Why I'm leaving PS2

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  1. Mr_Cheese

    I've been playing Planetside 2 almost daily for 2-3 years now and have had some epic battles in that time. I was addicted!

    However since server merges, removal of different alert types and endless bugs it has become unbearable. I cancelled my paying subscription ages ago and kept playing hoping that "today when i log on it will be different"... but it never is. It's just the same old &*$% different day with Planetside 2.

    The game is completely ruined by morons and makes no effort to combat it.

    The 3 major problems with the game.

    1) No meta game. No tactics.
    I know dev's have posted recently about "meta game is in the works!" ... but I've heard that enough times before... even pre hossin. So I think it highly unlikely we'll see anything close to a meta game this time next year. I'd actually bet money on it.

    2) Zergs
    There is zero tactics to taking a base. It's literally a case of having a pop great enough to camp the spawn room. You just get paths of zergs taking base after base after base with no resistance.

    Then you have the absolutely moronic zergs during alerts that just zerg their way up the side of the map completely ignoring multiple territories that require immediate defense.

    3) Cowards
    Again.. no one defends. I don't know how many countless times I've redeployed to save a base thinking we have enough pop to defend it... only to get there and see everyone standing behind the spawn room shields sniping. "we can't run outside we're going to die!" ... Why is it with my light assault I can make it to the A point in seconds! If I had even just 1 or 2 guys backup we could retake it! But everyone just sits inside the spawn room.

    Then obviously I end up getting weapon lock because I C4 all the spawn room warriors.

    Or you get the guys who have 10 seconds to reach the A point, join in the max crash... only to hang around outside the doorways in the last few vital seconds because they don't want to run in and die. The amount of times I've seen 3-4 enemy hold an A point against squads full of allies who are all too scared to run in is a joke.

    One tiny tweak that I've seen asked for many many times... that would save this game is... make spawn shields bullet proof... on both sides. That is literally altering 1 line of code.

    Or adding an extra spawn room to each base. (Admittedly a slightly harder update.)

    Instead of addressing any of the major gameplay concerns.. which are turning people off this game every single day... SOE/DayBreak think adding more camo or cosmetics is going to solve everyones problems.

  2. stalkish

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    I hope you'll rejoin us near September, when updates to meta-game are anticipated to arrive and they do arrive. Just to add my thoughts to your points:

    1) No meta game. No tactics.
    I'm in the pleasant position of still having to farm a lot of things (I work a lot, so I only play in my sparce spare time), that will hopefully last until the aforementioned September update. I also greatly hope TR will receive more decent long-range, infantry based ESAV weapons in the meantime, 'cause it's going down when the metagame update arrives.

    2) Zergs
    If there is something going on, an alert for example, this is how I always handle a friendly zerg that's just taking territory mindlessly, when there would be bases to urgently defend: this zerg will just advance relentlessly and almost unstoppably, it's up to me to do tactically more significant moves. If I can at least postpone the fall of a base, it was already worth it, since the zerg took more territory in the meantime than my opponents.

    If the same zerg faces equal resistance, then at least they give the enemy work to do, hopefully removing some dangerous players in the process, who chose farming over teamplay.

    3) Cowards
    If people are too afraid to leave the spawn room, and I see the situation is hopeless, I immediately fall back to the nearest adjacent base and start setting up defenses. Most of the times there'll be a zerg (para 2), so all I have to do is postpone the capture as long as possible, maybe avert it.
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  4. Takara

    *Snickers* You haven't been around SoE/Daybreak very long have you? September next year...maybe....
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  5. Eyeklops

    I do this also, but only if we are loosing the base with a pop advantage (55% us / 45% them) because: spawnroom snipers. I'll join in the spawnroom sniping against steamrolling zergs (0-12 us / 96+ them) because: I killed before my second foot leaves the spawn shield.
  6. hostilechild

    You do know the only reason you and some others can make it to A point or even 5 steps outside the spawn IS all the spawnroom warriors laying down cover fire and killing those camping the spawn. If no one was firing and killing them, you wouldn't make it 5 steps.

    Now problem is toooooo many stay in the spawn. But if you can just get a handful to run out (ask them) more make it through the bloodbath (cannon fodder). Amazing the number i times i pull a max, say follow me as i charge out or into a room blasting people and everyone follows. (no one ones to be the cannon fodder and go first usually)

    yes zergs and meta are crap
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  7. BlueSkies

    Ah, one of those "I will decide how everyone else is allowed to play" types.

    Might I suggest that an RTS game of some sort might better suit you?

    In any event, don't let the door hit ya :)
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  8. Hatesphere

    not that i agree with him C4ing people. but to be fair by your logic the spawn room warriors should be playing duck hunt.

