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  1. IshanDeston


    thank you for clicking the Thread. I am sure you are all ready to flame me, and tell me how much i suck. That is fine.

    I realize that i am not the best player in Planetside and quite frankly i just recently returned from a break, finding my old server Merged with another server. Now i didn't exactly expect it to be the same and i have no problem with the Skill level of the players. I do die, i do kill... i am content with the game as it is. I am actually so happy that i threw some more money at it, because of some of the nice new helmets and such.

    But now...the reason i am posting this, is simply the very fact that the situation on Miller is unbearable. I am unfortunate enough to be unable to play during most prime hours. My job and lifestyle only leaves me time to play during the graveyardshift hours and that is also the reason why i am going to stop playing. And just to say: my expectations are thus lowered already.

    The few times i managed to log in during the Prime time, the population seemed rather balanced with 30ish % on all 3 sides and i do not see much of a problem during those times. I downright enjoy the game during those times. I love the changes to the ressources and the cert gain, to be honest. It got me right back invested during my vacation days.

    But the reason i am complaining right now, is the fact that as soon as the clock ticks over past midnight, it seems like everyone is logging in on their Vanu character. During Multiple times during the last couple weeks, i've seen the Server population cap to be 60% for Vanu and NS and TR creeping around 20%. Which of course leads to an immense population stack and creates an unenjoyable atmosphere to play.

    In terms of full disclosure, i do have a Vanu character on that Server (before the Server Merge my characters were separated server wise) and even if i would be logging in on my Vanu during these population stacks i wouldn't really enjoy it either, but i am usually joining with my NC character during that time, and i find little enjoyment in the game with Vanu outgunning the other factions 3:1. Even if they'd ally themselves against Vanu, they'd still be outgunned.

    Now i wish i could present everyone with a suggestion on how to fix this, but honestly.. i don't have a solution. I just know that the game isn't fun when it is this unbalanced. My knee jerk reaction would be to suggest an auto balance, which simply locks out everyone from accessing their Vanu character, but that situation seems unfair and draconian. I certainly wouldn't want to have the character i spend the most money on locked away and inaccessible to me, just because my faction turned Flavor of the Month.

    But this quite frankly makes me sad. I very much love Planetside. I played and loved the first one and i love this one. It has a special place in my gaming heart, but the situation as it is... its just no fun.

    So i am going to most likely stop in the near future again. Its a little unfortunate, considering i sunk so much money into this game, but as i said i don't exactly expect a timely fix to the situation. I will probably stick around for a while longer, trying to catch those times when i am able to play and the stack isn't to bad... but in my opinion this is a serious problem and it needs some attention.
  2. Xasapis

    This has been a phenomenon older than the merge. For those who check population shifts, it is clear that noone is logging into their Vanu alt during the night. What really happens is that more Vanu keep on playing during the night compared to the other factions.

    Simply put, when NC & TR go to sleep, VS keep on playing.
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  3. Foxirus

    Sleep is for cowards (NC) and the weak (TR).
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  4. Linus

    This is absolutly true.
    I have checked at some moments, the statistics of the traffic per faction.
    I did that before the merge and a bit after.
    The Vanu players seem to be more numerous late in the day and after the prime times, while they tend to be far less numerous early in the day or during the afternoon.
    In the contrary, I have noticed that the NC are often much more numerous during the morning, however it does not mean that everybody have switched to their NC alt...

    Honestly, the only moment in the day when the ratio of the factions is balanced, is during the prime times, between 6pm and 9pm.
    So if you wish to have fair fights, you need to change your habits, or if you can't, i trust you when you say that you cannot have fun.
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  5. SerasVic

    TL,DR : lasers and techno keeps you awake
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  6. manmad

    Lets hope battle islands fix this problem. I don't have any idea when those will come out
  7. Crator

    Did you check the other servers? Sometimes I play in the morning and I'll hop on the UK server cause I know they have more people playing at that time....
  8. Murx

    Vanus colour is purple - the midnight colour. Wonder if the NC are having their population time at noone and spring-summer. Lightblue and yellow are for sunny daytimes. Psychology of colours ?
  9. Pootisman

    Vanu overpop during nighttime is a old problem. It happens on most servers i think.
  10. Xasapis

    Vanu come out at night ... all way since beta :)

    Bonus the above video full of skilful individuals.
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  11. IshanDeston

    I wish i could, but i am working during most part of the Primetime, there is no real choice for me here.

