Why is the VS the Try Hard faction?

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  1. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Only TE wasn't actually that good. Giggly when he was with us actually trolled Buzz into purging his outfit trying to keep up with our stats which they still couldn't do.

    Also, go to Dasanfall and look up the best outfit with over 200 members. We dominate every single advanced stat across every single server except two. Vehicles kills per hour and average head shot rate. I'll gladly say we're not as good as the DA/AC's of the game, but no one else can bring 3-4 squads that are as effective as we are.

    So yeah, when I say GINYU FORCE RULES... stats don't lie that we do.

    Also... LOL "I've played with you guys" = you've never been in our mumble server to see just how we operate. (hint: we speak only in anime)
  2. WTSherman

    The thing about claims like that is that absolutely everyone claims to just be skilled when they're imbalanced. Remember, it wasn't too long ago that TR claimed to just be a natural skill magnet.

    However, if we were to take that claim at face value and just go "well all skilled players are VS and anyone who is skilled or wants to play with skilled players should join VS", that would mean you're advocating team-stacking.

    In which case I would argue that if you truly, genuinely believe that your outfit's influence is so massive as to single handedly disrupt the game's balance, then you have a moral obligation to play all three factions in order to avoid killing the game. After all, we all know what happens to a server when it becomes commonly accepted that the teams are stacked and PS2 doesn't have very many servers to spare.

    If you don't, well then apparently you must not believe what you're saying too strongly and the only thing the devs can really do is continue to adjust how equipment is balanced until all three factions are competitive. After all, even if what you say is true, currently equipment balance is the only lever the devs have to influence who joins each faction. ;)
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  3. ATRA_Wampa-One

    We do, and it usually ends up with the TR winning (NC is beyond help though even if they do have the best infantry weapons)
  4. WTSherman

    That's just a cop-out. You can't claim to be good until you can consistently win as NC. ;)
  5. ATRA_Wampa-One

    The issue isn't that NC can't win... well actually that is the issue.

    No really, until NC as a faction stops thinking that making the VS come in second is actually winning an alert like the TR has done (look how much they've improved on prime time alerts since they stopped that) the NC is a lost cause. That and clean up your command chat since it's all a bunch of 12 year olds throwing a tantrum over who has the least bad idea and maybe we'll consider doing more NC nights.
  6. WTSherman

    All I'm hearing is "we're afraid to take on a real challenge". You say you can single-handedly carry a faction? Do it. The NC are right over there.
  7. Itorien

    It's partially because of slightly better equipment which makes the tryhards gravitate there, and partially because the faction ideology itself attracts genuine spergs such as myself, and spergs tend to want the optimal end result rather than play for the sake of social interaction/fun.
  8. Tommyp2006

    Only LMG for me that's higher than my Orion KPM (.86) is the Butcher (.96, tied with my SVA88) and my NS15m, at .88. Next highest LMG for me is the CarvS, at .66. I can't even fairly compare my Carv or MSWR though, as those were my first and third auraxiums.
  9. ATRA_Wampa-One

    The faction has to actually want to try. NC doesn't, that's the problem. In baseball terms, we can't load the bases loaded for you, but we can crush more than just a high fastball into the stands when the rest of the team gets on base instead of striking out.

    Or in basketball terms, how many finals did Kobe win with Smush Parker? Stop being Smush Parker and start being at least Pau.
  10. WTSherman

    Considering NC does win on their own sometimes I'd say you're underestimating their players. But alright, clearly you can't carry a team the way you claim.

    Let's lower the bar: you don't have to do it alone. You can team up with TIW, TENC, and BAX. Between the four of you, you should be able to pop-lock a continent. So then you won't even have to worry about anyone else interfering. You'll notice everyone I put in there is above GOKU on the PSU leaderboard, so it shouldn't be too hard right?

    I would have included QRY but apparently only eight of them have logged on in the last month, so I'm going to have to assume they're dead or dying. If you can't pull enough people to pop-lock a continent, I would suggest trying to pull people from TAS, HYUN, VCO, and PHX, because those three have a lot of active people (I checked to make sure they've been at least 50% active within the last 30 days) but judging from their leaderboard position they could use some help utilizing them better.

