Why is it always Indar?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Punkfarter, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Punkfarter

    Every time I log in to play PS2 Amerish is a ghost town, Esamir is a little better, and Indar has a warfare rave party going on. Why? Map layout or something? Free punch and pie?
  2. SgtScum

    I never fight anywhere but indar.

    Don't like the layout of the other two maps.
  3. Zeek

    Well I know for me almost every time I check out Amerish or Esamir they are very uneven pops with total dominance by one side. Indar almost always has a more even territory control.
  4. RadiO

    Amerish has a great map layout that lets you predict the enemies movement and so on. Its really helpful for people who are leading platoons/ squads.
    Esamir is really flat and open mostly, so vehicles can spam away as much as they want to. There's no where to hide for things like lock ons, and the fog is really disruptive for infantry and vehicles alike.
    Indar always has a fight on, all of the hexes are bunched up close and there are three distinct sectors to the map. That and "all roads lead to The Crown".
  5. Mxiter

    Amerish es very technical and requires good air support. Moving by the groond is a crap.
    Esamir in on the contrary too flat. Grab a vehicule and go straight on. Even if there is just 1 tech plant for the 3 factions. Who control Eisa control Esamir.
    Indar is a bit more well balanced, so more people, so more XP. Especially with the crown/Crossroads/Ti allows.
  6. Maruun

    On Miller before GU2 we had pretty decent fight in Esamir, now Vanu is forced to hold the only continent they are currently controlling, and thats Indar. So the most fight is going on Indar. More the one times tryed the TR and NC pushing us back to our Warpgate.

    I really miss the fights on Esamir, but we just cant afford to lose Indar we would never get it back with our Warpgate position right now. So Indar is mostly complete full with all factions 33/33/33 and its a Certfarm...maybe mainreason? :p