Why is continent domination threshold moving from 75% to 94%?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Teneth, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Teneth

    Doesn't this just mean that the only time a domination will be achieved is when there is severe pop imbalance? I mean when the server has semi-even pop it's going to be pretty impossible to get 94% territory. I mean 75% is also fairly difficult but at least its a little more possible.

    So in reality what's going to happen is that the faction imbalance comes on at night and one faction gets all the dominations. Then since 94% is so high to achieve the other factions won't be able to take it from them. Am I missing something?

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  2. Sekaszy

  3. gigastar

    Because continent locking is coming back.

    Because its ******** that one side can take 75% of cappable territories and then everyone else has to be forced off the continent when the remaining 25% havent even been fought over yet.

    Because the 75% threshold was ******** introduced to combat unwinnable primetime continent capture alert ******** before continent captures dissapeared in favor of even worse global facility capture ******** alerts.
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  4. Iridar51

    I'm also curious what stands behind the decision, allthough I kinda have no idea what this "continent domination" even means. Is that when "Indar/Esamir/Amerish Controlled" message pops up? What's the point of controlling the continent?
  5. Snorelamp

    Even getting 75% is a result of pop imbalance. Ideally it'd be a struggle for any faction to get 50%.

    You shouldn't even worry about the "meta" any more, this game has never really been strategic on the macro level except when certain outfits are coordinating against eachother with even pop - which is fairly rare.
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  6. Prudentia

    The difference is that now cont captures don' just happen by accidents. back in the day of glorious hex and total domination cont locks at least meant something. they were not "hurhur 10% less rez" but "come at me bro, you won't even take this from my cold dead hands" and so did we play. Vanu Indar lock with 25% pop defending for 2 months was fun and provoked countless atempts from TR and NC to break it (Miller: Camp Connery, the greatest fight of all time)
    hopefully now that it takes 94% a continent lock, atleast on Indar will be again something to brag about and provoke attacks from both other factions. cause be honest, who cares atm for a cont lock? they just switch 3 hours later anyway.
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  7. Teneth

    For iridar51, yes the continent domination is where you get the "Esamir controlled" messages. If you get domination on a continent you get small bonuses. I can't remember them all. Isn't one like 3% less air resources required or something?

    But I think gigastar got it, if I'm understanding his bleeped out rant. They're changing it because of continent locking. Once you take over an entire continent and essentially kick out the other 2 factions the continent becomes locked and -then- you get the bonus. I see...

  8. Iridar51

    Thanks, that cleared things up.
  9. DrPapaPenguin

    Imma guessing it has something to do with continent locking and making it harder.
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  10. Pootisman

    True. Since VS usually has big overpop during night, this change will mean they will have most ownership benefits.

    How should it be possible to get 94% ownership during daytime? Do devs ever play the game? The 75% were alreadi too high in my opinion.
  11. Pikachu

    Those useless -10% price things will never be seen anymore now.
  12. Tommyp2006

    Back in my day we had to cap the continent 100%, and we STILL managed to get **** done.
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  13. Whatupwidat

    Because a noise-rock band from Leeds?

    Eh? 0.o
  14. Fenrisk

    Quoted for truth. It also encouraged some epic battles right near both enemy warp gates.
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  15. Rogueghost

    10% off infantry resources for Indar control, 10% off mechanized resources for Esamir control, 10% off air resources for Amerish control.
  16. JibbaJabba


    You newer guys... Don't complain until you see it. Some of the most intense fights in the game happened in the territories outside warpgates.

    Just picture it. 60% pop vs 20% but right outside the warpgate where armor and air can be safely pulled for the defense. Fights confined to just a couple territories. The shiz is like watching the movie 300 with lasers. It's awesome stuff for both sides of the fight.

    I'm pretty excited to see this come back.
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  17. John_Aitc

    Very true. Those were fun times.

    Just when you thought you were going to get the cap message, someone on one of the other factions would sneak out of their warp gate and start flipping a hex. It always caused a mad scramble of people zipping around the continent to try and secure a hex to complete the full continent cap.
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  18. Sekaszy

    No, because there is a small chance that we once more will unite the legions to wage IndarWars. Not that meaningless IndarSide we have today.

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  19. Sobdude

    - Why is continent domination threshold moving from 75% to 94%?

    - To make pop imbalanced servers even less playable for underpop factions.
  20. Sobdude

    Pull armor and air while you at zero resource income, that's a nice bull sh1т.