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  1. qhfreddy

    I had fun in the PS2 beta, but after that it has gone downhill, mainly because of the very poor optimization of the game. I have an MSi GT60-0nc with a 3610QM and a GTX670m OCd at 670MHz. I should get pretty decent performance right? I can get 250 fps in CoD, 70 in BF3 1080p, low and benchmark scores comparable to a GTX 550 Ti.

    But in planetside 2 I get 20% GPU usage, 20-30 FPS, and a lot of input lag. Someone needs to step up their game with this, or my HDD space will be used for other things.

    It's a pity that I don't play PS2 any more, it has great potential...
  2. Hodo

    Turn your settings down. I get better than those frame rates on my Athlon x2 64 5600+ 2.8GHZ dual core CPU and 260GTX GPU with 6 GB ram.

    The single biggest frame rate gain I got was turning OFF shadows, as expected.
  3. qhfreddy

    I got it on lowest, no shadows, still 30 fps looking at the sky, 20 if i shoot... Unusable
  4. Jex =TE=

    Yep turn the settings down - I'm sure half these people complaining have their settings on full. Game plays the same no matter what the graphics are pretty much (with the exception of Ifni's)
  5. Jex =TE=

    I run mine on a HP pavilion laptop, i5, 6gb of ram and an intel 2 gfix and settings low, no shadows and it runs perfectly fine. What memory do you have on the gfix card?
  6. Katana

    lol I play on Medium to ultra witha gtx550ti and get 30 lowest.

    Guess I'm one of the lucky sobs PS2 actually works for.

    Game still looks like **** though. Funny how people mix up good graphics with high system requirements.
  7. Hosp

    I play, mostly, fine with my specs.
  8. Protential

    I am with you...Never have performance issue's rarely have render issues. By rare I mean this effected me like 2 or 3x so far while playing the game since release. And I am pretty sure my computer cost less then most of these peoples. I play on highest everything with shadows turned off. And I think maybe I turned off the enhanced lighting or whatever because I always feel like that stuff makes my monitor look like it has a glare on it lol.

    I did a lot of research on finding components that compliment each other. But no idea why I have never seen frame or video lag. Except with Gw2 running at the same time in a large fight. (Took me a few mins to even realize I had both games on and something was making me lag)
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  9. sladuog

    Your gaming notebook doesn't have that powerful a processor, which is the main reason most people perform poorly in this game. Consider overclocking it if you know what you're doing.

    Actually wait until this next patch is out before doing that, there might be a shift in performance, especially given that PhysX will be re-enabled and you can offload work to your comparatively adequate GPU.
  10. qhfreddy

    3610QM is not powerful? Wow you know little, 3.1GHz on 8 threads is more than enough for PS2.

    The VRAM is 3GB and runs at 6GHz DDR5

    I would like to say again: I am playing on lowest settings.
  11. chilly154

    have you heard about the patch?
  12. Itermerel

    turning the shadows up increases my fps for some WEIRD reason

    also turning off vsync makes the game SO much more smooth, but i have to deal with a bit of screen tearing. that's weird though, because this is the only game that turning on vsync makes the game lag. i have vsync turned on for every single other game ive ever played
  13. qhfreddy

    I never run vsync, but the FPS is too low if i had vsync on anyway.
  14. kill

    Vsync always adds lag. Generall it's input lag, however.
  15. SneakyTouchy

    3610QM is not tuned for Planetside. It runs 3.1ghz in bursts when temps and power supply are within specific thresholds. 3.1Ghz alone is not enough to push PS2 over 30fps yet. You would be lucky to get 15 in a heavy battle. Aside from that, once the CPU gets up to temp, it will fall back to 2.2ghz and run even more poorly. Currently, to get PS2 to run well, you need at least 2 cores at 3.7ghz. To lock refresh rate, you need about 4.5ghz. Extra cores won't make much of any difference.

    To say this CPU is more than enough for PS2 is kinda funny considering it's only producing 20-30fps.
  16. DancesWithHogs

    I have a 3.11 Ghz 3 core AMD Phenom 2 X2. (Got the black edition years ago, unlocked the extra core when the warranty ran out)
    I tweaked my useroptions.ini and "unparked" my cores. Whatever that is.
    Disabled windows Aero for PS2 & PS2 launchpad. I don't launch via steam, and just in case I have PS2 set to admin privileges.

    I get 45-50 FPS in smallish fights, drops to 30-ish in massive Crown facerolls.

    I'll copy/paste the useroptions I use and I'll add the link from Steam I found to help with my cores.

    I used steps 2, 4, and 7.

    Also, just for the record, this improved my gameplay, I can actually win gunfights reliably. Now I just wish all the lightning and engy certs I spent could be shifted to LA and Medic.
  17. Jestunhi

    It's not *that* bad.

    Personally I play on ultra settings. I don't stare at my FPS for a placebo effect but rarely experience any slowdown when playing.

    My rig's far from top of the line:

    i5 750
    8Gb RAM
    GTX 460

    All running with stock settings.

  18. SnowBro

    I'm using stock clock i5-750 with an HD 5850 with high settings except shadows, and I get 50+ fps at warpgate and 20-25 in big fights/big facilities (CPU bound). Your i7-3610QM is plenty powerful enough with a CPU mark score of 7523 vs my cpu 3765, but your graphics card is relatively underpowered compared to your CPU with G3D mark of 1920 vs my 2245. So is your in-game FPS counter showing GPU bound all the time? Still something is wrong when you have lowest settings and and getting 20-30 fps in an empty territory. You should be getting more FPS than me. Make sure you have up-to-date video drivers.
  19. Katana

    Damn I thought I was doing good on ultra witha 550ti, 460 is around the same caliber if i recall right and looks like your trumping me abit eh? ^_^
  20. ozziewolf

    Turn your video settings up. On low almost everything is being handled by your CPU and your GPU is mostly being ignored. This is probably why you saw a performance increase when you changed the shadow setting. If you haven't turn render distance down to 75-80%.
    Try reading one of the numerous performance tweaking guides out there. You'll probably find significant improvements.