Why it's OK for the Butcher to be ****.

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  1. Ianneman

    I've figured it out. The dev team has designed this amazing scheme, to fully appreciate the Butcher. Listen to this.

    So there's a part of you, some remote part of you, like a voice in the back of your head that says: "I wanna try the TR". A very masochistic part of you.

    You try a few things, the Prowler, the Mozzie, the Cycler, the famed Pounder MAX, the VULCAN HARRASSER. And then... then you arrive at the Heavy. You equip the CARV, you try it out and it's like: HOLY ****!!!" SON OF A GUN THIS IS THE BEST DAMN WEAPON IN THE WHOLE STINKING GAME. SWEET DANCING JESUS.

    You Aurax it in no-*******-time because it's a pure ******* beast of destruction. Your first step towards the Butcher.

    You think "Well... I've already Auraxed the CARV, that was awesome, the other TR weapons must be in the same vein, let's rock this!!!" You try the already available Rhino. Oh god. It's ****. What a worthless piece of junk. You can unload a whole clip in someone and they'll still merrily blast your head off.

    "Alright, alright, the other guns cost certs/SC for a reason, I bet they're on par with the CARV". (Oh yeah, and the NS-15M is a ******'s choice, it's a poof's gun and you know it. No real man would choose that weapon.)

    You get the Butcher, meh it's nice, but hard to wield. You get the TMG-50 and it just flies everywhere like an NC weapon and you're like OH GOD NO, RHINO FLASHBACKS. And then... Then you get the MSW-R... Hell ******* yes. What a smoking piece of ******* technology that gun is. No problem.

    And then, then you realise something... ****... If I have to go through all these guns it will be a CHORE. So, you're play it smart, you save the MSW-R for last. A little treat after dealing with these sub-par pieces of junk.

    You go for either the Bull or TMG-50 next. Both are OK, once you get used to them. Especially the Bull can cause absolute carnage in the right hands, and the TMG-50 is a little jumpy, but once you get that recoil under control it's a pretty OK ride. Nobody touches it after Auraxing it though... right?

    And then... comes the Rhino. Oh god. But, your experience with the CARV, the Bull and TMG-50 pays off, you're experienced, it's a chore, a horrible chore, but you get the job done.

    Ah yes, your first reward: the MSW-R! What a treat! After dealing with those three pieces of crap the MSW-R is like water to a man lost in the desert. A sweet ride till the end, the end of the grind... here comes... THE BUTCHER!!!

    Oh... it's a downgrade from the CARV. Wow. What a waste of time.... Right? NO!!!!!! Because if you're used to the *******... TMG-50, the Bull, the MSW-R... the RHINO!!!!!!!, the Butcher is an absolute ******* ungodly beast of a weapon that will easily smite even the most challenging opponents.

    (Also, **** the CARV-S, how goddamn boring is it to Aurax the same goddamn gun twice, with the ****tier verson the second time around. What the ****.)
  2. CMDante

    What's so bad about the Butcher anyway? I've never gotten a straight answer out of anyone.
  3. SwornJupiter

    Flat downgrade i.e. statistical inferiority to the CARV with a lack of 'uniqueness' is what OP is referring to.
  4. Scorpion97

    You are dead!
  5. CMDante

    That's it? It's really just a CARV but worse? Yikes. Glad I don't main HA.
  6. SwornJupiter

    It's only redeeming quality is an extra fifty rounds per magazine - perfect if you want to lay down suppressive fire, but useless if you want to actually be competitive simply because the weapon gives up too much for those fifty rounds
  7. CMDante

    Good enough reason to never bother to unlock it. Thanks for saving me that pain in the ***.
  8. CorporationUSA

    Nobody touched the TMG-50 after auraxing it? I like that gun a lot. But then again, the Gauss Saw is my favorite gun in the game, so I guess it makes sense to like the hardest-hitting TR LMG.
  9. SwornJupiter

    From what I've heard from some of my outfit members, the only auraxium weapons that are worth your time are:
    - T1A Unity (medic) because shiny
    - The President (sidearm) because shiny

    Apparently the other auraxiums are either statistically inferior to their non-auraxium counterparts or simply have requisite weapons that are too hard to auraxium (something like the Rhino)
  10. Casterbridge

    I would imagine the trac shot is decent as well.
  11. Kazrak

    Trac Shot is crap sorry to bring such bad news

    but the Sniper Auraxis weapon is kinda OK i would guess
  12. Silkensmooth

    TMG-50 is imo the best tr heavy gun.