    So is that easy enough for you, or do you want some biscuits to go with that chicken?
  11. Tycoh

    The massive amount of time VS players are able to burn away playing this game is directly proportionate to the amount of time they've been unemployed. The more time playing this game = more practice = far more effective player.

    Well that's my experience when the majority of my friends who main VS were vastly unemployed compared other friends that played different factions. But that was long time ago.
  12. Noooooch

    #orionmasterrace #betelgeuseftw
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  13. Sebastien

    Here's a gem
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  14. Chewy102

    It breaks my heart to see DVS being left out of these things. We was one of THE zerg fits back at launch, kicked *** in most SOE events we went to, take part in what server smashes we can, and still kick *** today if you ask me.

    But seeing how DVS can't make a squad anymore, it is easy to see how we get left behind. Not easy to keep players when the faction you pick is the worst within the game by far no mater what you do or how hard you try to fight it. Iv been trying to get NS weapons for MAXes for years now (the last and in my opinion the biggest reason NC is lacking so much) and DVS, or one its members at least, has been a key part in a few of Waterson/Emerald NC alliances over those years.

    NC's problem isn't that they don't try. The NC I know ******* LIVES to BE NC. It's just DAMNED hard to do anything when you have so much stacked against you and that grinds you down to nothing sooner rather than later.
  15. Shanther

    Was this before or after SgtBlackBird aka SgtAngryBird almost destroyed DVS's reputation?
  16. WTSherman

    Yeah, the main reason you were left out was because your outfit has withered to a 22% monthly participation rate. That was painful to see. Sturmgrenadier is down to just 58 people too. If you could light a fire under your members and get them to log in it'd be great to see you guys running around again. Tactical Gamer can still manage to keep more than a hundred people active on a weekly/monthly basis, but they're still a shadow of their former selves. Seeing QRY down to just 8 members was heartbreaking. I'm going to miss having air support from them.

    This attrition is really hurting us bad, a lot of our old big outfits are disintegrating. Maybe the survivors should discuss outfit mergers, at least then we could try to patch together at least one outfit that can still throw some weight around.
  17. Thardus

    I do honestly think that the Vanu being the "Intellectual" faction has something to do with it. I know whenever I have to choose a faction in something, I always check the lore to find the most progressive faction, and I'm sure that many people do the same. I think players with a predilection towards progressive factions would be more open to team work and the idea of making concessions for the Greater Good (That's a 40k reference). Ergo, the VS's reputation for scary levels of teamwork and organization.
    I wish there was a way to see stats on how often players from each faction will re-deploy and be out of the hex before the base capture actually goes through, missing out on the sweet, sweet capture EXP in favour of faster strategic mobility.
  18. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Tonight's Indar alert just proved my point though. The only victory NC is interested in is "at least VS didn't win". It's why your faction folded like a lawn chair and will continue to do so.

    P.S. Tarwich should have never been capped but it was one of the easiest tech plant captures I've ever done.
  19. Peasnriz

    Command chat usually goes about as well as the alert is going, if you win everything is fine if you lose well the knives start coming out and it then creates longer term problems in command chat. It is something that is mirrored in sports where minor transgressions off the pitch are blown out of all proportion when the team loses.

    I think one of the telling stats is that on every PC server bar Briggs VS has won the most alerts, TR is in second place and NC is third it is a true reflection of the VS easy mode, TR medium and NC hard. Of course it could be entirely random and but the fact that on 4 out of 5 servers VS is winning the most alerts and 4 out of 5 the TR are ahead of the NC these facts would tend to point to an issue in terms of balance. Even if you were to subscribe to the belief that the VS has the best players it still leaves you with the question why do they have the best players? why do TR have better players than NC? Across 4 out of 5 servers as in both cases.

    It is a human trait to justify a victory in terms of skill but a loss is attributed to outside factors.
  20. Obscura

    So anyone remember when waterson VS had 26-28% world pop constantly? I mean we never broke 30% on our best day. And we were the WORST out of all 3 balance wise for a long time? and how VS still fought TE, NUC, 666, captured continents, and organized some of the the first server events in planetside? And then WON those events? All without crying about how unfair it was for us? Remember that? Pepperidge farm remembers.

    Well, you can go ahead and call us VS tryhards lol, no offense taken. But personally, I'm going to start refering to you guys as the cry-hard factions, so keep up the tears and stay salty.