Why isn't there rage at SOE's phasing out of combined arms?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jachim, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Jachim

    There is a thread demanding moats right now.

    I don't even...
  2. NietCheese

    I'm not raging, however I did go from playing 12 hrs a week to playing 1 hr a month.

    I just download the new patch and see if the game has changed for the better. It hasn't yet. The harassers were the final straw for me, but fracture maxes, strikers, AV turrets all worse me down.

    I have no doubt SOE have seen massive drop off in the game, and it's because they continually introduce poorly balanced items, they destroyed the combined arms gameplay and there is still no real meta game.
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  3. NietCheese

    That's a base design issue. It was not sufficient reason to nerf vehicles into the ground and introduce a number of poorly balanced infantry items.

    They should have fixed it with base design, but perhaps they thought it was easier to enter the nerf cycle and introduce new items (which increase cashflow). They turned PS 2 from a game that should have flourished for years into something in severe decline.
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  4. Jachim

    So, after 10 pages of threads, we can conclude the lack of rage is primarily due to most tankers having left the game to the COD/BF3 kids looking for their new fix.

    Sad days. :(
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  5. f0d

    i said this in another thread but it certainly applies to this thread/subject also.......

    esamir changes were a good thing all bases should have been like them from the beginning
    imo its pretty much been infantryside from the beginning apart from tanks swarming and spamming bases which i was also very much against - yes tanks spamming bases was a bad thing

    - all bases in the game should have been similar to esamir bases

    - vehicles should have been certable from the beginning (as in you cant use one unless you "unlock" it with certs) which would have stopped or at least slowed down the vehicle spam

    - MBT's should have been separate driver and separate gunners from the beginning (again to slow down the spam of them requiring them to need a gunner to be useful)

    - more distance in between bases outdoors making it almost impossible for infantry to run from base to base like they do now and require vehicle transport to get from base to base (making transport vehicles more useful)

    - 5 minute timer when getting out of vehicles should not have ever been in (it stops vehicle drivers from getting out of their vehicles at a base and going inside and fighting)

    - the resource price of them should not have changed like they did a few updates ago (so dedicated vehicle players can still play their playstyle without having to wait at the Vterm for enough resources when they lose a tank)

    - dumbfire rocket damage should be slightly lower

    - lock on infantry weapons shouldnt be able to shoot such long distances and be so powerful

    - squad deploy and squad spawn beacon timer should be increased

    i expect nobody to agree with me (especially infantry specialists) except maybe dedicated vehicle drivers from PS1, they know how much fun the vehicle gameplay was in that game
    requiring vehicles in between bases and not having to always concentrate on infantry outdoors (either running from them or shooting at them because of them being a higher threat than most other vehicles) was much more fun than the vehicle system we have now

    im not delusional - i know none of these things will ever happen in PS2, im just saying its how it should have been from the beginning and now vehicle specialist are suffering from SOE making wrong decisions from the start in regards to vehicle gameplay and making planetbattlefield instead of a sequel to planetside 1

    PS2 should still be in beta imo - and now that its been released they cant make the major changes that are needed because people will complain too much
  6. Owleyes

    This forum is hillarious. Infantry farming is bad? But it's ok to farm vehicles all day?

    What's really going on in PS2 nowadays is vehicle farming on a massive scale and the Infantry fanatics aren't happy with it.
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  7. W0rthy

    If you want to pick a strawman you can claim victory over so you can feel that you are somehow right eventhough you aren't, atleast pick one that's a bit less obvious and wrong.

    Daddy and buzzcut which has the highest overall kills (170 and 150k) have amassed the vast majority of them through vehicle farming. Just go see their stats..

    They are obviously good players i'm not knocking that, but i'm pointing out that that's the ONLY way you can get that many kills that fast.

    Even if you play like frigging rambo you'll be hard pushed to get close to 170k kills as infantry only with that playtime. Although max'es can get a pretty insane kpm in groups if there's teamwork. But with the other classes.. you'll be hard pushed unless you somehow manage to find a huge pile of newbs to farm every single time you log on, and always went to the best play to farm, and never played outfit teamplay whatsoever.

    Vehicles are more powerful than infantry and can rake up more kills faster and with more safety, that's the fact of the matter. And harassers certainly didn't change that.

    That's also why they have timers/require ressources. This game is far from infantry side.. its infantryfarming side as it's been from the beginning if you're in a vehicle. But now infantry have more of a fighting chance.

    Soe thought so too and so they erected huge frigging walls to prevent the farming.. improving the gameplay and making the battles more interesting.

    That you choose to sit and complain about bases on esamir being less farmable for vehicles than before. Well.. that's certainly your perogative but go easy on the violins.
  8. LT_Latency

    How the heck can you not find combined arms battles on Esiamer?? I mean I fight they all the time and there is always all the units fighting all the time.

