Why is Planetside causing bluescreens?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Dune Manta, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Dune Manta

    A couple of days after I started playing, the game crashed and my computer blue screened after I accidentally shot a team that surprised me. I thought maybe I overloaded the machine and turned my graphics down. But blue screens after a team kill or damage seems now have become a recurring thing. I have counted 4 more blue screen crashes since, each occurring immediately after accidentally dealing large amounts of damage and/or killing a team mate. The latest being in the middle of an intense fight, I backed up my tank and ran over a team, killing him. The game immediately crash and my machine blue screened. Large scale battles and intense fighting has not caused the crash before, as I have been in the middle of several with crashing. It only occurs after excessive team damage or killing.

    What it going on? Do I have a bad file?
  2. Ripshaft

    The only things that should be causing bluescreens are hardware faults, ensure all your key drivers are up to date. (cpu, motherboard, video card, sound card if you have one)
  3. Cedj

    Next time it happens catch the error code, generally it helps somewhat narrow it down.
  4. Dune Manta

    So the game crashing after team kills in the just most amazing quintuple coincidence ever? As much as I would like to believe it is, I suspect there could be something about the coding that's tripping a fault and causing the blue screen. I have never had a blue screen on this computer or this game until the team damage started racking up. I can play for hours on end without crashing. But god forbid I run over a team mate after 5 minutes of game and it's game over.

    I can't exactly catch an error code when the entire computer goes down before I can even react to the game freeze. It crashes within moments of a total freeze.
  5. failbot

    I think he meant the blue screen error code.
  6. Ripshaft

    The connection is irrelevant, you need to get to the cause, and the cause should be a hardware fault, as like i said, that's pretty much the only thing that CAN cause a blue screen on a modern windows system. What events lead to that is fairly irrelevant unless your drivers are all in fact up to date. This sounds like a serious problem, if it was me, I'd take the 5-20min to update my drivers to avoid many days of frustration.
  7. Ecko

    You should write down what the BSOD message was. This helps narrow down the cause,
  8. Hydragarium

    He is entirely correct - An application cannot cause a BSOD. This is now how BSOD's work. These are caused by a critical error in a driver or the communication with one such. At most Planetside can make a driver throw a fit which then causes the BSOD.

    So anyway - to have ANY chance of help here...

    1. Provide the BSOD message.
    2. Bonus points - get a BSOD reader and find out what file caused the BSOD.
  9. Dune Manta

    I will attempt to capture the information on the blue screen in some way this next time. I'll post it here when I do.
  10. Rockit

  11. Krizzen

    There are a few common causes, usually hardware related:

    * Memory Failure -- check your memory with memtest86+, any errors means you have a bad module
    * HDD Failure -- run chkdsk
    * Motherboard Capacitors are leaking -- if you have a 5+ year old motherboard, you may have a board that has defective capacitors (there was a big capacitor scandal ran by some big name cartels; crazy stuff, but a TON of boards were affected); open your case and look at the capacitors for any that are leaking brown stuff or are bulbed up rather than flat on the top.
    * Overheating -- find and download coretemp, make sure your max temp never exceeds 90 degrees celsius
    * Driver issues -- Have you installed any new drivers recently? That could be the cause.
    * Software issues -- Any new software that runs in the background? Try uninstalling it

    Of course, there are lots of other causes. Your best bet is to write down the BSOD codes (the 0x000001 hex codes) and Google for them.
  12. Believer

    No bluecreens on my current setup, but a previous box would do it, if I didnt blow it out with compressed air every few months, seems the dust buildup was causing static electricity mini short-circuits.