    I only briefly looked at Cobalt to be honest. But Starting over is a bit of a drag. I might end up doing it anyway. I seriously wish they haddn't moved my other character onto the server where i already had an existing one. I dislike the idea of playing the same faction on the same server. At the same time i do not really feel like starting over, since my BR is above 30 in both cases.

    This never seemed to be that big of a deal on Woodman.

    I never noticed it this glaring, and to me it basically says someone should have looked into this much sooner, if this is a problem that has been going on since Beta. I don't think its good for the game if people leave, much more so if the people that spend money on it leave, because of this.

    And just to ward off accusations, i have no problems with true F2P players, that never spend a dime.. i am fine with them, they provide a service on their own (as people to play with).
  12. Bixli

    ..i have 3 chars on 3 factions on 3 different! servers , i don't like peoples with alts on same server & i hate raging faction/alert switcher. one day/hour your teambuddy , another day/hour your opponent ..strange.

    ..bb btw.
  13. pnkdth

    Change to US servers, find one which is stable enough. Keep your other character for when you're off prime time in the US.
  14. IshanDeston

    Not my choice. They merged Woodman with Miller. My main, NC, was on Woodman and it got merged to my Vanu char. I sunk to much time into both chars to just delete one.

    And i am not raging, i am calmly stating a problem i am having with a game i love.
  15. Ronin Oni

    Just so you know, merges were to help balance pops and get good prime time populations....

    the imbalance you speak of was more common across all times of day (though perhaps not to such an extent)

    It does suck when you go to log in and just have no good options. It's less of SOE's problem and more the players who play at that time of day. If NC and TR did fully double team VS though, it'd be a much closer balance of pop (VS would have more, but not auto-win all fights more)

    I wouldn't blame you for not playing when it looks like though... however I might recommend against uninstalling. While you may not be able to play most of the time, surely you get a chance every week or other to play at more balanced times of day where you could properly enjoy the game... and there's a reasonable chance midnight pops will shift balance over the next month or 2... they always seem to be in flux. Connery used to have 50% VS pop for the graveyard shift but now it's TR (last I checked anywho... which honestly isn't all that often)

    Based on the nature of the game though, graveyard shift playtimes are often some of the worst.

    Maybe you might give Emerald a chance though? Your graveyard time Emerald should be just entering prime time, and being East coast should have reasonable (though obviously not ideal) ping. IF you do play on Emerald, roll TR pl0x ;) lol
  16. bubbacon

    Been there brother and the best advise I can give is start a new toon on another Server with Prime times around your schedual.
  17. Alan Kalane

    Lol i liked it because that infi gameplay was just the worst I've ever seen.
    All those noobs in one place... That guy couldn't hit a thing... And the NC... Dummies in the VR are more aware...
    Also that 1v1 infi fight... Longest I've ever seen WTF.
  18. Matt879

    VS has always had the upper hand when it comes to population during the off-hours, back when the old crown was still reigning in all its glory VS always capped that place at nighttime only to lose it the next day to the overpop from the other factions. This has been an issue since forever, I just think its only now that you've started noticing it. Maybe you can try to get some enjoyment out of holding the VS away from your warpgate/main facilities close to your WG. I remember that shortly before the merge I'd sometimes end up playing at 3-4am and I'd still find a few good fights, so maybe you just have to try to observe the map a bit more and see where the interesting fights are at.
  19. Whatupwidat

    I guess it's because most VS players don't have jobs? ;P
  20. Drizzt

    I agree, I love this game but this seems to be an issue on most servers, even if the teams are evenly balanced in numbers the teams are still almost always stacked in favor for the VS. Seems like everyday it gets worse and worse with the experienced players/outfits meta being nothing more then farm-trolling the less experienced to the point that I hardly see anyone stick around for long, new player experience is not looking very good atm. Not sure how soe can fix this issue.