Why is K/D so important to people?

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  1. TheShrapnelKing

    I've never argued that. I'm saying it doesn't ultimately matter so long as someone gets the job done.
  2. Wulfen109

    I for one dont care. But people just like it. They like to see how good they are doing in this game. (And to say that getting kills isnt the main focus of this game, and that it's all about support roles, you're insane. In the end, this game is about killing your enemy) Just because it serves no purpose to you, and that you don't like it, doesn't mean it should be weird to you that someone else in fact likes it.
  3. Kevorkian

    I think the only time anybody should take a look at someone's KD is when its below 1. If you can't manage an even ratio in this game, you're pretty horrendous. Beyond that, everybody's KD varies widely depending on wither they focus on kills or objectives, team play, vehicle/max farming, etc. Since the game lacks any competitive mode, and is nothing but a never-ending TDM, don't put too much weight into people's stats.
  4. GSZenith

  5. XRIST0

    Some of the lower kd higher spm players are the better ones I have come across .
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    Yeah... Next you're gonna tell me you're even better than real life SWAT teams and the like...
  7. Takoita

    ****** measuring contest?

    Thankfully there is enough people in this game that we can self-organize into different groups based on whether we consider stuff like this "serious business" or not.
  8. applecherry

    Why does people ALWAYS ASSUME that those with high kdr always spawn camp? To console themselves because of their bad aim or tactics? When I am not running infiltrator, I often rush to cap points, however not sucidal as your not progressing much when u keep dieing without any success at disrupting enemies at all . Always play smart. I often try not engage enemies head on and attempt to gain advantage(high ground, flanking etc) even when I am using my medic, light assault

  9. raw

    Premium and boosts give you a flat +% on all points. :oops:
  10. Rasui

    So, it doesn't matter, as long as the more skilled (who invariably will have higher K/D) players are still getting the job done? That sounds like a serious cop out.
  11. Primarkka

    Are you seriously angry that most outfits have standards?

    Also, stop making such insanely stupid posts.
    Did you know that if the Chinese did not exist, your iPhone would be much more expensive? Wow, that's so deep.
    Yeah, they do exist and nothing you do will change that.

    What is so very difficult in understanding that some people do not want to use their limited time into training other players? You're so incredibly naive if you think that you are so important of a person that someone will make an exception to you. Outfits have nothing to prove to you, you'll have to prove yourself to the outfits.

    A player who wants to win every single time usually gathers other players who want to win every single time. Is there something wrong when you don't want to play with people who hinder your results? For an example I was not selected in a 12v12 skirmish between DWG and INI, because there are better players than me. I did not cry and whine about it, because that's how things work.

    That's merely one more reason why people are chosen under certain requirements. Only having good stats will not help you, you must commit yourself to the good outfits. If you can't commit yourself to something as simple as getting better on your own, I highly doubt you would commit yourself to the outfit.

    Waiting for more of your incomprehensive post. I can type even more simply if you feel like the concept of getting good is too hard for you to understand.

    No I'm merely better than you are. Deal with it, scrub.
  12. FABIIK

    And how do you judge that ?

    Don't say K/D. You don't win this one... ;)
  13. Czuuk

    thats funny and totally ******* wrong. ;)

    my K/D is well below 1. it would of course be a hell of a lot better than that if i got something for all the people my gunners killed.
  14. HellasVagabond

    The more you kill, the less bad guys (enemies) on the battlefield left to hinder the efforts of your team mates....At least that's how i see it.
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  15. IronWarrior

    First decent thing you ever posted in 2075 posts. Good.
  16. Tobax

    To be fair if it's an outfit which has its members working together (which is most outfits) then they are looking for more members that can join to be apart of the team, if looking at your stats page and they see a K/D of something like 0.5 (as an example) then it makes them think that you'll spend more time dead than alive so can't help the team very much and there for not a good addition. You can of course argue against that but you can't blame outfits for wanting good members that are able to hold their own.
  17. Haterade

    To be clear, I'm not hating. I'm just telling it like I see it.

    I've played various games at very high levels and with people who are professional gamers. They're good guys with really great twitch skills. As a general rule they also have large egos when it comes to their in-game skills.
  18. PrISM

    KDR is meaningless without any context behind it.
  19. Nasher

    It's a pointless stat in any game really. Especially in PS2 where you can farm for hours on end in a liberator.
    I spend half my time doing stupid stuff and dying, like driving a flash with c4 stuck to the front of it. I don't think I've even looked at my, or anyone else stats.
  20. The Funk

    Not gonna say I think k/d is important, cause I don't, but I will say that the truly skilled players I know are able to play support roles AND kill people more than they get killed.