    Nah, I've been here since open beta. But for some weird reason, I really think they'll get their junk together this time.
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  10. BlueSkies

    Not really. "I will punish people for not playing the way I want them to" is not acceptable in a multiplayer game. Spawn room warriors while not particularly productive are fine if that is what they want to do.
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  11. customer548

    We all pray Vanu for a September meta game.

    Even if i have no interest in zergs, i most of times escape from those, i guess players with short free time gameplay are happy to find them. Zergs are easy certs farming. "Pro" are happy beacause they can look for harder skirmishes, and casual are happy to earn their certs in an easy way.

    Go Infiltrator and use darts.
    You'll help your teammates, and many of them will suddenly try to do something. Use darts on A point, and on the way to reach A point. (Yeah, you'll have to max your darts in order to get 4 of them). Then spam darts again and again all over the base, after A has been cleared.
    Many of your teammates around just want help, but don't want to die in useless ways (I'm a lonewolf only but i realized that a looooong time ago).
    May be boring, but i more than often stick to the Infi class just in order to give help, and ican guarantee you that darts are definitly more than useful in order to def and clear points and bases.
  12. Yuki10

    Cowards sitting in spawn room or bailing from ESFs are annoying. If you can't handle KD going down - just don't play those roles.
  13. eldarfalcongravtank

    wish i could leave this game as easily as you do. but i be addicted to dis sheeeet mane:(
  14. customer548

  15. Badname82

    You played this game for 2.5 years, if you started in November, 2012.

    That is a remarkable achievement for any game to hold your attention that long, regardless of meta issues.

    Indirectly, this is actually a positive thread. You don't play any game for 2+ years if it sucks.
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  16. ALTRego

    I agree with you OP, almost every change since launch has been aimed toward nerfing the skilled players in favor of the general pop. Lattices were to force us all into alleyways versus multiple skilled fights. Lack of Command system means any joeshmoe can take over a platoon and lead the faction to 7734. I zerg mainly because I find the other leadership unworthy of my skills and I'd imagine others do the same thing. As players we reserve the right to leave your outfits and platoons to pursue our own interests or better interests of the faction as a whole. Too many times I see someone take over leader spot to just place waypoints and use the microphone to talk about how they like solar panels or some random stuff. Leadership is about 3 categories or TSC as I call them. Tactics needed for both offense and defense, basic or advanced PS Strategy, and Charisma because every leader should have a pair. Unfortunately the skilled pop with these traits factors out to about 20% of the game itself. Why do we not lead, little or no benefit. Why do we not follow, we know better. So we just stay the &%$# outta the way. GL/GB to you fellow PS2 player, I hope I had the chance to play alongside you and wish you well in your future gaming.
  17. gigastar

    But that was during the Age of Higgles, where time and resources would be diverted into useless crap like Nexus and the Valkyrie.

    This is a New Age. And frankly, they can patch something without introducing a new bug once and be off to a better start than in 2012.
  18. AxiomInsanity87

    This game is some dank kush. One does not simply leave planet side 2, brethren.
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  19. Yuki10

    I disagree that all changes have been done to nerf skill-ed game. There is plenty of space for skilled players and their abilities. I also think that now the plan for the game seems much more exciting and coherent than it was previously (of course I'm making this judgement based on tiny bits of information we are given).
  20. Takara

    This game is the only TRUE FPSMMO ...well after the original planetside anyway. So it is hard to get that anywhere else. I play this game maaaaybe an hour or two a week at this point. I played the original PS for way longer. That game was simply amazing. And if PS2 had the depth of planetside 1 you would see me playing upwards of ten times what I am now. There is just so much I feel is missing out of this game. I don't come here for amazing FPS action, I don't come here for amazing graphics (It looks damn good but...not the reason I'm here) I don't come here for their amazing balance or F2P model. I come here...for the MMO part. The sheer scale of it. I come here because you won't find another taste of that anywhere else.

    Sadly the way the game works in play, specially around larger numbers is not so good. And this is one of the things that really rubs me the wrong way when I play. The lack of value to working on objectives is another. Base design is another thing that really tends to rub me the wrong way as well. I wish they paid more respect to the original game in terms of level design and continent design. The limit of the game engine that forces all the continents to be a Rhombus is another small thing. There really needs to be more continental diversity. Where is the long/tall/ continents Or the continent that was a giant volcano?

    And lastly the never ending 3way on EVERY CONTINENT. That is most likely the thing I fell holds this game back more than any of the other things listed. You take a game that is grand in scale then make the continents feel smaller by never letting an empire get to exploit most of it. The model from PS1 where each empire had a sanctuary then actually warped through warpgates to other continents was a much more superior method. Most fights were between one empire vs another. The three way fight on one continent was far more rare. In PS2 There really isn't much of a 'flank' to push because most of the time there is another empire zerg on on both sides of your territory and it tends to really take away the strategy that made the first game enjoyable.