Why is it that a kill feels so much better when...

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  1. EWarren

    I find myself at my best when playing with logic and clear reasoning.

    Dogfight with couple planes and come out winning? Don't let it go over to the head, the next one showing up could be (and usually is) an ace pilot. Blew up a half full galaxy? Don't think too much about it because that same galaxy pilot may do this hard brake + upward screwdriver move that send cocky Rocketpodding ESFs crashing into its back (yep happened to me - had to send a tell to the Gal pilot on that good move, and how foolish I was following that close)

    I think people rage because they don't understand / appreciate the mechanics behind why they die (both mentally and game mechanic wise). Usually I learn best from those who kill me with innovative and smart moves.

    My NC char's name is not original - it is dedicated to a pvper in Anarchy Online who consistently bested me - I used to rage and whine until I started to appreciate that person's tactics, and eventually learned that very same tactic + added my own twists to it for my benefit
  2. MrMickson

    Will it give you a good feeling to run over an innocent medic who wants to get a ride in you're Sunderer? Because believe me he is very raging....
  3. Alkasirn

    Hey, that's not so bad. The average VS on SolTech see TR at the Crown and decide the solution is to get in a magrider and run over teammates who are walking around on awkward terrain 20 meters away from the nearest road. Some are smart though! Some learn that doesn't work so they get in a scythe, climb to about 600m, then dive into friendly aircraft that were perfectly still since they spawned their scythe.
    -The experiences of someone who always had about 3-5% of his deaths come from friendlies and learned to avoid vehicles with the right of way until he joined the VS on SolTech, where he enjoyed a nice 20% of deaths from friendly VS for a week or two and is currently at about 15%.

    On topic: I bet those particular people think "why is it that a kills feels soo much better when you think it made the other person rage??" to themselves a lot as well.
  4. Nofreenames

    sometimes I actually feel bad when getting a kill I know they will rage against... like some guy the other day who I killed 10+ times in a row as soon as he was rezzed... granted he should have declined one of those rezzes but towards then end I felt bad....

    so dont quite understand your getting pleasure from other peoples pain....
  5. Necron

    LA got the drop on my Infil last week and started shooting. I turned around, switched from my RAMS 50 to my TX1 and proceeded to shoot him in the face. I KNOW he was raging afterwards. I would not be at all surprised if he reported me for hacking... he was just terribad.
  6. hellaskan

    "Why is it that a kill feels so much better when..."
    It's an infantry kill vs a guy that is usually a vehicle pilot but has to be on foot for whatever reason. Usually denoted by a BR of 35+, and god freaking awful with a gun.
    So satisfying to put those no-skill having pilots in their place.
  7. Ozrik

    Because your a ****** nozzle?
  8. Rumless

    I feel pretty awesome for a microsecond then realize the reason they were missing me so terribly was because they are getting 10-15 fps on this poorly optimized game.
  9. square

    don't worry Mr. Thread Creator, you're not alone

    the vast majority of people's goal in life is to be better than everyone and shove it in their face
  10. Ak69

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    It's been this way for a very long time now, it will just get worse over time.

    TLDR, most people are born into being an a s s h o l e.
  11. Sebastien

  12. Seph Kurai

    I feel good every time I get a kill at all. Because I'm NC and I can't point and spray and pray like the other 2 factions, so I know it took considerably more skill.
  13. ent|ty

    We, we, we, we, we. Speak for your ******* self.
  14. ent|ty

    Someone is awake.