Why I Only Hip Fire My SMG

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by DrankTHEKoolaid, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. DrankTHEKoolaid

    I get asked often why I don't ADS while playing with an SMG, so I figured I'd explain a bit. Thanks!

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  2. Xenryx

    Short answer? Hipfire has too few advantages, even moreso when we consider SMGs are primarily INF weapons.

    1. 100% movement speed whilst firing
    2. No ADS delay
    3. No FoV decrease

    I can elaborate further if you want me to.
  3. DrankTHEKoolaid

    So are you disagreeing with me? I honestly can't tell.
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  4. ShinBreaker

    I ads with my ns-pdw for mid-range :S
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  5. MajiinBuu

    Hipfire: Larger cone of fire. No scope for longer range.
    I ADS if I see an enemy before they see me.
  6. Xenryx

    Yes, disagree.

    To add to that, SMGs effective hipfire range without laser sight is already well within the SMGs effective range (being 20m). Adding a laser sight to it doesn't make it able to land headshots consistently either at ranges further than around 5m.
  7. cruczi

    If you'd just watch the video... He said the NS-PDW is a possible exception given its extended effective range versus other SMG's.

    I pretty much agree with your assessment, Koolaid. I use the PDW as Light Assault on one of my characters, and the only time I ADS is when I'm not getting fired at myself and the opponent is sufficiently far away. I don't even use a laser sight (nor any other attachments) on the PDW, because I don't want to spend certs on that class, I just play it while waiting for resources or cooldowns.
  8. cruczi

    That's very much untrue. Consistent headshots are possible even without a laser sight up to about 20 meters, in my experience.
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  9. CuteBeaver

    I'm going to have to second the 20ish meter estimation... even with a PDW w/o using advanced laser you can still get head shots easily at around 20 meters. Another excellent video Koolaid. ~Cheers
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  10. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Thanks and I agree. Hip Fire with laser has a pretty tight cone and headshots out to about 20 meters or so aren't too hard to produce. ADS might be better if you're just single firing, but if you're doing that, you're probably too far away or you might as well be going for body shots.
  11. iller

    who doesn't

    it's better than an LMG
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  12. Xenryx

    No it doesn't. I'm talking about non-crouch moving and hipfiring. After 1-2 shots the reticule grows too big and your SMG will start missing the head.
  13. cruczi

    Moving while firing full auto, I'd say 10-15 meters is still doable
  14. Weirdkitten

    I generally play SMG the same way, except I always fit a NV scope to counter smoke which is fairly common on Miller. Same deal with shotguns, neither really has much use for optics so I just fit the NV scope for special occasions.
  15. Frosty The Pyro

    i dont use smgs much, but I actualy use the laser over the advanced laser, the advanced one tightened it too much for short range. I will ads if i need the scope, which would either be looking at range, or NV scope to look through smoke.
  16. NoInstructions

    On the PDW with the old head hitbox and no laser I always hipfired it, just under 3k kills 26% Acc, 28% HSR on medic engaging enemies at many ranges. You are talking about landing spray and pray headshots.
  17. K2k4

    In DrankTheKoolaid's defense he does do phenominal without ADS on SMG's. And from watching this video I'm tempted to just slap the laser sight on all of my SMGs and forget extra mags or whatever else.

    I just like ADS because I don't trust hipfire, especially not since the 'adjustments' of Pu02.
  18. salembeats

    If a target is 20m+ away, I generally either
    burst-fire towards the head to soften my target as I approach,
    or I don't fire at all as I close the distance.

    I have a 2x reflex scope attached to my Armistice to help me land headshots on distracted targets who are toward the upper limits of the weapon's effective range.

    Aside from this scenario, I hipfire.
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  19. ShotgunGuru

    I usually ads with the Blitz since the large ammo capacity is very forgiving and I can take down people from a distance using it with a 2x Reflex sight, all I have to say.
  20. salembeats

    To add a little detail to my post -- What I actually do a lot of the time (based on feel) is hipfire INTO my 2x scope.