Why is there no customization feaures for free players

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by wetto, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. HadesR

    Well they removed the Newbie bundle when they went with 100 certs per first 15 levels ..

    As you say the one year Camo doesn't help new players ...

    Directive Camo is in fact one ... As a Free player can never earn the black Camo ( for Infantry that is )
  2. Ronin Oni

    well, I'm sure something will come along sooner or later...

    forgot they removed that newbie bundle.... 100 certs per BR is better for new players anyways.

    In any case, it's all pointless... free players are NOT owed any cosmetics... the fact that there are ANY should be considered graceful.
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  3. Nurath

    Cuz if you care enough about how you look you probably don;t mind parting with a few buck?

    This isn't a grind game, nor is it Pay 2 Win, yet it's still free to play.

    That's a rare and awesome thing. But they still got to make money, so c'est la vie.
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  4. HadesR

    It can be ...

    And I'm not even talking weapon unlocks , but getting the certs to buy Character upgrades can be a grind ...
  5. ronjahn

    While I agree with your sentiment, I'm pretty sure he was talking about Player studio items being sold for cash when they were created by players. What he failed to realize is that those who participate in players studio creation are actually paid a portion of their sales.
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  6. Ronin Oni

    If he was talking about player studio items he's an even bigger idiot as those players actually DID do work, and did it to be compensated for it.

    They should NEVER give away player studio items unless the creator says it's ok or submits it for the purpose.
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  7. ronjahn

    I agree, but I think his problem was that DBG makes money on player studio creations. He's got little to no understanding of how business and finance works and doesn't understand that there are costs to creating the tools that allow the players studio to exist, cost to maintain the game, and ffs if PS2 didn't exist, these player studio participants wouldn't have this as a place to produce and sell their art. All of those reasons and more is why it is 100% acceptable for DBG to make money on player studio items. This guy needs to learn a bit about how the real world works before passing judgement on business practices. Okay back on topic now :)
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  8. Campagne

    The PST helmet is just an incentive for players to help test things instead of earning certs and playing with their friends. I've been playing only one character since beta, and I don't believe I have such a camo. Apparently that was removed. Black camo requires paid weapons, and white camo is a ridiculous grind.
  9. Campagne

    I was simply pointing out the irony of your statement.

    Being able to play for free is simply a consequence of the game's business model. Besides, PS2 still needs any kind of player to populate it, paying or not.

    Seriously, this much abuse is uncalled for! :eek: All just because I disagree, too.
  10. Ronin Oni

    PTS helmet takes a grand total of ONE hour at the right times when testing is most needed. If that's too much requirement for a FREE cosmetic then GTF.0

    You have some camos. Don't lie. It's all blue and swirly. I know you have it. EVERYONE does who's account is more than a few months old.

    You SHOULD also have the dark blue splotchy/dots on black camo I believe......

    Have you even looked at your camo's?
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  11. Ronin Oni

    All just because you're crying for more free handouts that don't have any gameplay effect.

    Planetside is one of the most open access F2P games on market and STILL people find something to whine about.

    Holy frak. You DESERVE this abuse for your inane entitlement.
  12. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, DBG makes money on it, BUT they're providing the entire market for those players to make money. They're providing the transaction services, the game it's used in, the game servers, EVERYTHING required for free.

    DBG's cut isn't even much more than Steams cut for all sales on their marketplace.
  13. WR3CK

    On the ps4 several weapons are pay walled like sv 88 , and vulcan. Think the devs have reasons? Personally I've spent plenty on subs and in games items from ps1 ,PS2 on pc and PS2 on ps4.
  14. Campagne

    Meh. This is news to me.

    The only camos I have can't be taken off of my characters.

    Not in recent memory, but sometime within the past few months.

    Did you read his initial quote? It was pretty ironic.
  15. Alan Kalane

    Whoa mate, my thoughts exactly!
    I've even made a thread about the things I think PS2 did wrong from the start and on my list the F2P model was the #1

    I know I'm gonnah take a lot of flak for this but I fully support this guy
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  16. RadarX Moderator

    Yes and no. As someone else mentioned we have to not only have bandwidth for upload but we need a robust provider that allows you guys to download quickly. That may be more on the data center portion but the point I was trying to express was it costs us money to acquire any customers, even free ones.
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  17. Stroheim

    It's a free game, they have to make money somehow. And to be honest, I couldn't care less about customising my character - I just care about shooting people and chewing bubblegum. lol
  18. RadarX Moderator

    Let me address the difference there really quick. When we released the PS4, we held back some of the weapons which we didn't believe would be game breaking. We had 2 years of content, and the thought was to dole this out over the first few months so something new was always hitting. Once those bundles came off (usually a month or less), the individual things went in the store for certs/Battle Cash.

    It was an experiment and if I'm honest, we weren't super happy with the results. This won't be how content is released going forward on PS4.
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  19. SamReye

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  20. Dgross

    Uh, being able to play for free IS the game's business model. It's not abuse, it's criticism. If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
    You make controversial and rude comments against the developer for not basically forking over everything in the game for free and then complain about abuse when people call you out on it?

    Grow a thicker skin.
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