    Yesterday I went 30+ kills in both the harasser and the prowler. I think people are being over dramatic
  9. rayvon

    Aye the only problem I have with the walls is that they cannot be mounted and therefor favour the attackers farming the entrances.
    There is nothing I hate more than poor tankers just sat still farming a doorway or gate.
  10. Salganos

    There is nothing I hate more, as a tanker, than sitting still and farming.

    I must hunt.

    Sadly, getting capture rewards required camping inside bases, which required self-defense, which required preemptive farming before infantry farmed me back with small (and extremely sudden) high-explosives that were 10x more effective against my tanks than specialized AT weapons, including giant tank cannons.

    ...This game is very bad at suspension of disbelief.
  11. rayvon

    If you believe that you have to sit still in tank farming doorways in order to play your role correctly then i feel sorry for you.
  12. Liewec123

    thats the worst part for me, i'm playing on a pretty decent (albeit afew years old) comp and can play most other recent games on high/max, but PS2 is so badly optimized that i'm sitting on bare minimum graphics and still getting aweful framerate,

    the reason esamir is my long standing favourite map was due to its simplicity, no spam trees and garbage clutter to suck my framerate away (like Indar which kills me), UNTIL NOW.
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  13. Niamar

    If the only vehicles were sunderers and galaxies, a perfect game this would be.
  14. Salganos

    What role? I just want to be rewarded at the end for taking part. If all that's left to do is guards the doors (and everywhere else too) to keep the insta-kill bricks away, then I have to do that until the god-damed timer is done. And if I leave before then, I'm technically just giving the base back.

    The problem is having nothing else to do, and being required to do it else lose the tank. You can't blame the players for terrible game design.
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  15. Ranik

    "Why do you keep farming infantry?"

    "Because every single ******* person has the ability to instantly kill me"

    Don't trust infantry zerglings to actually make that connection though...
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  16. lothbrook

    Yup, when i pull an AP vanny with an enforcer, i only come near the base when its about to cap, otherwise i might as well C4 myself, if they let infantry up on the walls they might as well just remove tanks from esamir. At least right now the infantry are stuck inside and unable to shoot out, so there are some nice tank battles going on.
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  17. SikVvVidiT

    Or maybe they went to play Mech warrior online or world of tanks, which is where they should be anyways. Since when you log in your Avatar is a freaking person not a got damn tank/plane with lipz.

    Cry some more Vehicle ******, keep them coming because when these battle islands hit, you really are not going to have much of a role at all.

    It's a good thing most of you guys didn't play Planetside 1. If you can't hack it as a driver in this game you damn sure would not have made it in PS1 where there where tons of more ways to take out vehicles.
  18. vilehydra

    Vehicles are hard to balance because the only way to make one ineffective is to kill it, rather then just stranding it or disarming it by hitting supply trains. Also the fact the flanking is now pretty much worthless (because of rear being 3 shots instead of 2) require that tanks be mediocre to balance it.

    Ways to properly balance vehicles
    -give them a fuel requirement, Ammo towers/pads and resupply sunderers (and possibly galaxies) can refuel/rearm, however they have a limited amount of supplies, so a rearm sundy can be exhausted after which it would have to return to a resupply depot.
    -remove some of the resupply depots/pads on the map to stress the importance of a supply line.
    -Drastically increase front and side armor and create a glancing hit mechanic where the hit vector has to be less then 60 degrees on the armor or it will either do reduced or no damage.
    -reduce rear armor back to two hits
    -create Driver/gunner tanks

    So now tanks are frontline worthy vehicles that still require support (both in terms of keeping supplied and protecting their rear).
    They can spearhead assaults much more effectively but they are restrained from overextending because if they do, they become sitting ducks. The decrease in resupply depots and increased need for resupply sunderers now means that we even have a rudimentary supply line system in place which can be raided or disrupted in order to stop a vehicle push.

    Supply lines would give this game 3 dimensions instead of the 2 that we have to deal with for balance.
  19. Ranik

    And you apparently know nothing. Because the PS1 Vehicles would absolutely **** on PS2 vehicles in terms of survivability.

    Boomers compared to C4 alone renders your entire point moot.

    And you apparently know nothing since to get those means of countering vehicles you had to invest some of your limited number of certs into some form of AV.

    Jesus. Did you actually have a point or where you just trying to bring PS1 into this without actually knowing what the **** you are talking about?
  20. TerryTenMen

    Don't judge others by your low standards! Plenty of people will be able to match their kills per minute as infantry, they just don't have the same ridiculous playtime. Just because you can't get anywhere near it due to poor/passive play doesn't mean others wont