Why I likely won't be playing this game ever again

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  1. User8888

    The game has a bad new player retention. I find it the best mmo shooter, mixed combat game i've played. The code behind the networking and graphic engine is amazing, fluid movement, good feeling for such an old game is a piece of art.
    On the other hand the map design is on the other end of the spectrum just BAD. They need to hire an architect/engineer to rethink most of the bases and not game mechanics. The game would be much more succesfull if there would be only 3 types of structures well designed repeated over and over on all maps instead of this mess that is now, and provide consistent combat and strategy from casuals to outfits not the 1 minute redeploy/capture/avoid combat. I used to have fun in the biolabs, pretty cool fights, no vehicles, only 1 level with decent routes no convoluted maze baze. I still find this feeling on Indar on the crown/tj alloy 3 way fights.
    Every base I have to play goes like this: where is the vehicle spawn, how do i get there, where is the ammo , oh wait is it up, is it down...omg 5 minutes passed and i can't even find the way back to the spawn to refit i need to redeploy maybe. What services can i find in this base i want to spawn to ? Why they do not show on the map, ok fight is over and i just run around doing nothing.
  2. DarkStarAnubis

    Just look at Esamir and those stupid facilities which are so complex and make-like there are arrows on the floor to tell players where to go. How on Earth you can have a base design so complex that defenders and attackers can get lost in it and requires paths on the floor to go around???

    Just imagine a new player who is so unfortunate to choose the IA button because he does not know any better, ends up in the maze under attack, obviously tries to follow other players ("No idea where to go - Let's follow, they will know better"), then stops for a moment to orient himself and he is insta-killed by an enemy Infiltrator who used one of the wall tunnels to shortcut the path, patiently waiting for stragglers to remain isolated.

    Next IA in is an open base, the poor guy start to look around and it is again insta-killed by a ESF.

    Next IA is close to a Sunderer about to explode. Just think "WFT?" and then the whole thing goes boom.

    Next step and final: uninstall the game in disgust.
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  3. AntDX316

    The 2018 spawn system still exist it seems. I haven't seen Emerald restart but didn't look too far into it. They said the 10 second spawn beacon timer is back. If you are right, ok, if not, ok.
  4. AntDX316

    I'm not a PS2 dev. I just read the update saying the 10 second beacon and the 2018 spawn system is gone. When I play, the squad beacons are still 0-seconds so I assumed it didn't get applied yet. Unless things got changed or I've read it wrong..
  5. AntDX316

    The map designs are great and well-thought out but you have to be looking at it from a "/command" Leadership point of view to understand it.
  6. AntDX316

    What are they going to address w/ the directive weapons and what is the black market directive?
  7. AntDX316

    Probably they care about what you guys see and want to accommodate. Perhaps if you guys just keep posting what should be changed, awareness can happen and changes can be made, just without bringing back the Esamir Bio Labs..

    Also, there is nothing wrong with Hossin. Can you(all) just keep to infantry-only suggestions and not environmental?
  8. JustGotSuspended

    Enough of the high horse stuff man. Everyone's led at some point. The map isn't good 'from a command perspective' lol. The only way it's good is if you infil, a2g or OS main. If by /command you mean zerging, you're not wrong. But let's be clear it's not a fun or tactically engaging map.

    Again you don't sound like a vet here or you're super disconnected from the rest of the game/playerbase. Directive weapons in general are downgrades of defaults and outright suck. In theory with this rework they're finally going to make them decent, unique, and allow people to actually pick their attachments. In theory ofc, there's no telling what they're going to do, but hopefully it's a quality of life improvement to actually make directives viable, you know, making them actually rewarding to unlock.
    As for black market weapons (those bought with a7, google if you don't know) they've been ok but there's no directives for them. Finally adding one gives some sense in purchasing the black market weapons and using them, especially the quirky ones.

    Translation: 'we listen to your opinion, only when it matches ours'.
    I'd be really surprised if they actually reworked those things properly, especially after so many years of ignoring them despite constant requests for improvement...they better be really good revamps.

    Devs made a mistake, containment sites suck, the current version of ikanam sucks and everyone complained about the esamir revamp in general. Still it wouldn't even have been that bad if they hadn't completely killed biolabs by effectively preventing attackers from spawning into the biolab, by reverting the satellite spawn and not removing the no deploy circles from the teleporters that are often far from the base's spawn rooms. Impossible to sustain fights there now. Should be reverted, everyone loves biolabs, they are planetside icons, the best fights occurred there, they should aspire to make bases more like them, not ruin them to make other bases seem better than them lol.