    In fact for me it is probably the best heavy lmg period.

    I found the carv to be absolute garbage, and have never used it since i auraxiumed it.
  13. Khallixtus

    I like the Rhino, it has absolutely ridiculous accuracy for an LMG at range. Although the Bull is still my preferred choice simply because it has hipfire as well. But 100 bullets at 652 RPM stays a very long time. And the lack of horizontal recoil on the Rhino makes it extremely nice.

    I don't mind the Butcher, true, it is a little worse than the Carv in the areas that really count, but the increased mag size is nice for those moments when you just want to lay down suppressing fire or you simply cant reload due to the amount of enemies pouring in. The added 5m of bullet damage is a bit gimicky, but it can actually save you every now and again. It's a Carv with SPA and a sort-of extended mag.

    Another Auraxium weapon that outclasses the rest of its class in TR is the sniper. Its a RAMS with more bullet velocity and worse hipfire, but hipfire doesn't matter and bullet velocity does. But it's ridiculously hard to farm up 5 different sniper rifles to auraxium, VERY hard. And using anything other than the RAMS is just difficult.

    But most of the time I just run around with my T9-Carv, and just wreck everyone with its great DPS and wonderful controllability.
  14. Casterbridge

    I'm confused, it's a trac-5 with soft point, laser sight and under-barrel shotgun, how on earth could it be bad?
  15. FieldMarshall

    I think they need to get away from the mentality that auraxium weapons has to be clones on the default weapons.
    Butcher would be a perfect opportunity to give TR a LMG version of TORQ.
  16. johnway

    What was the shuriken like? I hear its not a bad weapon, but i dunno, without VR testing i can't confirm. But back to the topic at hand, the Butcher is a bit of a disappointment. All the Butcher has is extended mags and a passive SPA buff of sorts (maybe some reload speed changes but its minor). Thats it. The carv original carv allowed you to customise the gun with grips, silencers, flash surpressors etc. For someone who had to use a foregrip to make the weapon useful, this is especially galling.

    the bigger issue is that the uniqueness of this weapon is non existant. The VS battlegoose has infinite ammo, the Godsaw does more damage whereas the butcher has extended mags on the weapons. Extended mags that could easily be made available with other weapons. As some people had mentioned, if the butcher had the ability to not need reloading that would help.
  17. Jubikus

    Yeah but if you want to lay down suppressing fire just go with the chaingun and extended mags
  18. Jubikus

    The Shuriken tho i dont have it i was going to try and get it before i found out that all the Directive SMG come standard equipped with high velocity ammo instead of soft point that coupled with the rest of the stats being identical to their base counterparts they are strictly downgrades for most situations you will be using an SMG with.

    The only Directive weapons that are really worth getting for anything other than showing off are the battlegoos becuase of its unique mechanic and the sniper rifles because they actually have minor stat increases tho the sniper rifles even have a shorter min damage range which is a bit odd but doesnt actually change too much.
  19. SwornJupiter

    My TR char has the shuriken unlocked ( for the lols) - MKV was such a pain to aurax.
    After using it initially, I would still recommend the Farmistace - aimply because of the availability of attachments.
    With the shuriken, you are confined to head-on engagements because it has extended mags and SPA, whereas with the armistace you have the option of ALS, Supressor and whatnot that can allow for other playstyles.
    But it's shiny, so it has my approval!
  20. nehylen

    It's pretty good if you're not a grip zealot, as are all 3 directive carbines. The Butcher itself isn't even that bad a concept in the principle: the BG is good because it takes advantage of all the downtimes in combat for it to auto-reload, and you may just farm endlessly in the principle. It's considered OP.
    With 150 rounds, the Butcher isn't supposed to reload much, and SPA should make it spend a tiny bit less rounds (for those kills in the 10~15m range). So it shouldn't be that bad.
    It just got worse with the recent Malorn "buff" (which is a straight-up nerf to grip-less Carv recoil pattern in regard to horizontal tolerance interaction), otherwise the concept is sound, albeit inferior to the BG (because ADAD).

    Then again some people have trouble considering that you can actually fire guns even kill stuff and headshot them, without a fully-fledged grip attached to it, which is why the general opinion considers all directive weapons crap with very few exceptions.
    And they're probably wrong in many a case, though undeniably some concepts are...very questionable (HVA on SMGs ....; HVA with +0m/s on Gauss Prime; Revenant grip-less; NC/TR BRs are just 100% equal to default BRs with same attachments, shotgun with UBSG)