Why my fps are so low :x?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by bandico00t, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. bandico00t

    My spec
    i5-2500 3.30GZh
    DDR3 8g ram (one card)
    GeForce GTX 1050

    Sittings in game on low... everything at low n i have 25-35 fps in big fights, out of fight 60-90
    halp guys
  2. BanthaFodder

    Try turning shadows off and lowering render distance.
  3. Ximinetto

    Solution: pick a console with stable FPS, u Will not repent. Actually,console players need morè pop,specially Vanu. U going to be morè than welcome.
  4. bandico00t

    Already off, and render distance on 1000
  5. bandico00t

    Sorry but I want to upgrade my PC then buying a console :x
  6. Pelojian

    check what nvidia experience recommends for optimization, after all GPUs are designed to do specific levels of graphics well (in other words having some settings below the intended level for the card will make it work harder on ****tier graphics)
  7. bandico00t

    Ok i will try today, any other advice?
  8. LtBomber1

    Play potato!
    Low graphic quality, flora off, shadows off. Adjust the rest like you want. Also make sure to upgrade your graphics driver. I have "similar" setup (i5 6600k, GTX 1080) and run usually 180/90 out of combat/***********
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  9. Liewec123

    my guess would be the i5, planetside is a massive CPU hog,
    i'd recommend to everyone to run it on "overall low" with everything maxed,
    not only does it give you awesome fps, but you can actually see things too!
    playing on ultra is simply putting a handicap on yourself.

    my rig can handle ultra well, but i don't do it because you can't see anything through all of the shade, fog, bloom etc :D
  10. ArmorMan

    Be sure to update drivers.
    BTW the cpu is your problem. This game is cpu hungry af and you'll need something a bit newer and more powerful to play with stable 60 fps. Something in the range of a 3- 4th gen i5 or higher.

    PS: No matter how many things you try to optimize your performance, if your problem is the cpu then you'll get just a few frames. No big difference at all.
  11. bandico00t

    Yea many ppl told me that the cpu is important i will try to upgrade for i7 soon, how about my graphics card gtx 1050 is it enough? And ram?
  12. bandico00t

    I will try
  13. Halkesh

    What's write near your FPS, [CPU] or [GPU] ?
    (Press alt+F or type "/FPS" to show FPS)

    If you read CPU then your FPS are capped by your CPU and that lowering graphic setting is pointless.
    If it's GPU then your FPS are capped by your GPU, reduce your graphic settings / resolution / render vision will improve your FPS.

    If you're planning to by an i7 :
    Most of the games, planetside2 included, are optimized for 1, 2 or 4 core, which mean having 4 strong core is often better than having 8 weak core.

    That's a caricature on how multi-core CPU are used by planetside 2 :

    Getting a i7 will slightly improve your FPS but I'm certain you'll get too few FPS for too much money spent.
    If you know how to do that, try to overclock your CPU to 3,5 - 3,7 GHz might be more effective than changing to an i7. Be warned that overclocking have some risk and remove warranty.
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  14. bandico00t

    Mostly there is GPU near fps in game, sometimes it switch for CPU
  15. Halkesh

    Then reduce your graphics settings so it won't be capped by GPU.

    Since it's an intel and it's only 3,2GHz, I highly doubt the CPU temp is too high but sometime it may be the cause of a slow CPU. What's your CPU temperature when playing planetside 2 ? (if you don't have a program to show your CPU temperature, you can download "speedfan").
    If it's 80°C or more, it may be the cause of a slower than normal CPU. If it's less than 65°C, no need to worry.

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