Why is the VS the Try Hard faction?

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  1. Dgross

    Default LMG with tightest CoF.
    Tank that climbs up anything and fires in a stable state over bumpy terrain.
    ESRL that can snipe out to 500m+.
    MAX AV that can snipe out to 500m+.
    ESF with smallest hitbox cross section possible.

    What's not to love...

    Imo the one thing Vanu is missing is personality. They have everything else.
  2. Isokon

  3. AntiFox08

    On Emerald one day, there was a guy on VS that was using VOIP and trying to phone in a deep voice while acting like he's some big shot video gamer. TR was zerging since it was a time of the day where not a lot of VS were on or they were on another continent. Some people didn't want to go out and blatantly die before getting even one kill, so he was raging about some people not leaving the spawn room. He started c4ing groups of people and said this was why he quit playing PS2, then he debated joining TR. He was typing in /y and a few people on TR told him to **** off lol.
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  4. WTSherman

    Even getting a pop-locked continent with support from three outfits and zero blueberries isn't easymode enough for you? :rolleyes:

    Sounds to me like you're too chicken to play NC because you're afraid you'll do bad.
  5. ATRA_Wampa-One

    You keep bringing up 3 outfits, but 2 of them are only interested in stat padding and 1 logged off en mass when they saw it was an Indar alert.

    Also, we have done NC nights and we've been quite successful with them, hell we even paired up with BAX one night and then they came over to VS for a night (none of them wanted to switch factions for the Orion though). We usually don't do them however because (a) NC is usually the faction with the most population on our alt nights and (b) when we do every single one of our PL's wants to literally slit their wrists when dealing with NC's command chat. That's literally it though. Reavers, 200 damage weapons, the Cyclone, the Anchor, the GD-22s, EM6, (I'd literally kill for either one of those last two on VS) decent assault rifles... Raves ffs? Seriously, what's not to love about the NC's equipment since it's utterly amazing to play with? So yeah, the problem isn't NC's equipment, it's NC's attitude and completely toxic command chat.
  6. AntiFox08

    NC's equipment is fine, the person behind the equipment sucks. I've shot down 2 ESFs in the past few days with a suppressed assault rifle, and that's not stealing the kill while on fire either. That's shooting it and hitting it 2-3x from almost full and the idiot crashing into something. Only one time have I ever shot down a Reaver start to finish with small arms, and that was with a suppressed Sirius when the pilot actually hovered and couldn't kill me standing next to my anti-infantry turret. I also see a lot of NC Galaxies flip upside down and smack the ground. Sometimes they're loaded with passengers and the armor goes from near 100%-0 and nobody bails, then whoever gets the last hit gets likea 5-6+ killfeed.

    There was also one strange occurrence where a Harasser sideswiped my Lightning and it pulled me along with it, so I destroyed it with the Skyguard.
  7. Kociboss


    Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
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  8. KoS-1

    All TR needs is NUC back. Then watch the VS salty tears flow! Even GOKU couldn't handle it.
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  9. Scr1nRusher

    Don't forget TE.
  10. KoS-1

    The two are no where related to each other. Two different entities entirely.

    I assume have no clue who NUC were with that comment?
  11. Scr1nRusher

    I know who NUC was quite well.
  12. SavageBacon

    Whether or not you want to throw TE into the mix, the overall sentiment sounds like the following:

    Coordinated TR outfits would beat the VS, or at least give them a run for their money, despite the VS's widely claimed EZ-mode weaponry.

    Question... Aside from wording, how is this different from the "coordination >> faction flavor" mantra that various VS players have been saying for awhile?
  13. MrJoske

    First time auraxing msw-r:

    Orion done around the same time (third one I did, yes stats on it are pretty bad):

    Clearly MSW-R OP :|
  14. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Clearly those two are mixed up or it would mean 0.75 ADS isn't actually that big of an advantage as some people would claim.
  15. KoS-1

    I"m talking quality vs quantity. Not talking about winning alerts, it's winning those small engagements. Alerts or even faction wide fights are not what I was referencing.

    I think what most people seem to focus on are population wide balance issues. Especially those old Mattherson players who had to put up with an over pop VS.

    Population balance issues, outfits like TE would help address, but not fix the issue of quality. Anyone can win, if they have the numbers to throw at a objective.

    TE had numbers to swing faction wide fights. NUC never had numbers swing faction fights. Their impact was a small, ball of kick-***. Need a point held, to win a close faction fight. Call NUC, not TE.

    No one approaches the level of NUC play on the TR side. In the current on Emerald make up. Or for that matter, across all factions.

