Why is the class tool limited by ammo for infiltrators but not for engineers or medics?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mrasap, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Mrasap

  2. makrome

    the cloak needs ammo now ?
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  3. DeathTollDavid

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  4. daniel696

    Infiltrator has cloak, can use smg's, can hack, can spot a hole army, and you want MORE ?
  5. LT_Latency

    Then infiltrators would counter themselves hard core.

    1 guy could cover a whole base in darts and your stealth would not be nearly as good. Giving them more of these is more of a nerf then a buff
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  6. Goretzu

    Do you mean the Recon Detect Device?

    If it was to mirror the repair tool, you'd only be able to use one and it would last 10 seconds with a 5 second CD.

    I don't think that would be better. :confused:
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  7. Yalk

    I wish I had a tool :(
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  8. DeathTollDavid

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  9. DeathTollDavid

    Oh you mean the radar gun ok then I apologize for my sarcasm.

    Yes as pointed out above it would be too much radar spam. While many infiltrators together can do this giving the ability to one is just too much.
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  10. Sincore

    Imagine hundreds of sensor darts covering a base. The noise would drive people crazy!
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  11. Slattjaw

    resupply is what I believe he is referring to. Make the recon darts like ammo packs in that when you place a second it removes the first and has unlimited supply. At least that's what I cam gathering.
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  12. Mrasap

    Limit the amount of darts that may be active.

    p.s. LT_Latency: one guy is already able to cover a whole base.
  13. VakarisJ

    So what? Just allow the infiltrator to set up a permanent fail-proof defense system?

    I think that recon darts are already unfair to begin with, especially since scout radar was now nerfed. If it had limitless ammo too, then I'd probably ragequit the game in an instant... or reroll to infiltrator.

    The difference between this and CoD's UAV is that you could hide from the UAV. Recon darts detect you as soon as you move and you can't just sit in place and do nothing until it expires, even then, the infiltrator will just go to your last known position.
  14. LowTechKiller

    Ahahahahahahahah...! Perfect.
  15. uhlan

    Infiltrators hacking "tool" is unlimited and is far more useful IMHO than the recon orbs.
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  16. Mrasap

    You mean, just like a medic and engineer can keep their team up indefinitely?
  17. VakarisJ

    While the medic can heal/revive the team and the engineer can rearm everyone, there are ways to counter that. You can simply not allow a res, or kill the ressed, you can guard the body for 60s until it disappears and you can steal ammo from the enemy engy's box. You can't prevent, hack or hide from recon darts. Infiltrators can stick them anywhere, even in mid air if they fire them at a team mate or an enemy.
  18. MilitiaMan

    I know right!

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  19. Mrasap

    Yes you can, if you stand still you can hide from recon darts. Moreover, the recon dart only updates on a tick so if you keep running they only have an indication of your position.

    There, my methods to counter the infiltrator tool are just as useful as your methods to counter the medic and engineer tool.
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  20. Slattjaw

    I am not agreeing or disagreeing with OP, I was just pointing out what I believe they was asking for.

    Brings up a good point. Allow the device to be destroyed (EMP blast, shooting it, blowing it up with rocket/nade, etc) Keep the timer on them but allow for unlimited supply with only 1 dart deployable at any given time.

    My view (thinking sniper here) is that the nerf to scout radar needs to be offset with a buff for recon darts. Before you could take a flash with radar and set up sniper camp with a chance of detecting enemies approaching. Now you have a finite number of darts to rely on to watch your back. Now again buffing the recon dart for sniping would possibly make it OP for non-sniper functions. The fine act of balancing in game mechanics.