    Again, not sure if you're a vet or what sorta game you're playing. There's currently still 7 placeholder bases, some of which in crucial lattices that are copy/paste "temporary" construction sites. Considering construction sites kinda suck (though not as much as containment sites), it's a pretty interesting thing to see them make a whole continent or revamp the other 3 while Hossin is just sitting there unfinished. That said given the quality of fights most of the new bases have produced, I'm not gonna insist too much lest they replace them with containment sites, tridents or just outright empty vehicle capture points lol.
    Same for the lattice system, a "temporary" placeholder they announced while they finally addressed map/baseflow, notably to discourage zerging. I guess nearly 9 years later, they must still be working on it....yet after seeing the recent updates, notably the spawn system changes, I'm not sure it'd be a good idea for them to touch that either.
    As for keeping just to infantry, no I'd prefer if I could actually give suggestions to improve the game as a whole, perhaps even give vehicles some real purpose other than just easily farming infantry to secure some kills for bad players. Either way, doesn't matter I guess since they don't listen.

    I suppose that's true cuz you're active on the forums. That said, you definitely sound like one - no idea what's going on with the game, no idea what a majority of players want, no idea what the game actually was intended t be....no idea what's happened, no idea what state the game is in, and no idea how you come across. Clueless in all aspects. So while you're not a dev yet, you definitely fit the profile of what this game's looking for, perhaps you'll be officially moderating these forums in the future.

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  9. JibbaJabba

  10. AntDX316

    I think you are seeing the game way too deep in a "weird" way. Also, people who constantly assume someone's history by going by a few things they "don't know" is super stupid and the #1 thing I try to fix in the world as it can relate to incredible amount of flaws that are created after.

    I didn't Aurax weapons and directives because I didn't play the game to "Aurax" and directive complete things. Aurax and directive completion just happens and I constantly switch from method to method depending on the situation and my mood. I would have insane directives if they weren't capped out at "completion" w/ the requirement of leveling up Other things together in order to complete a directive.

    I've unlocked All the A7 stuff non-camo/cosmetic and still have 5,000 left luckily Before they made a change on how A7 can be acquired.

    People who assume experience.. no need to assume experience, just see what they are saying like how you are with your environmental control suggestions that are stupid because it's not working with what we have to work with. We can't change everything, sure you can have a great idea in your mind then might as well make Your Own game with no alerts. I don't like playing without objectives. Dying in Bio Labs to grenades, explosives, C4s, Maxs, Snipers, etc. etc. etc. is so f* stupid. It's the same cycle of reviving and stuff while being 90% locked down in nearly the same room or just outside of them. If the whole game were just a Bio Lab I would quit and you could stay. I prefer Call of Duty instead. Why don't you play Call of Duty instead?

    Trying to prove things to every single person and have an explanation for it, people never get this far as people don't communicate this deep but the flaws still remains to be opened and manifested.

    Sure, people can have a High-status, have a high-regard, let's believe Everything they say but it doesn't mean they know the best of everything. The idea is to pool the best of Everything. The worst/best is when people died(into a worse or better afterlife or at least crippled on Earth) listening to the wrong people because of flawed thinking.
  11. Somentine

    No need to assume experience; half of what you say is straight bs and factually incorrect information and the rest is 'my opinion > yours'.

    You may have unlocked all the A7 stuff, but you certainly don't use it:

    Keep talking out your ***.

    You don't like Biolabs? Cool, you do you. Except no, you can't even let people enjoy biolabs because then they aren't doing what -you- want them to do, which is play around alerts and territory capture.

    Why don't you go play world of tanks instead?

    Trying to prove things that are factual, can be checked in game, to people who continually deny it is not the flaw of the speaker. You took 3 or 4 posts for the spawn changes, and I'm pretty sure you still don't think they went through.

    Yes, I will believe people who actually use facts and experience in game over random trash players, especially when said trash player can't even play the FPS part of the MMOFPS and then starts to try to dictate how other people should play.

    Go touch grass.
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  12. JustGotSuspended

    Again you're either being intentionally dense, distorting the facts or just are outright delusional. Nowehere did I say to remove alerts. I just said there's no point in participating in them at the moment, since they're meaningless. Add meaning and encourage better better flow to make alerts more fun and purposeful, instead of forcing people to kill all fun gameplay on the continent just to win a handful of certs from an alert.