    IIRR, NUC were scrim gods. To where other outfits, even from other servers, got tired having their **** handed to them.

    Yes, coordination>>>>than. But what level we are talking about? Faction wide or outfit? The size of the outfit? VS, faction wide have the best coordination. Medium to large side outfits, VS have good intra-coordination in them. I don't see a NUC version on VS side or even NC.

    Anyway, it would have been fun to watch the GOKU mob beat their head on the NUC nail.

    Myself, don't care anymore about population balance or even wining alerts. TR needs to start punching above it's weight. Winning those fights that are thought unwinnable.

    Personally, I do think VS weaponry are easier of the 3. With NC a close 2nd. And TR, not far behind in 3rd place.
  16. AntiFox08

    There is no competition with client-side hit detection unless you play in a LAN setting where latency doesn't assist or **** players.
  17. SamReye

    I just joined VS because I preferred their apparent ideals; I didn't really have a mindset about the game beforehand.
  18. ATRA_Wampa-One

    WTSherman, tonight's Amerish alert is what happens when GOKU plays NC.

    We're the ones that capped and held Xelas and then kept back capping the VS at Granite Valley.
  19. belthazor3457

    As someone who mained TR Connery since the PS2 beta and first couple of years and has since leveled a VS Emerald alt past the BR of the original in the past 8ish months, I would like to offer my 2 certs, for those that would like to hear it.

    In the early days of the PS2 release, Vanu was advertised to me as the high tech high-risk-high-reward faction where skill and the allowance of striving for excellence would be more encouraged (I still remember Tray pre-beta talking about the life-sucking vs grenade that would be weaker than a normal frag if it hit only one target but stronger if it was placed properly... you know, that life-sucking grenade that never made it to launch). It's possible that this faction portrayal and advertisement attracted like-minded players, however, after experiencing in the beta that latency issues and warping were horrid (as later proven in the early 2013 ultimate empire showdown disaster) I went TR, because TR had 40 round magazines, and in the very early days, having that extra dakka let you deal with people that were ADAD warping across the screen. Good ol' Terran Firepower sprayed enough consistent firepower to put these people in their place, because accuracy was, literally, how many bullets you could fire and get hit registers for.

    However, while PS2 is by no means bug-free, it is substantially improved since those days. As the days of TR weapons offering an exclusive benefit against warping came to a close, I began to notice a number of issues. Entire NC or VS armor groups of 64+ people would start advancing through bases and no one seemed to take notice. After losing tawritch(sp?), the northern gate base, and then broken arch being capped, I went over to the crossroads and had to message some random guy and ask him to join a squad with me so I could alert my faction in command chat.

    No response arrived in time. We lost Broken Arch and then Crossroads Watchtower was capped with barely any defense effort made.

    Connery had also begun experiencing population issues. I have a very messy schedule and cannot log in at consistent times or during "prime time" reliably, and there were times where I simply had nothing to do if I wanted to play my main character in PS2. As I could not transfer my character, I decided to play an alt.

    I had heard nice things about VS Emerald. Things like outfits are coordinated, people are nicer, the burden won't be placed squarely on my shoulders to, as a random un-outfitted guy, attempt to marshall a defense for critical facilities. I wouldn't have to dump all the certs I had saved up to try out engineer into leadership crap just so SOMEONE will do something in command chat.

    Little secret about leadership and responsibility...

    IT F*****G BLOWS.

    I wanted to play with people that would take some of the weight off my shoulders as the fatigue from that had made me take a several month long break from playing planetside and made me question actually playing at all. But I decided to give PS2 another chance - I thought I might get to play with people more akin to my ilk with VS Emerald, having remembered the ol' claims of a more mature playerbase.

    Seems to be that's just what I got. If I don't deploy the sunderer, someone else will eventually - rather than losing our entire front while yell chat is filled with "SOMEONE PULL A SUNDERER!" (a yell I have thus far not seen once on my new VS main).

    I like not having to randomly grab people to form squads just so I can have the privilege of alerting my faction to the fact we just lost three bases and are about to lose a crucial facility.

    I like overhearing platoon chats that are generally filled with "Hmmm, should we kill the elmos or kill the smurfs..." (in reference to how to win an alert) rather than the normal audio I got on TR - some squeaker shouting about sunderers or everyone needing to rush the point when they say so.

    Maybe I'm just lazy.

    But, like a waifu who does all the cleaning out of some masochistic joy in it, VS allows me to indulge my laziness with no obvious consequences.

    With TR Connery, time to log in, be neat and tidy, clean the floor.

    With VS Emerald...
    Let's pop a cold one!
  20. BaronX13

    Dammit, then you had to go and act like an a**hole.