kill heavies all the time and i'm using pdw 125 damage per shot, with the rpm it just melts their shields
  7. jiggu

    Maybe it is my experience with heavies that allows me to kill them? If you had a LA portrait would I call you biased, and would that even make your opinion invalid because of your favourite class? I play HA, Medic and LA quite equally, probably more LA lately. Less MAX, Infil and Engie. If we had the option to use our own avatars I would never use this, but all avatars are terrible on these forums.
    Hopefully the new SOE forums will allow own avatars.
  8. AdamRah2

    i had 5 mins gametime on heavy until br 60, easy kills
  9. Donaldson Jones

    It is the nature of those who feel unfairly bested to decry those bested them, with no consideration of their own shortcomings they prod their own corpses and call them cheaply won.
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  10. TheFamilyGhost

    I think the people complaining about HA shields don't understand that the shield is not something one should rely on to win fights.
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  11. Baracuda

    The reason why the heavy is getting nerfed is because it can do everything exceedingly well with a high survivability. Only the survivability is being tweaked. I personally refuse to play heavy because its way to easy, all I do is either pick up my EM6 or the NS15 and am guaranteed a minimum of 2 kills, just use the shield when I feel slightly outnumbered or when I hear a filthy infil decloak behind me with the sound of a super nova.
  12. AdamRah2

    i never played heavy for the same reason, but i think it's much harder, only thing that seems to excel is there second tier guns for vs and tr and starting for nc, not the actual shields, i survive better as an smg infil than i do as a nano-resist heavy
  13. AdamRah2

    they don't understand values and mechanics also
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  14. AdamRah2

    damn straight
  15. Liberty

    If you are a behind a heavy, have the drop on him, start shooting first and STILL lose its not the shield. Its because they were a much better player than you.

    I can't remember the last time I had a drop on a heavy and they were able to turn the fight around in their favor.
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  16. Quikloc007

    There is nothing wrong with HA shield or the class in general. If you have a problem with them then you are just a bad player. They are not OP in any way. As an infiltrator I kill them all the time. You just have to know how to attack them. Head on is a dumb idea. IMO
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  17. Taemien

    As I said before, heavy shield gets nerfed, everyone goes to medic instead. The AOE healing becomes the new shield. In case everyone didn't know, the healing actually will protect against 1 to 2 bullets depending on faction and range. As NC I don't worry about 167 or 200 dmg weapons so the medic is very good at tanking damage. Healing isn't affected by how much damage you take, as long as you don't die, it will always last its full duration.

    Why do I bring this up? Because its a "careful of what you wish for" situation. If the zerglings go medic, you will have a zombie apocalypse on your hands. I don't personally think masses of medics are OP. But I'm not the general unorganized zerg either, or PUGling.
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  18. Liberty

    Does the heavy assault have an infinite supply of ammunition for himself/herself as well as everyone around him? Can he hop into a turret that has a small hitbox and lay down constant fire for 8+ seconds with 100% immunity to frontal damage on 80% of their hitbox?

    Can a heavy assault jetpack to practically any location to get the best angle to engage targets?

    Can a heavy assault provide infinite healing over time to himself and others around him as well as reviving other teammates en mass if necessary?

    Can a heavy assault reduce his or her visibility to attempt to sneak past players and flank them?

    The answer is no. People need to stop undervaluing what support classes bring to the table just because a HA is better than them in a straight up head to head fight.
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  19. AdamRah2

    sent this thread to higby i hope he reads it
  20. leo4444

    I always get a better k/d with a light assault, I don't find heavies overpowered at all. They are the heavy class they are supposed to take more hits than anyone else, that's the whole purpose of the class. Medics heal, Engineers repair, light assault fly, and infiltrators cloak.
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