    We can have objectives that make sense. Perhaps you prefer playing the objective over having fun, but clearly most of the playerbase disagrees with you, otherwise the game would be able to retain pop. Dying outside of biolabs to all those things + vehicles is less stupid?? Oh wait I guess you don't die because you don't actually fight, just mindlessly zerg down a lattice avoiding every fight, and redeploying when you're zerged yourself. Yeah I feel like you're describing the gameplay of zerging/spawncamping more than a good biolab fight lol.

    Then the COD 'argument' I guess. 'If the game were fun, you would play, not me. I like call of duty, why don't you go play the game I like?'. I don't even get what you're trying to do here like you think I've heard of planetside but not COD? Like lol that's one of the first game I played, and the recent ones suck. None of them are like planetside anyways otherwise I'd be playing that rn, so I don't get what your point is here.

    Again you don't come across as someone who knows the game, or has anything valuable to input to the conversation. 'Game's become bad and you quit? Instead of giving suggestions to improve the game, why don't you quit and play another game'? You're the one that come across as weird...
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  13. UberNoob1337101

    Yeah, because having a pretty decent idea instantly gives me the ability to make 3D models, gives you a master's degree in software engineering and a 50-man dev team spawns out of nowhere. This argument is stupid.
    *checks account*

    10000 A2G kills, ~7400 Mauler cannon kills, ~4600 S12 Renegade kills, ~3000 Orbital strike kills.

    "Biolabs are so boring, I wonder why do people find it fun? Why don't infantry players play outside more? You're just doing the same thing over and over again in nearly the same room."

    "Killing with massive AoE weapons, A2G, invisible OHK flashes etc etc etc etc is so stupid. It's the same cycle of pressing LMB while getting easy kills. If the whole game was just Orbital Strikes and A2G I would quit and you would stay. I prefer War Thunder instead. Why don't you play War Thunder instead?" (but in War Thunder you actually have to earn nukes)

    Also, the infallible "gO pLaY cOd" argument. I do, from time to time. Like it and dislike it for different reasons, doesn't mean that I'll quit PS2 because it plays and feels completely different. I play PS2 for the big, long fights that feel really satisfying to win, pretty good infantry gameplay (albeit dated), very strong yet somewhat balanced classes and the fact the game is fun both solo and with an organized squad/platoon. Immersion is a nice bonus.

    People play games for different reasons, I like the gameplay, you like the alerts, but it's fascinating that every single "tactical" player is constantly ******** when people have fun in an actually tense fight instead of following their platoon in a 90/10% cap.
    Yeah, because infantry gameplay doesn't matter, having garbage spawns and base design and infantry can have fun with walking 5min to a fight or having barely defensible spawns. After all, it's not like the majority of players mostly play infantry, right? /s

    *Looks at Oshur*
    *Looks at C*ntainment sites*

    Don't pretend to know more about a part of the game you hate and barely play.

    And I'll throw this in, have you ever tried fighting a vehicle or a vehicle zerg with any infantry AV weapon that isn't C4, especially on Oshur? It's like pulling teeth.
    If you need to look at a base from a "vehicle/strategic perspective" in order for it to be "good", or telling people to just log off when continent X opens is completely missing the point of the thread. People want to play this game, it used to be super fun, but when you make their play-style Y completely unviable and unfun, people will either switch to something that's less fun or stop playing the game outright.

    If you keep telling people "don't like it? don't play the game", look at how perfectly it worked for BFV.

    Why can't you just accept that some people who play this game like something that you don't & vice versa, and that actually having fun in big fights by not zerg-surfing and ghost-capping isn't "weird", it's what most players do because the point of the game is to have fun. If I wanted to do objectives from ppl who yell at me all the time and busy myself with logistics I'd rather join the military, at least I'd get paid.
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  14. Twin Suns

    Bio labs, oh how we loved and hated the. Fond memories as a “green horn” running amok and earning experience super quick. Not to mention that’s where I got most of my in game friends from. Enemy or Allied. You earned the black eyes and sucker punches together. Got Gud and screamed why is everyone in the Bio labs!!! When trying to take other bases. Deep down we knew why people love/ed it. LOL
  15. AntDX316

    because the A7 guns are s*

    Nice, I'm considered a "trash player" because I didn't make my stats look pretty on paper. : (

