Why is Planetside 2 losing so many players?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by jdono67894, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. TrainerS2

    If they dont fix FPS drop i will leve soon !!

    And Bigest problem is crap desin of spawn rooms that just say : ''pleese camp me''
    Change model of spawn rooms first, make underground tunnels and many more !!!!!!
  2. RonnieBoy

    I don't see a 63% reduction of players numbers here http://sirisian.com/planetside2/population.php?world=all&timezone=0

    A few days after your first date shows between 16k-23k concurrent players, onto May there was like 15k-21k, and now we're seeing 19k-26k numbers, if anything it seems the numbers are creeping back up. I'm hoping for an EVE like situation, where it started it out high, then lost most of the people who weren't interested in the game in the first few months, and slowly builds back up over time (at least that's how I've been told EVE population shrank/grew over it's life-time).
  3. PyroPaul

    that is drawing from the SoE API raw data and isn't really reliable.
    that data is effectively tallying the number of clients that have 'shook hands' with the SoE server between intervals sets rather then monitoring how many players are active in the game world at any given second.

    If i log on for a few minutes before getting discouraged and logging off, I will be counted as being on for that interval... If there is an alert and i decide to hop factions to get the alert xp, i will be counted twice in that chart for that set interval.

    there for, that chart is hardly something to reliably use to identify the current 'player population' of the game.
  4. Phrygen

    stop necroing this thread.
  5. holycaveman

    planetside is not losing players.

    Sorry for the bad news.......
  6. RonnieBoy

    Yes, I've pointed out that flaw in the data as well, but admittedly I hadn't considered the alert hopping aspect which could inflate the numbers (a single person could count as 3 users in a given time period, as they log on, log on their alt, and then log on their main again). But this coupled with the steam graphs are the best numbers we have access to at the moment, and the graphs taken together show fairly stable numbers now. These numbers we can pull from Steam and the API are the next best thing until if/when SOE provide definitive numbers of unique account log-ons during a period of time, which I doubt they'll release unless PS2 gets an insane population spike or hits some player milestone that SOE wants to trumpet.
  7. Cab00se187

    Blizzard has been doing this for years. 13 millions players. Don't hear anyone whining about that now do we? Take your conspiracy steam said so theories and stick em.
  8. NietCheese

    If Planetside really does want to survive, they need new content (Hossin), a real metagame, better performance and less bugs before Battlefield 4 comes out, that's for certain.
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  9. searcher8

    That's probably why Hossin and continent locking are slated to be added by the end of September.
  10. Morrow

    Because this isn't planetside 1 with a new engine perhaps! No progression just 24/7 TDM! I bet a lot of it is boredom or players raging quitting due to game imbalances lol

    And yea a fresh cont anytime soon would be great! Been far too long with only 3 conts.
  11. Lust The Lascivious

    Hi, I found this thread and decide to say
    My IGN is Elesa but i don't remember the server i am on ~~ I used to play on Soltech and I made friends there but it's doesn't exist now.
    I stopped playing months ago but still might play sometimes. But i stopped for many reasons.

    I think this game had potential to be really good and have many players and only grow in players. But it's boring in the long run, there isn't enough reward for capturing the map (there should be unlock rewards and more), you die very fast so trying to survive has no value or purpose. It is really generic FPS where you respawn and try to kill everyone and when you die you lose nothing, and with so many players at the same time and such a huge map it should not be that way. I think the fact that medic can heal so fast is good. But at the same time it seems more good for medic because the player will respawn in seconds only meters away and with full ammo.

    Vehicles were very cheap to buy and overpowered and playing without them was just stupid. They should have made them MUCH harder to obtain and harder to destroy too.

    Without paying real money this game isn't so fun too. People who pay money get better gear, skins etc.
    I also think this game is not immersive enough at all. With such a huge scale it should put more attention into developing character like in MMO games, and not so simplified way of earning points to buy things (you can never buy anything at all anyway because it's so slow). I know it's always about money but it's not fun for the players when you do it this way.

    I had many fun moments in this game and big battles and i think this is really wasted potential. They made a very good game but few bad decisions
    Maybe they can change the game and make it better. They should add much more content and options, make game more RPG and less shooter, make it more friendly to new players, give ability to unlock content with earned points too (but not make you play 30 hours to unlock a handgun), give much better rewards for doing objectives and reward the ones who put effort into doing objectives
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  12. Mindfire

    Lack of Game Politics
    Lack of FUN metagames (ant runs)
    No Goals to the game at all (I just took over a base again, whoopie, why can't I use it for crafting special ammo etc)
    Remove Darklight
  13. MajorZbug

    Oh this thread again :rolleyes:
  14. lilleAllan

    Terrible performance
    Near identical weapon models
    No meta game
    No balancing system
    Lock ons all over the place
    LOTS of down time spent waiting

    I still enjoy the game but Planetside best get their stuff together before Battlefield 4 launches.
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  15. Zombekas

    Because unlike Chivalry it had a lot of hype before launch so it got many people to try it. People always come and go, but with games as anticipated as PS2, a lot of people come at the very beginning, and a lot of people go a little while later, while not so many people come and not so many people go later on.
    The same happens with more or less all popular games, with some exceptions of course.


    P.S. lol at cod's DLC release spikes
  16. Midnightmare

    Considering less than a month ago they were celebration over 10 milion regristred accounts.
    I would say thats concerning that they can only sell the game to a little more than 1% of thouse players.

    But if you want my opinion! Its since SOE focus on the completely wrong stuff.
    First of all as every beta player begged SOE not to release the game yet but they still did.

    So the game was never done when first released..........sortof reminds me of a SOE game from the past.
    and now with stuff like the lattice system.

    I think SOE really really really needs to set som goals that we want a freaking metagame before all this other pointless **** they been ******* the game up with the lattice system being the worst of it all.
  17. Sossen

    I think they made one huge mistake when releasing the game. They had not yet pinned down the core features of the gunplay, map designs and - the most important one of all - the metagame. There needs to be a purpose to your game, especially a game of this size, so the lack of continuity and impact from your actions as a player or as an outfit has made it difficult to keep players online. WOW had this all figured out from the top - raids are brilliant (never played it myself, but just look at the statistics) and guilds actually had a purpose since the beginning. Then, once they had worked out all the balance tweaks and bugs, they could expand on that original mechanic in order to keep players interested.

    The continent locking, Hossin and the battle islands should have been in the game day one! Then the months of bugfixes and rebalancing wouldn't have been so tedious for the outfits. This way I'd say they've lost half the playerbase and possibly so much profit that the game will never be able to reach its true potential. Soon the pay to win schemes may have to appear to keep the game alive, I'm afraid. Hopefully the game will be revived in October after the big changes to the metagame are finished.
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  18. Poplico

    The lack of big battles thing is redundant. The fact that the servers were merged and there is pop at any given time (and a large one usually) means that either youre not in the right place or the entire player base is choosing not to fight. On Mattherson there is no lack of a good fight unless its 4am-10am. Hossin and BI should spice the game up. Dont worry about the game it will be fine.
  19. LT_Latency

    This style of game is not for every. More people like the ARNEA style FPS game. Maybe people came and tried then went back to their preferred style.

    Pure infantry combat is more popular then combined with tanks and planes
  20. Czuuk

    Because they keep pushing the greater community away with indie game marketing and favoritism.
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