Why is this game so prone to hacking?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by gunnner10, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. gunnner10

    Is it the mechanics of the game? or a consequence of client-side? I've been playing FPS games for 25 years, and this game takes the prize for questionable gun play
  2. JibbaJabba

    Consequence of client side I think.

    Extrapolation and prediction to handle network latency is somewhat processor intensive. With the scale of the game they can't do it all server side so much of it is done out on the client....on a machine DBG doesn't control.

    But... it's also a game with a high skill ceiling, a powerful headshot multiplier, and no match making. There are a lot of players that will cut you down about as fast as your network can tell you about it.
  3. AllRoundGoodGuy

    I think partly it's because this game has a real steep learning curve, and as such, a lot of situations *could* be explained my natural means, lag, good trigger discipline etc... This leads to an environment that let's "Under the radar" hackers get away with it for longer.

    Idk, just my 2 cents.
  4. DirArtillerySupport

    In PS1 for the first 3 years I never heard or saw anything resembling hacking. Then the reserves started and the game became a cesspool. People played for free and there was no accountability.
  5. DemonicTreerat

    Both actually.

    Having so much of the resolution done clientside combined with a truly appalling lack of security for said processes is basically handing the hackers & associated script-kiddies the keys to the game. Mechanics like a x2 damage on head shots, K/D tracking, and free to play provide plenty of incentive for cheaters to make the effort.

    Couple all that with industry-leading failure in preventing intrusion, zero serious enforcement, and a well-earned lack of trust in staff by the players due to numerous issues (ex. devs playing along certain "elite" outfits, cheaters taking weeks and months if ever to be - quitly - banned) and PS2 was pretty much doomed.
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  6. Crayv

    Free-to-hack game so there is no real consequence if you get banned... just make a new account.

    Then pair this with gameplay centered around headshots which attracts aimbotters like poo attracts flies.

    If it were me I the game wouldn't be completely free to play. You spend $5 for it (or on your Daybreak account at all) but it also gives you $5 of Dank Bucks. That way when someone gets banned they at least support the game a bit.
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  7. Towie

    Agreed - this is the issue with most F2P games, the lack of consequence should you get caught.

    Until the industry can come up with a very real consequence, whether losing money (after paying for it - but no longer F2P of course) or losing the ability to play it / other games (some form of 'reputation' loss) then we're faced with people who just don't care and go crazy OR people who are more subtle and get their kicks by just being so much better than anyone else (the git gud crowd).
  8. ObiVanuKenobi

    Gta 5 costs 30$ and it's full of cheaters or modders as they're called there and they can do anything you can imagine. Crash the entire session, instakill, freeze, trap in a cage every player and vehicle, create a black hole, change weather, spawn anything, invisibility, godmode... Only limit is creativity.
  9. vonRichtschuetz

    The amount of hackers seems to vastly depend on server or day/time. Because I see maybe one hacker per weekend, usually none. Maybe I'm joining the wrong fights?

    A lot of the complaints about cheaters probably come from aiming, hit detection and lag compensation being different to most other games.
  10. ObiVanuKenobi

    Pretty much this. I see a guy that i'm 100% sure is cheating only once every month at most. Usually every 2-3 months.
    There are many clientside quirks and bugs that a casual player could easily think is a cheat.
    And then there's a lack of any kind of matchmaking. People who've spent thousands of hours in this game perfecting their aim and movement are very likely to seem like cheaters to some br 10 with 5% accuracy and 0.3 k/d.
    There aren't as many hackers as forumside would make you think. At least not on Cobalt.
  11. then00b

    I see the very rare warp hacker from time to time, and/or possibly lag switches or some such.
    Not too sure how to check for aimbots specifically without a spectator mode or some such, a lot of weapons are stupidly accurate. I have suspicions about other types of cheats but I don't know if I run into them that often. And personally my pc is quite old so some of it might just be my low framerate making actions against me appear odd.
  12. OneShadowWarrior

    This is the kind of stuff that infuriates me with the game. Not knowing where the hits comes from and it’s so hard to determine if the person is cheating or not, so many more game bugs came with DX11.

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