Why isnt there some sort of limit on how the factions are split up on the server

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  1. wetto

    It kind of makes the game a bit boring when your faction is over powered because of the sheer number of people who join
  2. Taleroth

    Because it would be impossible to do well. There are two populations for any given server, the total and the active. If you limit player creation, you can handle the total population, but do nothing about the active balance. If you limit players who can log onto a character, you can limit the active population, then you're basically telling people they're not allowed to play with their friends that day. It's dumb.
  3. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Freedom of choice. Imagine if you wanted to play X faction but because it's 'full' you could only play Y or Z? I think it'd limit how many new players would come join the game.
  4. TechPriestess

    Yeah, instead there needs to be better incentives in place for new players to -want- to join the underpopped faction.
  5. wetto

    why not just have it so you pick your character and instead of having fixed to a certain server why not have it automatically choose a server to balance out the population
  6. FateJH

    So, how would Outfits work?
  7. wetto

    and if you want to play with your friends...
    either have the option to join them or pair up with your team before you go and "fight"
  8. Taleroth

    And what if you have friends you want to play with?
  9. Liewec123

    i'm not sure if its still there (i've stopped paying too much attention to xp percntages) but the underpopped factions get more experience, perhaps all they'd need to do to balance the factions would be increase the underpop bonus XP to more noticable amounts?
  10. Ronin Oni

    that's not how outfits or this game works.

    I know it sucks, but thankfully, it's easy to avoid joining the overpop faction

  11. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, it's too insignificant to care.

    Get more XP bonus from squad boosts.
  12. Shanther

    Community is a huge part of PS2, this idea ruins that.
  13. Liewec123

    yeah, make getting steamrolled grant a lot more xp and people might not simply switch to the steamroll faction.
  14. TechPriestess

    It's not really that noticeable and unfortunately does little to solve the problem it seems.

    Instead, the underpopped factions spend all their time slugging it with each other than face the faceless horde of overpop generally. What would be nice would be rewards for underpop factions working together to make sure the dominant faction doesn't win.
  15. Ronin Oni

    Underpop XP should be much more significant but apply on a faction v faction basis.

    Lets say TR have 24%, NC 30%, adn VS 46%

    NC would get no XP bonus for fighting TR and a large one for fighting VS
    TR would get a nominal XP bonus for fighting NC and a HUGE one for fighting VS.

    That's how it should work IMO.

    Also, base cap XP should be scaled to the amount of fighting/XP was generated at the fight, and then split amongst the winning population at the fight...

    so if for example, hypothetically, 12 players held off 48 players for 45 minutes before finally resucurring and there was a lot of XP being earned throughout, they'd get a big fat defense secure XP.

    If 96+ spawn camp 24 players for 5 minutes, there's almost no XP generated in the fight and the minimal XP gets split 96 ways.

    THose are the 2 XP changes I'd implement to see how they affect player behavior for the better.
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  16. Stroheim

    I wish there were more Vanu players on Ceres. Peasantry, I guess....
  17. Takara

    Based on continent empire population there should be a bonus to EXP and Player HP. *shrugs* I'm cool with that.
  18. TheShrapnelKing

    They shouldn't manage population. What they SHOULD do is weight Alert victories by population. ie you need to punch above your weight to win. If a faction with 20% pop gets 30% territory, it should win the Alert.

    I've been saying this since Alerts were invented, but they never listen.
  19. Eternaloptimist

    How about locking continent pops rather than continents? Ability to choose any continent so long as your faction isn't overpopped on it. I know, probably a stupid idea for all sorts of practical reasons but I'm tired and thinking is hard.

    One point though..............I've been on continents where another faction has continent overpop but the local fights my faction has still outnumbered them. If you've got ten times more people in your army at a base when five times more would do then you look massively overpopped but it makes no difference to the outcome. It's not jsut about population but about population distribution.

    And from the other viewpoint..........I like being outnumbered occasionally. My biggest kill streaks are in battles where you cannot unleash a fart without hitting an enemy
  20. Dgross

    Giant overpop zergs that steamroll alerts and lock entire continents ruin the community even more.