    I knew this would be an issue(one day -> today) but I don't care. I don't play the game "for stats". I play trying to get objectives done either from kills for fun, to trying to cap a base, to trying to defend our small friendly position with teammates all around from being overrun, to ensuring our attack remains successful, etc. I'm sorry if I care too much about lots of other things than myself and it makes me look like garbage. : ( If people want to believe you over me because I don't have the "evidence" they are looking for then go ahead. That kind of method you have is the reason why certain things go wrong in the world. You have to realize not everything positive shows up on paper.. as well as negative but oh well.
  16. AntDX316

    Hopefully from my constant posts years ago trying so hard to get the alerts back, they did. The game was super dying those years and I was "going to give" the outfit away. This was when I was hardly using the mic and have the awesome Outfit Discord now.

    I know how it's so important for people to recognize you for what you have done or w/e and I should develop a structure for real-life where this can Always been seen this way we can squash bad methods quickly without them lasting a lifetime.

    I don't care if I'm never of part of the "seen" regard in making the game better. I try my best to as the game is awesome but trying to bring back Bio Labs on Esamir.. just shouldn't happen or if they are, it's a better version of the Old Bio Lab where it's more fun and isn't a complete pop dump stalemate at times.

    I just always want to be seen as a "regular" player with incredible options(war assets, command chat where people "listen"). Basically having use to all aspects of the game non-developer.

    Imo, if they remove the cont lock alerts.. the playerbase will die out again but I highly doubt that would ever happen, hopefully it never does. I don't know how many people "care" about alerts but I know there at least some who do. When the alert ends Half of the full 48-man platoon left only for it to fill back up later on the next alert.

    This is a great game where you can log on, play what you need to be played, and log when you feel like it. No need to start matches from and equal 1 which can be cool at times.
  17. AntDX316

    I try my best to keep people away from having too much pop at a base. This is a reason why I don't join SKL platoons as they constantly do this but it works. If you don't join their group you will be kicked. I make my own and people can go where they want. I try my best to get people where they need to be and usually they do it, if they don't, I don't kick them. I just move people around the platoon.

    I still play Call of Duty but only the latest Modern Warefare one, not the historical ones or the new Tropical one.

    I've seen all things happen in Oshur, it's the design of Oshur. You have to zerg back to counter and bases can be 4+ bases far away before you can get a vehicle spawn pulled because people need to understand to make player bases for people to spawn vehicles out of the playerbase crashed vpad/airpad but most people don't know this.

    The games design is great especially for alerts. You can come back being down hard with 20 minutes left on the alert and still win. It's commands job to create the proper cut-offs and pushes. There are only like 50 bases on Oshur so each base is a substantial percentage amount.

    Logging out and doing other things when things are no longer working isn't a bad method. You can only do so much and still lose. People log out when we are losing on the alert with no chance to win. A lot of us play because we feel we can make a difference but some situations are just so bad where there is nothing you can do but log out besides trying to get kills while losing of course, game play wise.
  18. AntDX316

    The reason why people loved bio labs was it was easy to "aurax" weapons. If people just said this and nothing else, we wouldn't have millions of words to read. Life "should be" super simple like this, but it's not because it could throw the balance off in multiple unforeseen areas at an instant. Basically, having a huge spike in people meeting the afterlife than it not happening. I've used to always wonder why certain things "don't exist" but the more and more I analyze and evaluate everything that goes on in the the world the more plausible realizations occur.
  19. JibbaJabba


    Stop telling yourself that you understand what people like. You clearly don't.
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  20. Somentine

    You're a trash player because you mostly use obnoxious weapons. Of the ~15 auraxes, 5 of them are Outfit resources that are literally right click on map for free kills. What little you spend outside of vehicles (especially A2G) is mostly spent not shooting anything or looking at the death screen. Which in itself is fine, you do you, until you start coming in here trying to explain why people, who aren't fodder at ivi (or even those that are but still enjoy it), aren't actually having fun and should be playing how you play.

    I play the objective to; it's amazing how you can both find or start good fights without relying on zerging or broken mechanics while also still playing the objectives:

    Facility Captures 1,885
    Facility Defended 5,823
    Score 42,583,592
    Playtime 57d 23h

    Facility Captures 3,902
    Facility Defended 7,785
    Score 63,029,099
    Playtime 168d 19h

    I hope you can extrapolate from this and do the math on your own.
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