Why I'm leaving PS2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mr_Cheese, May 11, 2015.

  1. Jbrain

    OMG number 3 on OP list is the most annoying thing in the flipping world. I want to yet at small children and sacrifice a chicken to the gods when this happens to me and it just did last weekend.

    We rushed a biolab to take it.. there was at least 4 maxes in our spawn plus a few medics and me as HA.. A point was guarded by 4 or 5 ha + 1 max.. I go in Rambo stle and kill 2 or 3 of the infantry all by myself.. repsawn and see all those maxes and people just sitting there like they are scared or something.. to make a long story short I work my *** off trying to pull off the hat trick and take point myself. Eventually the enemy keeps pouring in people to the point where it went from easy cap to not gona happen. I mean really.. a hand full of people held an entire biolab because people were scared to go fight..

    So I feel your paiN op. I really do but I haven't quit yet and I find the game fun enough to keep me playing to give daybreak a fair chance to really make the game better.. in there first patch they are finally fixing aegis shield for max, no more spawning in territory with no link to your warpgate.. and other things that should help gameplay a bit more.. of course these are baby steps but at least they are steping forward.

    We are getting many more ns weapons in the future too.. I am looking forward to that as well especially for max.

    I hope you stick around.. you toughed it out this far you might as well give daybreak a chance. Besides even with the flaws there just isn't any other shooter war game like this one.
  2. Yuki10

    Spawn rooms shout have automatic 60 second pain field timer that would push the people out or kill them.
  3. Crazytrain

    Better to just remove all xp and kill credit from spawn room kills. Then the only reason to do it would be to clear a path, which is often legit. Right now spawn rooms are auraxium generators.
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  4. AxiomInsanity87

    Yeah this. Forcing people to get killed even more than they do is no fun lol.
  5. FocusLight

    This argument swings both ways.

    You see, he spawn-room warriors have already decided for him that he have to play it that way, because without their help - that they are not providing - he can't push the enemy out effectively.

    While I wear the title of Commissar with some pride in-game, the only reason I'm not executing the most blatant of cowardly traitors of the Republic is solely down to outfit policy.

    Having said all that, if I'm on an outfit squad or running a pubbie squad or two and we are readying for a push I will inform everyone else and most often the majority of the spawn's occupants come with us and we make a difference.

    I have however contemplated leaving a dedicated executioner in the spawn room to... discipline... the cowards who remain when we go. More hassle than it's worth though.
  6. Dj Gus

    A little burnt out myself, OP... But we'll be back, the game is just too awesome.
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  7. FocusLight

    Also, THIS.

    You can stay in that spawn all you like, but if you want any certs anytime soon you better come with us when we leave. This way you can clear a path all you wish, but you won't get any score for it, other than the joy of knowing you helped soften the campers before the big push - then you come along, if only for the sake of the score.
  8. Kentucky Windage

    I am sorry to see you go Mr_Cheese. You're a Veteran and it's always tough to see those guys leave. I know I just started taking the game more seriously for the last 2 months or so trying to improve and see where that takes me. I've gotten countless pointers from Veterans so it's always a huge loss when they leave. Best of Luck wherever you land.
  9. Yuki10

    Problem is that it will not stop spawn camping. They won't get a kill added to statistics, but they will know they get a kill. there are plenty of people who don't care about stats, auraxiums, xp, etc. They just want to run around making bodies drop.
  10. ChUnKiFieR

    I too am fed up with many aspects of the game from bugs to buffs and nerfs etc. The number of problems with the game have caused massive player loss and revenue loss as well creating a vicious circle of decay. They fixed the game so much they broke it beyond repair.

    In my humble opinion there needs to be a massive overhaul of the entire game from weapons and base designs to aircraft and vehicles controls. All we end up doing now is keep trying to find ways to live with the parts of the game we hate for a few minutes of memory lane time. For me it's over! Time to move on.
  11. Crazytrain

    It would easily end the large majority of spawn room warrior-ing during times when the activity is actually hindering defense. The real problem people being those who hide there when the spawn isn't utterly camped in already. They are already competing for a meager number of targets and now they get no reward beyond maybe a "0 XP" flashing on their screen. If it were up to me, I would also add an annoying tutorial pop-up every 3rd kill or so explaining how to earn XP in Planetside.
  12. Jbrain

    I have a suggestion.. give a 60 second timer to where when the timer starts warns in that Global faction voice to GO FIGHT OR you will be labeled a coward ! GO fight now !.. if the timer reaches 0 they automatically get coward labeled and die in which they cant spawn again for 5 minutes.
  13. Leftconsin

    Please don't come back.
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  14. K2k4

    I honestly think this games biggest issue is that it promotes the farmiest strategies and offers pointless incentives for doing anything else.

    Look at auraxium rewards,
    Look at kill streak rewards,

    What are the rewards for a coordinated push to take the next base? A few certs? Nothing special. Nothing to strive for imo.

    What do vehicles do? They are a tool to kill other players. Other than killing they play no part in base capture other than thinning the herd.

    When the game first came out and you needed to have 8 people on point, it seemed like too much to ask for. Now i really miss that requirement because it made the point the focus of the battle.
  15. Fatal1o1

    Calm down , have some dip! Damn dude you need to chill before you blow an artery! It's the changing of the gaurd. There are a lot of new players in this game right now. I feel your pain but must have patience.
  16. xMaxdamage

    They really should do this, or completely remove kd ratio from the game :V
  17. OldMaster80

    This thread is nothing new. Everything as expected: resources revamp on hold for more than 1 year, no battle islands, meaningless base benefits, redeployside still without a solution, a huge focus on kdr instead of teamplay and territory control.

    I wonder how many players did we lose along the way because of this. I guess we'll never know.
  18. Baracuda

    Just remember this is around the corner.

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  19. Liewec123

    i'm not a fan of people camping in the spawn room, i'm almost always out there pushing for point,

    but if there is a lot of air/ground vehicles i'll switch to heavy and use phoenix from the spawn room to help nuke them down,
    so when someone throws a tantrum and TKs everyone i won't be very happy.
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  20. Unsp0kn

    So you're a dick that TK's friendlies in the spawnroom because they don't want to play how YOU want them to? Goodbye.
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