Why is there no customization feaures for free players

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  1. Raysen

    Only for how certain aspects of the game are greatly unbalanced we do deserve a refound :p
  2. ColonelChingles

    Sure, you can get a 100% refund for Planetside 2.

    How much did you pay for the game? $0.00?

    Okay, here's your $0.00 back! Have a nice life!

  3. Raysen

    I spent time! Give me back my 2187528752 hours of gameplay! D:

    Or just a free camo :p

    EDIT: on a serious note, I don't understand why you paying players would be against such things. Are you so jealous of your customization? We are not talking about "Give every single registered player a free thing", but about a "reward players who spent time in the game with something". The directives are something, but honestly those require specific skills which not everyone can have. So why not simply give a bonus skin to certain BR ranks, simply to show as "look, I'm not a new player"?
  4. ColonelChingles

    Actually you owe SOE/DBG for those many hours of entertainment... and at $0.01 per hour that comes out to a little over $21 million dollars please.

    What... you thought that you deserved compensation for being the one entertained? You don't go to a movie theatre and have them pay you, do you? :D
  5. Raysen

    Let me rephrase what I mean.
    I'm not asking a free gift for playing their game. I'm asking a goddamn difference from BR1 and BR100 players. Seriously, all what you get is a 3 digit rank, nothing more -.- It's kinda disappointing, isn't it?
  6. ColonelChingles

    You get certs don't you?

    And with certs you get the ability to unlock all sorts of new weapons and new vehicles!

    There is a very significant difference between what a BR1 and a BR100 has access to... that's considerably more than a three-digit rank, no?
  7. Raysen

    You are trying to climb mirrors :p At first sight you have NO way to tell the rank of an opponent. Maybe you can recognize a different weapon, but who knows if it's BR18 or BR81? Become better at the game and upgrade your tools isn't a reward.
    So, if a player can show of as "I bought a skin" why can't others show off as "I reached max rank"?
  8. ColonelChingles

    You're pretty much asking for two things here.

    Players already get character progression through certs. You get all sorts of things.

    On top of that, you are also asking for cosmetic upgrades.

    And that's the entitlement that I'm talking about. You already get certs, but now you want cosmetics as well. You should be grateful that you get certs in the first place!

    If you don't think new weapons and vehicles is a reward... what would you think if DBG made you pay for them? ;)
  9. Raysen

    They do already considering you can buy all sorts of weapons anytime you feel like... You see the game with the eyes of the "paying" player, while I see it as the "free" player. There definitely differences in that.

    And yes. I do believe the customization being cut out from free players is a mistake. Want another example of why I say that?

    They take player's work and sell it still for money. Why should they get paid for something they did not make? :p
  10. RadarX Moderator

    I play a number of free to play games, admittedly to best understand what business models are working. There are few if any games that provide more accessible content than PlanetSide 2. Put aside BR for a minute. What weapons can't you unlock for certs? What vehicles can't you use right out of the gate? What classes do you have to pay for?

    If you'd like me to take this a bit further, how much did you pay us for the bandwidth we subsidized from your download? How much did you pay for the server stability, the platform work that helps our account system, or even my time responding?

    We don't discriminate against free players and we need plenty of them, but we also believe we provide a lot for no more investment than your time.
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  11. ColonelChingles

    But they don't limit you to buying weapons with cash. They also have the option to give it out for free. If they hypothetically did make weapons only buyable with cash and then when you became BR100 said, "hey, congratulations, have a free Commissioner", that would be seen as a reward. The same things they give out now for free, actually.

    That's why weapons purchased with certs are rewards. You just don't see them that way because currently they are free, but the same item could just as easily be restricted.

    The point is that non-paying players get plenty of things for free. Weapons and vehicles are just the tip of that. They have opportunities to earn cosmetic items through Directives and special events. They also are given free gender/ethnicity cosmetics when they start the game. All those things are free things for which a player pays nothing at all.

    It does seem to me that there are differences between the eyes of a paying and non-paying player... one set is clouded with greed that prevents them from seeing all the free things they already get. ;)

    DBG Devs still have to put a lot of work into Player Studio submissions to make them ready for the game. They also have to host that work, which requires money for maintenance, storage, and marketing. It makes sense that they get paid for creating a marketplace where someone can try and sell their goods.

    After all, stores in malls pay rent, don't they? The DBG system is much better than that, where they only take a cut if you sell something!
  12. HadesR

    It might be a stupid question ..

    But isn't that download bandwidth paid for by my monthly Internet Bill ?
  13. Dgross

    It doesn't pay for their upload.

    To everyone:
    just ignore Raysen. He's an extremely ignorant and uneducated...probably young...person that doesn't realize how the real world works.
    Trying to explain economics to him is banging your head on a brick wall. Save your sanity.
    He'll learn eventually, but it won't be from this forum.
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  14. Pelojian

    Regarding free decals we have rank decals for infantry armor, why not port them over as vehicle decals, with the WDS ones as well?


    The player studio Kill Marks (NC) vehicle decal disappeared from the depot a while ago while the TR and VS ones remain can we get it relisted in the depot?
  15. Ronin Oni

    the entire game but for cosmetics is free

    AND there IS a free helmet (PTS participant) multiple free camos (4, 1 for being in the game a long time, another with that newbie package, 2 directive camos) AND directive armor for every class and vehicle.

    So, in fact, there ARE free cosmetics.

    In any case, cosmetics is the ONLY thing that SHOULD be exclusive to paid.

    Buying weapons and boosts is pointless overtime. But if you wanna be peemp ya gotta pay
  16. Ronin Oni

    You get BR titles that go before your name.

    Congrats, there is a distinction method to show you "aren't new"

    That and of course the afformentioned Directives, but I suppose if you're terrible at the game you'd never see them

    Long story short, they don't owe YOU a goddamn thing for YOU being entertained.

    God damn entitled millenials.
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  17. Ronin Oni

    If you consider PLAYING A GOD DAMN GAME WORK


    Holy sheet.

    It's NOT work. YOU don't know WTF work is.

    Go get a damn job and come back and tell me that playing PS2 is work.
  18. Kociboss

    Directive camos, directive weapons, directive armors, PTS participation helmet (Analyst), starter camo, the "no helmet" helmet (5000 certs), battle rank decals, outfit decal on vehicles (for certs).
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  19. HadesR

    Pretty sure it's only the two Directive camo's now ..
  20. Ronin Oni

    There's a newbie camo (cells or something?) and another camo people who had had an account for a year + received (granted, not for NEW free players, but free players got it)

    and 2 directive camos

    That's where I got 4